Different helmets, different protection! Exploring the 6 types of motocross helmets


If you’ve got yourself a new dirt bike, the next step is to invest in quality riding gear. Every rider knows the absolute necessity of authentic, reliable, and sturdy protection gear while riding. It’s a top priority when it comes to racing around the track or off-road! And when we’re talking about safety, what could be more important than a dirt bike helmet? You may have done a lot of research before buying your dirt bike, so when it comes to your helmet, don’t hold back.

You’ll notice dirt bike helmets look different from regular helmets. They have extended chin protection designed to protect the rider from a roost, ample ventilation space to keep the rider cool, and a special design to keep it lightweight yet sturdy. 

So whether you are looking to upgrade your helmet, or you’re buying your first one, we’ve come up with a list of various types of motorcycle helmets you can consider buying. Check them out.

Full-face Helmets

A full-face helmet covers most of the area around your head and neck and is considered to be the safest type of helmet that can protect you from a hard impact. It also has vents to allow ample flow of air and reduce visor fogging. This is a popular choice among all types of riders.

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Flip-up Helmets

Also known as modular helmets, these are a mix between a three fourth helmet and a full-face helmet. They are designed this way so that the chin bar and visor can allow you to flip open the front of the helmet. They weigh slightly more than a full-face helmet because of the extra machinery incorporated into the flip-up area. These helmets are mostly used by tourers, cruisers, and riders.

Open face Helmets

Open face helmets are similar to a full-face helmet in terms of safety. Although they weigh slightly less than a full-face helmet because of the missing chin bar. Since these helmets are more open, they cannot protect you against weather conditions or road debris. They are either equipped with partial or full-face visors or you may have to purchase these parts separately.

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Half Helmets

Half helmets provide minimal protection as they only cover the top of your head and leave out the face area. Half helmets provide excellent airflow since the face is almost completely exposed. However, they offer significantly less protection than a full-face or a three fourth helmet.

Off-road Helmets

As the name suggests, these helmets are designed specifically to be worn while riding on dirt roads. They are equipped with a larger visor and a more prominent chin bar for better airflow. They are designed in a way to offer maximum protection, minimum weight, and adequate airflow for riding during the heat. 

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Dual sport Helmets

They are a mix between a full-face helmet and an off-road helmet. A dual sport helmet offers more interior padding and comfort as compared to an off-road helmet. They are different from the other helmets as they can be worn on-road as well as off-road. 

These were the six main types of motorcycle helmets that you must consider before purchasing your helmet. Make sure you try on the helmet before purchasing it and ensure that it fits well to the shape of your head. Inarguably, a helmet is the most important safety gear, make sure you invest in a trusted brand to ensure optimal protection. Ultimately, it is your job to find a perfect one that keeps up to the challenge of providing comfort and protection, while also making your outfit look stylish. So choose wisely and ride safe!

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