All-time Gorgeous Female Cricketers Around the World 

Cricket is indeed a difficult sport to play. The duration of the game is quite lengthy which makes it a bit tiring. That’s why people have grown a fond appreciation for cricket players who do their best on their matches. This is one of the reasons as to why cricket became the world’s second-most popular sport. 

The game is thrilling and indeed entertaining to watch. Around the world, cricket is well-loved by the fans. Despite knowing how hard the game is, it’s amazing to see how there are lots of women who are also into the game. Not as fans, but as astounding players who showcase their immense love for the sport on the field. 

Cricket has been a great sport throughout the years and what’s impressive is that it may be played by women without being discriminated for their gender. Cricket may be tiring, but it doesn’t get too physical as any sport which seems to scare off some potential players. 

Upon watching female cricketers play, one can only admire these girls for their amazing skills. Their agility, accuracy, and endurance are indeed astonishing to watch and appreciate. Surely, these girls are not just skilled for they are all beautiful in their own ways. Given the fact that they stay in shape for their matches, it is undeniable how these women athletes are also physically attractive. 

These women serve as an inspiration to those who are more than ready to show off not just their stunning looks and extensive cricket skills. Aside from being updated with the best cricket odds of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, people also watch out for the lineup of players that various all-girl teams have. 

These girls don’t just amaze for their beautiful faces as they also serve as proof and inspiration to young girls that women can be as sporty and as fit as men while being beautiful. With that, we present you some of the world’s most beautiful cricket players and their stunning achievements. 


Holly Ferling (Australia) 

Holly Ferling (Australia)

Playing as a part of the Australian team, Ferling had her debut at age 14 across all formats in 2013. She amazingly pulled off a hat-trick with her first three balls and became the first woman to be awarded as the Queensland Junior Cricketer of the Year. 

She became a part of the 2013 Women’s Cricket World Cup four times where she was able to take nine wickets at an average of 10.55. During those times, she was hailed as the top 2 on the ICC women’s bowlers rankings.  Holly currently plays for the Melbourne Stars and Queensland Cricket in Australia’s domestic competition.

Aside from being a cricket player, she also became a speaker at the National Young Leaders Day in Brisbane and Sydney where she talked about her struggles in life. 


Mithali Raj (India)

Mithali Raj (India)

Serving as the captain of the women Indian cricket team, Raj had proved herself well in the field multiple times. In fact, she is considered to be Sachin Tendulkar’s counterpart in Indian women cricket. 

She had her debut in 2002 where she scored 114 runs. She became the team captain in 2005 where she led the Women in Blue in the World Cup. Raj is also one of the team captains to have captained India for more than one ICC ODI World Cup final when she led in 2005 and 2017. By 2019, she became the first woman to play 200 ODIs. 

At age 19, Raj emerged to be one of India’s most capable batswomen when she scored a total of 214 runs against England in a Test match held at Taunton in 2002. Her record may have been surpassed by Kiran Baluch in 2004 but Raj’s still remains to be an impressive one. 

Raj is also the first woman to complete 20 years in the international cricket scene. She announced her T20I retirement in 2019 to focus on the ODI format instead. 

Mithali is also a recipient of several awards like the Wisden Leading Woman Cricketer in the World, Arjuna Award, and the Padma Shri. 

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Sana Mir (Pakistan)

Sana Mir (Pakistan)

Sana Mir is the former captain of the Pakistan national women’s cricket team who serves as an inspiration to young girls after she brought back cricket to Pakistan. Mir is the first Pakistani woman to rank number 1 in the ICC ODI bowler ranking.

She debuted in 2005 and the captaincy for the Women’s World Twenty20 was then handed to her in 2009. The ODI captaincy followed shortly afterwards. She turned out to be a successful captain after she had improved Pakistan women’s ranking from 8 to 6. She also led the team to two Gold medals in the Asian games of 2010 and 2014. 

By 2017, Mir became the first Pakistani woman to take 100 wickets in ODIs. Later on that year, she stepped down from the captaincy seat. In 2019, she then became the first Pakistani woman to play 100 T20Is. By the end of 2019, Mir took a break from international cricket. 

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Isobel Joyce (Ireland)

Isobel Joyce is the former captain of the Ireland women’s national cricket team. She belongs to a family of cricketers as her twin sister, Cecelia, had also played for the Irish team. Her three brothers Dominick, Ed, and Gus had also played for the Irish team. 

Her career debut took place in 1999 and she later on became the team captain. She stepped down from her captaincy in 2016 after leading the team into a total of 62 matches across all formats of the game. 

By 2018, the a right-handed batsman and left-arm medium pace bowler, was named Female Club Player of the Year at the annual Cricket Ireland Awards after being a part of the 2018 Ireland T20I squad. 


Sarah Taylor (England)

Known as one of England’s best female wicket-keepers, Taylor usually bats in the opening of ODIs and in the middle order in Test matches. She is best known for her free-flowing strokes in the field. 

Also known as an impressive batswoman, she scored a total of 129 on a first wicket partnership with Caroline Atkins in an ODI against England. She also played a total of 120 runs in 2009 in county cricket for Sussex where she surpassed Enid Bakewell’s 118 in 1973. 

At age 19, Taylor became the youngest woman cricketer to score a total of 100 ODI runs in a match between England and India. Aside from that, she was also the first woman to play in the Darton first XI. She was also a recipient of both ICC Women’s T20I and ODI Cricketer of the Year award. 

Taylor retired in 2019 due to her anxiety that had been affecting her cricket performance. 



These amazing girls are indeed undeniably beautiful and skilled in their craft. Despite no longer being actively part of international cricket, the contributions that these women had brought upon remains remarkable. 

Whereas girls are somehow judged by being unable to do what men are capable of, these women prove otherwise. The sports industry may seem to only have a few opportunities for female athletes but these women prove that those can be maximized to full potential. 

All of these female athletes had proved that beauty may not only be appreciated on the physicality of a woman but it may also be seen on the beautiful impact that they make on other people’s lives.


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