The humble bicycle is universally recognised as an extremely versatile piece of equipment, but what we think we can do with a bike doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface! This list of bike sports is sure to open your eyes to the possibilities. What better year than 2020 to hone in on an activity that requires little to no contact with another person?!

Bike sports range from the traditional to the downright wacky. While some may sound a little wild, there’s some serious fun to be had; fun that you don’t want to miss out on. So dust off your bike, don the lycra, and make 2020 the year to explore new ways to use your bike.


Like motocross without the motor, BMX racing is an off-road, extreme bike sport that challenges the rider at every jump, twist, and turn. Learning to handle a bike on the BMX track is equally as good for your bike skills as it is for your fitness. BMX racing is not for the faint-hearted, but those who partake in the sport are some of the most skilled riders in the world. Light and agile, BMX bikes make it easy for riders to make quick judgements. If there’s a BMX track near you, why not give this exciting bike sport a go in 2020?



If you love the great outdoors, mountain biking is the bike sport for you. Bounce over rough terrain and experience a mix of fast and flowy mountain tracks. As the ultimate test of strength and endurance, mountain biking is an excellent way to keep your fitness levels up while enjoying the fresh, open air. Mountain biking is a popular sport in both leisure and competitive settings. Whether you’re keen to race or you want to go it alone, this sport offers the best of both worlds. You can even turn it into a family activity by simply attaching a child bike seat before you set off.


There’s a reason that road cycling involves smooth tarmac, lycra, and protective eyewear: it’s all about speed. Thin-wheeled road bikes are significantly different to mountain and BMX bikes and are designed for straight riding on sealed roads. Road cyclists are known to travel long distances, taking in cross-country landscapes as they get their fix of steep climbs, speedy downhills, and fresh air.

Competitive events such as the Tour de France focus on the cyclist’s endurance and ability to go the distance without faulting on technique. While you may not be quite at Tour de France levels yet, road cycling is a worthwhile bike sport to get into!


You might not have heard of it yet, but Cyclocross is growing in popularity (so much so that there are petitions to include it as an Olympic sport). So what is it? Think speedy road cycling in muddy conditions. Cyclocross bikes are like a mix of road and mountain bikes but with the ability to brake fast, clear jumps, and ride smoothly up steep inclines. Races are typically short and focus on physical strength and bike handling on a course laden with obstacles. Many would argue that Cyclocross is the most exciting bike sport to watch.

The wildest and weirdest sports


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Think polo, but replace the horses with bikes. There, you’ve just invented bike polo! Never heard of it? Well, it’s been around since 1893! This three-on-three team sport is ideal for excellent multi-taskers who can handle a bike and a light-weight mallet at the same time. Just like traditional polo, players must use the round end of the mallet to shoot a goal and are penalised for putting their feet on the ground. Bike polo will challenge your endurance, concentration, balance and strength.


Cycle ball originated in Germany and is popular in many European countries, as well as Japan. The game is played two-on-two with goalposts at each end. Each team has to shoot a ball into their goal, using only their bicycle, and mustn’t let their feet touch the ground. Sound a little like another sport you know? Cycle ball is the biker’s version of football, but instead of using your foot, you use your bike. This is an increasingly popular spectator sport, with many club-level tournaments and one major international tournament every year.


If you’re looking to try something new in 2020, bike sports offer exciting new experiences. Whether you want to stick to the traditional or you’re keen to try something completely unique, bike sports are sure to give you a ‘wheely’ good time!

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