5 Amazing Benefits of Sleeping On The Floor


While at first, sleeping on the floor might sound like the perfect way to set yourself up for back pain, the truth is that it can actually deliver a host of benefits. Not only does a firm surface realign your spine, but it could also help you to get a better quality of sleep, so you’re more likely to wake up feeling refreshed and creative.

Let’s look at the benefits of snoozing on the floor.

1.    You’ll Eliminate Back Pain

Experts agree that sleeping on the floor is one of the best ways to promote a neutral posture in the spine and back during sleep. Because there’s no pressure or stress on any one particular point of your back, you can rest assured that you’re less likely to wake up with aches and pains.

Of course, the benefits that sleeping on the floor can have for your back will depend on what is causing your pain in the first place. If you think that your back problems are caused by a mattress that’s too soft, hitting the floor for a night could be a good idea.

2.    You’ll Improve Your Sciatica

Aside from helping some people to overcome back pain, experts also believe that sleeping on the floor can assist those suffering from sciatica. Sciatica is pain that comes from the sciatic nerve, running between your buttocks, hips, and each leg. Usually, it’s caused by a herniated disc, but it can come from other sources too.

Similar to back pain, studies indicate that sciatica might be worsened by sleeping on a softer mattress. Alternatively, sleeping on a hard surface like a floor could help you to overcome this issue.

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3.    Your Posture Will Improve

The impact that sleeping on the floor has doesn’t end with just reducing your chances of back pain. It can also help you to hold yourself correctly throughout the day. When you spend a night on the floor, it forces your neck, back, and head into the proper alignment.

You’re more likely to maintain the same improved posture throughout the day after sleeping on the floor, which means you could find that you’re less likely to suffer from the pain caused by constantly slumping each day.

4.    You’ll Be Cooler

A common problem that many people have with sleeping at night is that they often get too warm in their bed. This is a common issue for people who have a memory foam mattress, which is more likely to absorb heat. While your mattress absorbs heat, a laminate or wood floor won’t allow you to collect too much heat.

If you tend to have a problem with sleeping too hot and sweating during the night, trying a night or two of sleeping on the floor could be the perfect way to overcome this issue.

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5.    You May Have Less Trouble with Insomnia

Finally, a poor choice of sleeping surface is one of the main reasons why people suffer from insomnia. A lumpy mattress or one that’s too soft for your needs keeps you awake during the night, tossing and turning to try and find the right position. This means that you end up waking up with a sense of sleep deprivation the next day.

If your mattress is giving some you problems, a night of sleeping on the floor could give you some insight into whether you need a firmer mattress to help you out in the long-run.

Should You Sleep on the Floor?

When it comes to sleeping, everyone has different needs. While certain people will instantly benefit from spending a night on the floor, others will find that it just lessens their sleeping issues to some degree. The best thing to do is give it a try and see what happens.

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