Are Social Casino Games The Future?


Even though social casino games have been around for a while, not too many people are aware of their existence. This is even though millions of gamers play these games daily. Online gambling has been evolving over the years, introducing new aspects and features to entice as many players as possible. Today, many gamers prefer to isolate themselves from the real world. This category of people often seeks company online where they do not necessarily have to physically interact with other individuals. This is one of the reasons social casino games came into being. Below we will let you in on everything you need to know about the games. 

Definition of Social Casino Games 

Social casino games can be described as gambling-like games that are only found on social networking sites. In most cases, these games are usually free to play; thus players do not need to make any kind of monetary investment to play the games. Another difference they share with the real-money gambling is that the outcomes are often not based on random odds. Instead, the games feature algorithms that are put in place to enhance player satisfaction and engagement. Now that you are aware of the differences check out some of the similarities that the social casino games have with the real gambling option. 


Keep in mind that casino table games, slot machines, and stimulated poker are some of the most common social casino games. Social slot machines often mimic the sound, feel, and look of the real slot machines. Playing these makes a gamer feel like they are playing the demo version of their favorite slot. Although it is stimulated gambling most people agree that the experience is similar to that of playing the real money games at top casinos. 

Where to Play Social Casino Games 

If you are interested in playing these games, there are several options to explore depending on what you like. You can choose to use your laptop or desktop just as you would if you wanted to be part of a live game only this time you would be playing socially. A gamer can also choose to use their smartphone or tablet. This is a great choice for people who love to play on the go when they can spare a few minutes for this sport. Reports state that mobile devices are the go-to choice for a huge percentage of social casino gamers. This is because they offer a convenient platform for many gamers since they are easy to use and reach.

Types of Social Casino Gamers

There are different types of people who play social casino games such as 

  • Excitement players– these are players who are drawn to these games because of the excitement that the games offer. These are people who are not looking to many any money, but they just want to have fun regardless of whether they end up winning or losing. 
  • Functional players– These are the kind that will play the social casino games so that they can exploit an avenue where they will socialize with their friends. This implies that they are really not after winning, but want to take advantage of the functional role that the game provides. 
  • Relaxation players– Some people will only play social casino games to relieve boredom and enjoy some relaxation while they are at it. For such gamers, the games offer a platform where they can switch from their normal hectic lives to enjoy a breather as they release some tension. 
  • Multi-purpose players– Some gamers will have more than one reason as to why they choose to spend time playing social casino games. They can play the games for all the above reasons. Most of the multi-purpose players will also try and make some significant wins even though it is not all about the money.

Do Social Casino Gamers Transition to Real Gamblers 

There are two ways to answer the question of whether players who play social casino gamers end up being real-money gamblers. A percentage of social casino gamers become real gamblers where they go to casinos and try and win real cash. This is an aspect that social media games do not avail because they are free to play games.


The other answer is that some players will stick to social casino games without interest in the real money games. Some gamblers may even shift to social games. These are especially people who end up experiencing the “bad” side of gambling where they become addicted, lose control, and end up losing a lot of money. They can decide to try the social games where they will still experience the thrill of gaming but they do not have to risk their money in any way. You can compare this with a person who uses e-cigs to help them quit smoking. 

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