WNBA Changes in 2020

Women have been playing basketball for almost as long as men, although professional women’s basketball is a recent success. There were even some women who played professionally before the women’s professional leagues. The recent rise in the popularity of women WNBA is all thanks to basketball betting. People tend to place bets on WNBA and watch games they bet on. Therefore, the number of viewers is constantly rising and WNBA popularity with it. Truth to be told, the majority of bettors only checks basketball scores to see if the bet is won. If you also want to bet on WNBA, make sure to always get the best basketball odds 

WNBA: Salaries Increase in 2020

The Women’s NBA League has agreed on a new eight-year collective agreement with the Players Association that has brought major changes to the women’s basketball system in America.

The WNBA League has been trying for years to fight for a better status on the American sports and media scene. A new collective agreement of the league has been agreed with the players, which will provide its basketball players with rights they have not had before. The most important aspects of the new contract are:

–        The basic salary for the best players increases from $ 117,500 to $ 215,000 US dollars.

–        The best players will be able to earn bonuses of up to $ 500,000 US dollars.

–        The league will invest $ 1.6 million in marketing to make the players more recognizable.

–        The players will have better air transport to the matches and will no longer share rooms on trips.

–        Players will keep the full amount of salary when they are on maternity leave and will receive a bonus of five thousand dollars for the needs of the child.

For now, only 6 players have a salary of $ 215,000 but it will surely change in the following years. In addition, more than 60 of them have a salary higher than $ 100,000 and the minimum salary is capped at $ 57,000 USD. 

Greatest NBA players of all time

WNBA Kobe & Gigi Bryant Advocacy Award

As soon as Kobe retired from the NBA in 2016 he became an ambassador to WNBA. The legendary player often attended WNBA games alongside his daughters. To honour the memory of the Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, who died in a helicopter crash, the Women’s Basketball WNBA League has established a new award. The WBBA’s “Kobe and Gigi Bryant” award will be given to the individual or team that has contributed most to the recognition and progress of women’s basketball at all levels.

The WNBA also drafted, for the first time in history, via video call. The first pick was Sabrina Ionescu, the daughter of a Romanian political emigrant, and she will play for New York Liberty.

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