5 natural anti-ageing tips

There is no magic pill to the ageing, it’s inevitable for us all unfortunately.  Skin ageing is a complex biological process, categorised as chronological ageing and photo-aging, and is affected by internal factors and external factors.

Billions are spent around the world every year to try combat skin ageing,  but there are some free ways to promote anti ageing.  Here are a few tips outside the realm of moisturisers, sunscreen and surgery to keep you looking young.

Healthy eating

Modern science has proven that an imbalance in nutrition and poor eating habits are important causes of skin ageing.

Lack of water in the body can cause tissue dehydration and functional disorders (such as ageing and inflammation). Skin is no exception, and the appearance of the skin is a direct reflection of the body’s moisture status

Vitamin deficiency affects skin health. The lack of vitamins in the body can cause skin disorders. For example, lack of vitamin C causes the symptoms of scurvy such as fragile skin and impaired wound healing. Vitamins, as skin antioxidant defence ingredients, are mostly taken from food, so the content of vitamins in the diet is closely related to skin antioxidant capacity.

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A high-fat diet is closely related to various diseases such as obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, and skin ageing.  Higher intakes of vitamin C and linoleic acid and lower intakes of fats and carbohydrates are associated with better skin-aging appearance. Promoting healthy dietary behaviours may have additional benefit for skin appearance in addition to other health outcomes in the population.


One of the best possible anti-agers is staring you in the face. Exercise. Yep, the benefits of working out extend well beyond your muscular, skeletal and cardiovascular systems – it can see massive improvements in your largest organ, the skin.

Increased circulation means more oxygen and nutrients delivered to the skin cells, and more toxins and waste products carried away from them. Skin is our first barrier of protection to the outside world, and is exposed to endless environmental pollutants every day. Increasing the blood flow to it enhances its ability to remove and neutralise these toxins before they cause damage to the skin.

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Exercise releases a compound called IL 15, which prevents cell death. A skin study by McMaster University in Canada showed that participants who took part in just two cycling session a week for three months showed amazing before and after improvements in skin samples.

“The sweat we produce helps to flush out cell debris from the pores and improves skin clarity,” says Kerr. In effect, when you perspire, you’re washing away impurities.

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Facial Yoga

Don’t laugh, facial yoga or exercises for the face have become quite popular and it works!

Face yoga, or facial exercises, work by strengthening specific muscle groups in your face to keep the skin on top plump and firm.  Stimulating the face muscles can help tightening the skin and reducing signs of ageing.  By strengthening the muscles and engaging them in resistance training, you can help your body increase circulation to the skin.

Practising facial yoga is a less invasive alternative to Botox and other facial fillers, and it’s free and all natural.


After a bad night’s sleep, you’re never going to look your best, the tired eyes are a dead giveaway.  But not getting enough sleep on a regular basis might have serious consequences for your skin in the long term. Quality of sleep plays a significant role in skin health and ageing, there is a link between poor sleep and accumulation of advanced glycation end products (a marker of skin aging).

Also lot’s of studies have shown that regular poor sleeping patterns can help you pile on the pounds.

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Stress can lead to poor sleep and a bad diet both mentioned above as promoting ageing.  Research on working adults shows that active people tend to have lower stress rates compared to those who are less active.  Regular exercise also has the power to increase one’s concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress.

On a simpler level, doing physical activity takes the mind of compulsive thoughts and helps relax the brain.

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