Sports stars investing in eSports

There have been a few big names over the past 5 years who have been linked to investing in eSport.  eSports has been the biggest growth market in sports for the last five years and this has accelerated in 2020.  With every major sporting event either postponed or cancelled because of COVID-19, the sports calendar has been shredded. Even the eSports events industry has not been left unscathed with the biggest eSports events going online rather than seated venue events.

However eSports will still come out of this a winner, with billions of people house bound and no live sporting events on offer, a whole new audience has been drawn to eSports.

eSports is said to have more than 495 million fans across the world, and this group is made up of mostly millennials.  eSports has seen particularly big growth from Asia.

The market should see eSports valued at over $1 billion by the time the year finished with growth projects from 30-100% targeted by 2023.  eSports is said to have more than 495 million fans across the world, and this group is made up of mostly millennials.

David Beckham

It was announced in June 2020 that David Beckham is co-owner of Guild Esports which is headquartered in London.  The Guild eSports team is scheduled to engage in their first competition in the spring, in tournaments like the Fortnite, FIFA, and Rocket League.

Michael Jordan

The uncontested GOAT, Jordan with a net worth of almost $2 billion is as a co-owner of aXiomatic. aXiomatic, is the Parent of Team Liquid. This consortium raised $26 million in Series B investment to take this world renowned Esports team founded in 2002 to the next level. Team Liquid won a franchise spot in the North American League of Legends Championship which requires them to pay $10m over the span of the next few years for their place.  in 2018 Team Liquid won the DOTA 2 championships which netted the team $11m!

Mike Tyson

Thanks to an investment from Mike Tyson, Hearthstone-focused eSports team Fade 2 Karma has built a new streaming facility for its players. Called “The Ranch House.”

“We could not be more excited to partner with F2K,” said Rob Hickman, CEO of Tyson Ranch. “eSport is transforming the way fans and players connect and compete: We are thrilled not only to be entering the category— but to be doing so with one of its most successful, determined and inspiring teams.”

The history of eSports

Shaquel O’Neal

O’Neal has invested in NRG esports with Alex Rodriguez and MLB star Jimmy Rollins. NRG competes in League of Legends Competitions. Over 400m viewers per annum view the LoL championships.  Shaq and the other investors expect to make a return on their money with competition prize money, apparel sales and other media deals.

Betting on eSports

Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warrior, Curry has invested in ESM as part of an investment group that provided $37 million to TSM Organisation and its founder, Andy Dinh.  Curry and teammate Andre Iguodala joined Twitch chief strategy officer Colin Carrier in the investment.

Fernando Alonso

Two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso, sponsors seven esports drivers, who compete in games including “Gran Turismo” and “Project Cars 2.” Alonso partnered with Logitech on the deal.

The highest earning eSports players

Some other big names also invested in eSports are – Will Smith, Drake, Scooter BraunSteve Aoki, Bob Kraft, Stan Kroenke, Jerry Jones and Dan Gilbert.

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