Reasons Why Sportsbook Companies Sponsor Football Teams in England

In the United Kingdom, football is a world-wide multi-billion-pound business and online betting companies have heavily invested in football clubs, especially in the last 5 years. Most of the teams of the two main English football cups, the Premier League and the Championship are sponsored by reputable and trustworthy online sportsbook operators. Their logos and slogans are often seen on footballers’ t-shirts and other sorts of gear. As it has been evidenced that betting on sports is one of the most popular and widely accepted forms of online sports betting in UK, except the obvious intent to normalise sports betting and spreading a message that gambling also means watching sports, here are the main reasons why sportsbook providers use football clubs’ sponsorships.

Is a Cooperation that Mutually Serves both the Football Team and the Gambling Operator

Sports betting companies invest millions of pounds in English football clubs and this way, not only do they manage to aim at the sporting audience they wish to engage but also, their reputation increases and becomes stronger. On the other hand, football teams can rest assured they will be receiving constant financing from sponsorship investments of this sort. Indeed, a huge lump of the investment money is normally spent on state-of-the-art training infrastructures for the football players and coaches, improved stadiums for the fans and, last but not least, on local communities.

Sportsbook Operators Benefit from Football Clubs’ Fanbase

English football fans are known for being extremely loyal to their clubs, no matter how they perform in a match or in a specific competition and cup. Sports bookies have been taking advantage of this customer base and used their logos or slogans on banners and backdrops inside the stadiums, during a TV interview and on football players’ gear and jerseys, making them literally walking advertising posters. There is no better way to engage an audience and being able to advertise at the same time to fans of all ages using all available channels like live TV and social media streaming.


It is very profitable for the online gambling industry, both sportsbook and casino operators, to establish sponsorship agreements with national football teams. Researchers at Goldsmiths’ University of London, have recently conducted a study on Match of the Day, the BBC’s football highlights show and they have found out that gambling logos or slogans were on screen between 71% to 89% of the programme’s running time. Exposures like these are definitely cheaper than TV advertising costs and they can get away with the UK Gambling Commission’s severe scrutiny

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