Culture Secretary Announces The Return Of Fans To Elite Sports Events


Starting from 2nd December, a limited number of fans will be allowed to elite and grassroots sports in a huge boost for fans, elite sports events, and professional sports clubs. Organized grassroots sport will also be resuming this December, with leisure centers and gyms reopening across all tiers for the people’s health and well-being all over the country. 

Outdoor events and elite sports clubs will welcome a maximum of 4000 people or half the stadium’s capacity (whichever is lower). In a two-tier location, the number of fans allowed is a maximum of 2,000 or 50% of the stadium capacity. 

For the indoor events, the number of fans allowed into the stadium is 1,000 or 50% of the stadium or whatever is lower. However, for the three-tier locations, no fan will be allowed to attend an elite sporting fixture. The elite sports three-tier location will continue behind closed doors.

According to the secretary of culture, Oliver Downden, the sports body’s step is a big step. The return of grassroots sporting was the number one priority. He is pleased that sports and gyms are reopening in every tier to recognize significant health benefits. 

He is also delighted to get sports back into action, considering the entire first in the lower-risk areas. He is confident that all the safety measures will be put in place to ensure that all the fans are safe. Fans are also required to play their part in ensuring the safety of everyone. 

The grassroots sports, in which the organization is good, will resume on 2nd December across all levels. The social distance regulation will remain in place, although there will be a restriction on the highest risk activity in the tier three areas. The non-elite sports fans will be allowed back to the stadium, whereby they will be required to observe all the covid 19 guidelines for each tier.

Also expected to resume are the indoor games. Also, there will be some restrictions in the high-risk areas to control the virus’s transmission in an indoor setting. The application of the regulation will depend on the alert level in the affected area. 

In tier, one area of indoor sports can take place within the rule of six. That means that people from different households could play 3 on 3 three volleyball, or four people from other households can play double tennis or badminton. Training in large groups is allowed provided they train in a group of six. They are not expected to mix.

In tier two areas, indoor sport can occur within households, and people can participate in group activities as long as there is no mingling in households. Sports that do not require proximity or physical contact against people from another household, such as a single tennis match or badminton, are allowed. In the three-tier, exercise will be between households for indoor sports, and group activities are prohibited.

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