5 Ways Hockey Players Spend Their Downtime

Needless to say that both professional and aspiring hockey players are happiest when they’re on the field. That’s when they’re in their element, honing their skills and impressing loyal fans on the stands. During the off-season and whenever there’s a moment to spare, they get some well-deserved rest before preparing for the next game.

With the rules and regulations brought about by the recent pandemic, hockey players around the world have been forced to take longer breaks than usual. This has left everyone with loads of free time on their hands. Let’s take a look at how that time is typically spent. 

With Friends and Family

Of course, life as a dedicated athlete can make it challenging to stay in touch with loved ones. Whether it’s immediate family, distant cousins or best friends, there are many people that we would all love to meet up and catch up with more often. While the meeting part may not always be possible, the odd video call can be organised with ease these days. 

Spending more time socialising is relaxing and rejuvenating, which is especially important amidst the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus and its effect on the sporting world

Educational Activities

Who said athletes can’t be bookworms? Learning something new and expanding your knowledge is unquestionably one of the best ways for anyone to spend their downtime. If you’re interested in training your brain, here are some educational activities that hockey players enjoy:

Online Games

It goes without saying that hockey players love competition. It’s hardwired into their DNA and they’re always looking for another challenge. With the technologies available today, there are countless types of games to enjoy. 

Those who fancy the thrill of the sports may be out of options in terms of brick-and-mortar establishments, especially now that most facilities are closed.

Personal Development

There’s always an opportunity to be better, whether that means getting smarter, fitter, faster or healthier. Top hockey players recognise the importance of personal development and are always finding ways to improve their mental and physical well-being. This can include exercise, meditation, cooking, cleaning or simply taking a walk. 

The effects of improvement extend into other aspects of your life. For example, mindfulness practice helps hockey players be more attentive on the field. It stops them from getting distracted by roaring crowds and competitors, allowing them to focus on the ball. 


While the aforementioned activities are certainly paramount to success as a hockey player, all is to be done in moderation. There’s nothing wrong with taking a day off to reflect, unwind and simply enjoy spare time for what it is. This is just as beneficial to your well-being as productivity. 

Feeling inspired? Now you know how you can spend your time off the field come the next day off. 

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