Embracing a Return to Outdoor Sporting Events


During the pandemic, many liberties once taken for granted are no more. It’s exciting to see things slowly return to normal. Outdoor sporting events, for example, are finally opening up to a limited number of fans. There’s a new appreciation for attending and seeing your favorite sports up close and personal. It’s time to have an awe-inspiring tailgating party. 

Let the Tailgating Begin

It seems like years ago that you gathered with your friends outside the stadium for an awesome tailgating party. There’s nothing quite like it, seeing your team and watching the game unfold ahead of the evening news. While the look is a bit different, with masks on the face and hand sanitizer on hand, the festivities can remain the same. Pack up the grill, charcoal, and all the fixings and get the party started. 

The Arrival

People plan their tailgating parties for early arrival. If you snooze, you lose. Plan your tailgating party to begin at least three hours prior to game time. This will allow you to find a spot of your choosing, instead of one that requires a ten-minute walk to reach the stadium. 

The Outdoor Set Up

No tailgating party is complete without a canopy top. Thankfully, some companies offer a way to create an awesome display. A customized tent with your favorite team’s name, colors, and logo on top will give your pre-game party an awesome presence. Make sure to bring comfortable chairs that can hold your beverage, a folding table for the food, and a large cooler for your drinks. 

The Food Assortment

Burgers and hotdogs are traditional stadium food. However, if you want to expand the menu, add fresh salads, corn on the cob, kebabs, and a spicy snack mix. Drinks can include beer varieties, wine, soda, and sweet teas. Just make sure to contact the stadium ahead of time to make sure that what you bring is acceptable. 

The Checklist

The last thing you want to encounter is a missing item at your tailgating party that you really need. Making a checklist ahead of time will help to avoid an embarrassing situation. Include items such as charcoal, tongs and spatulas, paper or plastic plates, napkins, utensils, a cold/warm serving tray, small garbage can, and blankets to keep you warm in the cooler months. It’s also smart to bring a first aid kit in the event of an injury and plenty of sunscreen to avoid sunburn. 

Get Into Character 

Adding mood to the party is made easy with clothing and accessories that represent your favorite team. T-shirts, sweats, and sweatshirts let you pay homage to your team prior to seeing them play. If you want to draw attention, include face painting too. 

Make the Party Fun

The main event is coming up. Keep your family and friends upbeat and entertained with music and activities. If you’re going to a football game, bring a ball to toss and kick ahead of the game or play ladder toss or beer pong. The point is to keep the intensity building.

Leave Time for the Cleanup

You waited a long time to go to a game. The last thing you want is to miss the kick-off due to losing track of time. Instead, plan to begin the cleanup process with your family and friends a half-hour prior to the game’s start time. 

Returning to a normal way of life starts with an awesome tailgating party. Create a checklist that includes a tent, grill, food and drinks, activities, and sunscreen to keep you safe outdoors and then kick back and enjoy the party. 


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