Why Is Golf Such A Popular Sport?

Golf has been a popular sport for many years; nearly everyone will know someone who loves to play or, if not play, then certainly watch. Over the last few decades, golf has grown in popularity, and now it is one of the best-loved sports in the world. Why is this? What makes golf such a popular sport? Read on to find out. 


Golf is, first and foremost, a fun game to play. It takes skill to get to the top, but you don’t have to be the best player in the world to pick up a club and try your hand at it. You can usually sign up for a trial lesson at your local club, where you can get a better idea of what you need to do. Even if you prefer to work it out for yourself, you won’t be judged, and you can enjoy a day out in the sunshine. 

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Unlike other sports that require you to be at the peak of fitness to be able to play well (sports such as football, rugby, basketball, and athletics), golf is open to everyone. No matter your level of skill is or fitness, you can still play and do well. 

However, as an additional benefit, because there is so much walking involved in golf, you will get fitter the more you play, and you probably won’t even realize. It’s a gentle kind of exercise that you can do without causing any injury to yourself. 


Golf is the perfect sport to be a spectator of as well as (or instead of) being a player. Golf is a gentle, enjoyable game that you can easily watch without getting stressed or missing an essential part of the play – everything moves at a much slower pace than a game of football or tennis, for example. 

A way to make the game even more interesting is to place a bet on the big tournaments with Unibet and then watch to see who wins. This adds to the excitement, especially if you are betting with friends, but it isn’t necessary to enjoy the game, of course. 

Many Courses

As mentioned above, anyone can play golf if they want to. This is due to the simplicity of the game (although it does take a lot of hard work and talent to reach the top, the rules themselves are not hard to understand) and there are golf courses all over the country, so no matter where you are, whether you’re at home or on holiday, you can still find the time and place to play. 

Some golf courses are for members only, so you may not be able to play there, but there will be others nearby that are open courses where anyone can book a round of golf. Before you decide whether this is the sport for you, try playing at these courses. If you love playing golf you can then join a members’ club should you choose to. 

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