DFS Football Roster Construction: Winning Tips To Follow Per Position

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Your ability to lose or win in Daily Fantasy Sports football depends on how well you form and evaluate your roster. It is one of the sports betting games that needs the tremendous effort of research as you have to take a step ahead of other fantasy bettors. Also, DFS football happens weekly, and your roster can change depending on the availability of players. 

One of the most crucial factors to capture in forming a solid DFS football team is picking the right players. Each talent’s profile and background would be a great help, but taking a closer look at their team and personal stats will help you determine their real skills. Because of that, you have to regularly find a way to be updated on how these players currently perform. 

As you decide whether to gamble on GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) or Cash Games, drafting the best players for the needed position will help you achieve profitable fantasy betting goals.  Below are some tips you can weigh-up per position as you gamble in fantasy football online


The same idea that revolves in the real NFL games, quarterbacks have the most important shoes to fill in throughout your fantasy football games. They lead the team and should generate the largest volume of points to end up successful. When you pick the best QB, and they bust, you are indeed edging all the fantasy bettors in the field.

Although the main consideration when picking a QB for your fantasy team is the one who got the best stats, you must also take heed of the contest you are playing. For example, the Cash Games need a consistent performing QB because you are going head-to-head. Apart from that, you must stud your rival’s QB by complementing their starting player in the said position. 

Running Backs

The running backs sit after the QBs, who have the highest price tag in all DFS football games. These players need to be consistent in gaining fantasy points per week so you’ll end up successful. The most significant consideration you have to settle when choosing RB’s is the ones who can make the most touches. 

You want a talent who can come up with many chances to run in the field to earn the most touches. Not only that, but you also have to contemplate the skills of your offensive lineup. Understand whether you got a QB who can make a shorter pass or one who will work so much with the quarterback to edge in earning fantasy points at an earlier time. 

Wide Receivers 

When QBs and RBs need consistent stats per week so you can keep them in your fantasy football lineup, the idea is a bit different when looking for wide receivers. There’s a lot of variances you have to look at when picking effective WRs. An excellent catcher can perform the most within a week but loses his mood in the next few weeks. 

That said, picking WRs can be determined by knowing the passing flow of the game. It is where the WR gets the best time of their lives. If you think that your fantasy team can score more efficiently when doing many passes instead of running, you must get the current league’s toughest receivers. 

Tight Ends 

After you have completed getting your QB, RB, and WR, you must target the tight ends next. When choosing TEs, you must look for a good value rather than flecking your fantasy team. If you have a fruitful betting bankroll, you can pick the best tight ends in the current league, which can be the team’s scoring machine.

However, when you have a limited amount in your pocket, try to target TEs in the red zone. If you think that your fantasy team can gain excellent scores when doing targets, then look for TEs who have the best stats. Remember that more targets can generate more touches, and when there are many touches, the scoring opportunities are also big. 


Kickers are the most mislooked players when it comes to drafting fantasy football teams. It is because there are bookies that do not need kickers to complete the fantasy roster. However, in other sportsbooks that offer GPP games, kickers complete the whole roster, and they are essential because they start the engine in every football game.

If you pick a kicker, do not spend too much on this. You only have to consider the one who generated the most number of scored kicks in the past. Also, looking for a kicker who has a great connection with other talents in the field can make your fantasy football team successful. 


Every football position, may it be in the real games or fantasy leagues are all critical. Remember that your goal of winning is not attainable when you don’t pick the most efficient players to be part of your team. Thus, picking QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs, and Kickers for your next fantasy football games are guided with the tips you can apply above.

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