The Usefulness of Temporary Structures During COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the global economy has experienced severe hardship. In addition to the illness itself, the response strategies put forward by international public health organizations have been a necessary strain. Many business activities have come to a halt, while others crumble under the pressure.

Such a big economic downturn is not common in the history of civilization. Governments around the world have adopted a few policies and strategies to help boost operations and even businesses. One of the strategies includes the use of temporary structures for various government, non-governmental, and business operations as key elements in tackling the crisis.

What Are Temporary Structures?

These are structures erected to fill a temporary need for buildings. They may be useful for hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. During this age of COVID-19, these structures have been set up to provide turnkey solutions. The usefulness of temporary structures includes the following benefits.

Coronavirus Testing

Testing is being conducted in all parts of the country every day. It is a difficult task for health officials to travel from health centers to even the most remote locations. Thus, temporary structures have been set up as testing locations.

Temporary Sports areas

Indoor gyms and classes were cancelled and closed in most during the pandemic, and in some countries still are!  This has given rise to a lot of outdoor gyms and classes being set up.  In most cases this is pretty simple, you just need to bring gym equipment outside and set up a roofing structure.

Same for spinning, hit classes etc.  It’s been a great low cost exercise for sports clubs to be able to stay open.

Temporary Storage

In the past few months, there has been an increased need for temporary storage structures for housing the equipment necessary to administer tests and analyze results. Some businesses like private hospitals have adopted the use of temporary storage structures all over the world.

The good thing is that experts from Smart-Space can erect these structures anywhere quickly for storage use. Therefore, they come in handy when there is a need for emergency storage. All that is required is appropriate space. The erection of frames and canvas, which are commonly used, can be accomplished quickly because they are already manufactured.

Temporary Hospital Isolation Centers

Hospitals are extremely overwhelmed by the number of COVID-19 patients coming in through the emergency doors. They all need different types of attention depending on their infection status. Some require ICU units with ventilators while others need a ward where their conditions will be monitored.

Temporary structures are used to create the extra space necessary to accommodate all the patients. The good thing is that stainless steel and canvas can be disinfected with ease to avoid the spread of the virus. They are also durable, and experts say that they will be useful throughout the pandemic.

Creation of Short-Term Workspaces

Short-term workspaces are especially important for companies that produce essential products and services. The employees must continue working while maintaining social distance as guided by the current regulations. As such, more offices and workstations are needed. And this is where temporary structures come in handy.

Both the government and private sector are encouraged to take advantage of these useful structures to ensure that the economy is thriving. Additionally, economies that are reopening are making use of temporary structures.


These temporary structures have brought significant positive effects to both the health and business sectors. The creation of more will assist in rebuilding a strong economy and a thriving health sector even in this era of the coronavirus.

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