5 staying healthy at home tips

The world has changed a lot in 2020, the current and ongoing Corona Virus pandemic means a lot more people are house bound or have access to limited to outdoor exercise, with no end in sight, here are a few tips to staying healthy at home:


Exercise helps boost the immune system and is loaded with physical health benefits.  Staying  fit has always been a major benefactor in our physical health, from helping manage weight to maintaining a healthy heart and bones.

Physical exercise also works wonders for your mental and emotional health, too. There’s lot’s of research out there which shows that exercise not only helps combat stress, it can also help enhance your mood. Studies have also proven that exercise can play a deeply therapeutic role in addressing psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, stress and sleeping problems.  There are lot’s of exercises you can do for weight loss and staying fit at home.

Tips to staying fit at home

Sleep Well

We cannot underestimate the importance of sleep for the mind and body.  Luckily the above steps will promote good sleep patterns, so you’re on the right track.   A lack of sleep can impair the disease-fighting ability of immune cells, making a tired body more susceptible to infection.

Getting enough sleep is a pretty obvious one as we all know that groggy, cranky feeling when we get a bad nights sleep.  The effects on your health from not getting enough sleep can build up quick.  Lots of studies have shown that regular poor sleeping patterns can help you pile on the pounds, this makes sense on a few different levels:  Tiredness can make us lazy so we are less likely to be motivated or have the mental energy to exercise, and of course have less physical energy to exercise or play sport.

Sleep loss can increase irritability, impatience, inability to concentrate, and moodiness.

Sports you can do on your own

Avoid Cigarettes and and alcohol

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your heart and lungs, not to mention your overall health.  It’s is one of the biggest causes of coronary heart disease, and people who quit smoking are about half as likely to have a heart attack after just a year of being a non-smoker.

Lower or cutting out alcohol can improve your health both physically and mentally.  Having a drink or two at night can negatively affect your sleep and hormones. Alcohol is known to cause or increase the symptoms of sleep apnea, snoring and disrupted sleep patterns.  Heavy or binge drinking also depletes our immune cells, and can also cause mental health problems.

Tips to boost your immune system 

Reduce the Amount of Stress You’re Under

The stress hormone cortisol actually turns off cells in your immune system and the more you panic and stress about what’s going on around the world with this virus, the more you are potentially weakening your immune system.

Spend some time everyday doing something you enjoy, that takes you away from the stress of work or what ever else may be going on in your life.  Or do something for no reason other than to make you happy.  Physical Exercise is also a great escape from stress.

5 simple get fit tips for beginners

Healthy Diet

Healthy eating is vital in keeping your immune system strong. Get a good consistent diet with lot’s of fruit and vegetables, the immune cells in your body love healthy food and hate processed and fatty foods.  Lot’s of colourful fruit and veg will ensure you’re getting enough zinc and vitamin D and other important vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system.  Taking a multi vitamin supplement can help too.

Foods that are high in fat and sodium cause you to retain water, gain weight.  And avoid junk food, it’s poor in nutrition and full of sugar.

Diabetes prevention through a healthy lifestyle


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