Which Sport Is Most Popular In Betting

Sport betting is more popular in the UK than in any other country. Punters can wager online, on mobiles and in kiosks in the streets. This leads to the exchange of millions of pounds between sportsbooks and punters on a daily basis in different types of sports. So, we are looking at the sport that attracts more punters or the one that is most popular with punters all over the country. You can also find bonuses specified to these sports, for example, the sports betting comparisons have a primary purpose to give their customers the best free bets.


Whenever you are talking about the most popular sport for betting in the UK, you cannot but start with football, which is the number one sport in the entire country. Every other week in the country, millions of fans commute from one city to the other, to show support to their various teams. Majority of these fans love gambling and enjoy betting on football. It has become a traditional thing to use the weekly football ACCA as a reference point. In most of the pubs in the country, people chat about who will get to score the first goal in the next match. In most of the post-game analysis, people look at those who worn and those who lost their bets. Betting has become one with sports in the UK and other countries. But in the UK, betting is more entangled with football.

Up to 7.9 million people viewed the 2017 English FA cup final, revealing how strong and popular the game of football is among the locals. More than 500 million people are also expected to view the Champions League final game in 2020. You can simply understand why football will always be at the center stage of sports betting in the world, if you consider the fact that there are thousands of markets in hundreds of leagues across the world, presenting innumerable opportunities for bets 24 hours of every day.


Many people who don’t fancy tennis as a sport may find it difficult to understand that after football, tennis comes second in the list of the most popular sports for bettors in the UK. Every year, billions of pounds are generated in betting revenue from tennis. This is seen as a very great development when you consider the fact that people only hear about tennis when it is time for the Australian Open, French Open, the US Open and Wimbledon.

Betting on tennis saw a very big boost when live betting arrived. It became even more popular when punters realized that they can wager on the outcome of each set by just clicking on a button. Also, tennis is a sport you can easily predict more than you can predict other sports, and that’s because it involves a few players. Names like Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Novak Djokvic and Rafael Nadal ( the big three ) have been at the center stage of the men’s game for a very long time, while the all-conquering Serena Williams has been the queen of the female side for more than 10 years. Tennis is a profitable game when it comes to betting and punters in the UK have learnt to pounce on it.

Horse Racing

Now, it should be noted that horse racing, which is known as the sports of kings, used to be the number one sport for betting in the entire UK. However, when tennis and football came with the cash out system and the in-play bets which are not available in horse racing, they relegated horse racing to the third position. The Cheltenham Festival of 2017 alone saw more than £150 million in bets. Big events like Epsom Derby, Royal Ascot and Grand National still witness a huge amount of wager, but these bets are from people that have been fans of the show for a very long time. It has failed to attract the younger generation of punters.

US Sports

The US sports are not easy to split into individual markets. This is because the ACCA bets involve bets on all types of sports in the states, including basketball, American football, baseball and hockey. Though many people may disagree with this, many bookies now understand how popular the United States brands of sports are among punters in the UK. To capture these punters, they now have a series of promotions for bets on these sporting activities.

Best Of Them All

Many UK punters still engage in punting on other sporting activities. Many bookmakers are bringing games like WWE, UFC, Boxing, Greyhound, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Golf, Cricket, and some others to the mainstream of betting, because many bettors are attracted by variety and the availability of choice. So, many bookies try to satisfy that. With many of the fringe sports trying to lay claim to the mainstream of betting in the UK, the future of the sector promises to be an interesting one.

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