5 Best Fitness Apps You Should Download For Weight Loss

Fitness apps provide for almost every fitness goal under the sun. Whether someone wants to lose weight, build muscle, get more flexible, run faster, or just live healthier, there are apps that can help with that. There’s no need to try and do it all alone when there are fantastic fitness apps that can help make the entire journey much smoother.

The only caveat to all of this is security. Fitness apps tend to collect a ton of personal data and aren’t exactly the shining example of data protection. The whole MyFitnessPal data hack fiasco was probably the most memorable, but this happens regularly. Just recently, the fitness app Kinomap leaked the data of 42 million people.

So every time people are using these apps, they should have a VPN turned on – in fact, that’s good advice when using the internet in general. Because VPNs protect people’s data from outside attackers and hide their IP addresses, prohibiting companies from connecting their data to their identity.

Now on to the apps. Check out these 5 amazing fitness apps that can get anyone excited about exercising again – as much as is possible, at least!

1. BODY by Blogilates

Looking for an upbeat fitness companion that’s going to provide support and encouragement throughout? Blogilates owner Cassey Ho has this app, blog, and YouTube channel to help people get inspired about healthy living. There’s also a workout calendar and monthly challenges on the app to help people keep track of their progress.

The app contains hundreds of hours of workouts led by Cassey, as well as fitness recommendations and recipes. All of that is complemented by a strong message of body positivity and confidence. The best part is, all of the workouts on Blogilates can be comfortably done at home without any equipment. They can also be cast to a TV, so no one has to squint at a tiny screen.

Price: Free, with some features locked behind $3.33 per month subscription.

2. MyNetDiary

While other apps provide a more automated experience, MyNetDiary is the perfect app for people who want to manage their fitness and diet themselves. It’s also free, which is uncommon for apps in this category – especially ones with such a good design.

The app provides a calculated calorie plan, lets users set a weight goal, log their daily meals and exercise, and has reminders to help users log everything. Users can choose to focus on a specific diet, like keto, and plan to hit their carb and protein targets. Another great feature is the scanner, which lets users scan food packages for easy calorie counting.

Price: Free

3. 8Fit

8Fit is for people who want a lot of guidance during their meal planning and workouts. The app creates a personalized program to fit a user’s goals and workout needs. It takes a very in-depth approach as well, making sure the program fits a user’s lifestyle. Moreover, 8Fit takes care to give its users a realistic look at how hard or easy it will be to adjust their approach.

Price: Free, with in-app purchases.

4. RockMyRun

Spotify might be great, but it can’t match music to people’s heartbeats. RockMyRun caters to runners (obviously), but it can be used for any workout. Its main goal is to support and motivate the exercise session with carefully-chosen music mixes.

The app can sync with a heart rate monitor or measure a person’s footfalls to match the music to their workout. If that doesn’t sound appealing, then it also just lets people choose their music by genre.

Price: Free, with in-app purchases.

5. Mindbody

Mindbody is a little different because it doesn’t provide any fitness routines but rather recommends places to get them. Users can find a big list of local classes, salons, and gyms in their area thanks to this app.

There are last-minute offers that people can use to get drop-in classes for less as well as intro offers to try new places. The app also allows its users to rate places, which can help to find a place with the right vibe.

It’s currently only available in the US and Canada, though, and results are better in major cities.

Price: Free


Obviously, these apps represent only a small percentage of the many great fitness apps out there. But they do run the gamut of what’s available – from a fun fitness music mixer to an intense strength training assistant. So don’t be afraid of downloading a couple to help wit

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