Staying Fit While Your Gym is Closed

Being taken aback by the new reality, we often forget that there are ways for us to take care of ourselves and do sports even at home. As a result, we’re making up excuses to laze away. Yet, exercising is indispensable for keeping your mind young, making your body stronger, as well as to sustain your health and well-being overall.

So here’s the list of indoor sports activities you should definitely give a whirl (and no ifs or buts – we both know you can do it):

1. Dance

We should call a spade a spade: we’ve all imagined ourselves Dancing With The Stars contestants – at least once in our life. Well, what are you waiting for? Turn on your favorite Spotify – or whatever your favorite streaming platform is – workout playlist featuring your preferred music genre – and raise a little hell! As the most cliché saying in the world says, dance like nobody’s watching. However, in case you’d like to take your dancing skills to the next level, feel free to visit YouTube and have a crack at some more professional lessons.

2. Casino games

You’re well aware of the fact that gambling is a type of sport as well, right? What is more, by playing casino games, you are getting an adrenaline rush (and that’s swell for your body), having a great time (which is essential for your mind), and earning money (and that alone is just superb). There are online gaming providers’ reviewers – they will let you know whether this or that online casino is a scam, and which online gambling establishments can actually make you better off. And don’t forget to dance each time you make money playing for your body to benefit even more!

3. Treadmill workout or indoor walking on the spot

It’s no secret that walking 10 000 steps a day will keep the doctor away. Having a treadmill turns the process of walking into something extremely convenient – you can just jog while watching something on your device! You won’t even notice that you’re exercising if you turn on your favorite TV show or movie right before you kick off your next workout. However, if you can’t afford a treadmill or there’s just no room for one – you may simply jog in place! There are lots of YouTube videos and courses to help you make your routine more exciting by including different types of steps and movements – with the most well-known one being Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone. Well, nothing can stop us from walking a couple of miles without even leaving home, so let’s get going!

4. Yoga

Home yoga practice leads to conscious and unconscious changes. They occur due to a special position of the body, the correct breathing rhythm, and many other aspects. All the elements of yogic practice lead to the improvement of your physical health, feeling happier and more empowered, as well as a deeper understanding of oneself. In the era of video blogging, you can find loads of yoga teaching video channels on YouTube. As a rule, all the nuances of the practice are clarified there, and the programs for both beginners and advanced yoga students are easy to find. By and large, this is a great way to go, since online learning does not require costs to try and brings about health-promoting effects.

There are many differences between yoga and pilates, but pilates makes for a great alternative if yoga is not your thing

As may be seen, self-isolation doesn’t make you isolated from your favorite activities. Yes, going to the gym is not an option in these circumstances, but you can just arrange your sports routine differently. Indeed, you are always able to dance, walk in the place, and play online casino games – no matter where you are. Let’s get cracking then!

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