Main Tips That Will Help You Chat Online in a Successful Way

Online conversations differ from those that we have in real life on a daily basis. Due to being on the other side of the screen, your interlocutor can’t see your mimics, body language, or hear your intonation and tone of voice. That’s why plenty of people find chatting stressful and claim to fail in chat sessions.

However, you can’t avoid online conversation in the digital world that we live in, so instead of reluctance toward chatting, get to know how to master it. It doesn’t matter if you wonder how to chat on Tinder, want to meet new people on Twitter, or struggle in chat sessions with your customers. Here you can find best chat practices and useful tips to help you keep the conversation engaging and exciting for both – you and your interlocutor.

Pay Attention to Your Grammar and Spelling

The Internet has changed a lot in the way we form utterances. The text talk often lacks punctuation, proper grammar, and is full of abbreviations and slang. If you talk to your friends, there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you both use similar language understandable for both sides. However, when you meet new people or work in customer service, your conversation manners should be professional.

While chatting with customers, it would be best not to forget about the periods and commas. That provides them with a better customer experience and increases customer satisfaction with the service. If you want to make sure that your messages lack failures – install a plug-in that corrects grammar mistakes. Don’t forget to greet professionally as well! If it’s a customer, you can use canned responses to ensure that the greeting is not committed. And if you want to meet new people – when you use proper grammar and avoid spelling mistakes, you can be sure about the good first impression you make.

Reduce Response Time

Nobody likes this itchy sense of neglect while having a chat session. For sure, you wouldn’t steal your crush’s heart nor provide good customer service if you leave the interlocutor’s questions without the answer.

Be as responsive as you can, regardless of the nature of the conversation. When a customer visits the live chat to solve their problem, probably the issue is burning. Provide them with real-time conversation and quick response so that they wouldn’t have to spend ages glued to the computer screen. You can consider applying a typing indicator to your chat box so that the customers know that you actively participate in the conversation.

Give a Lot From Yourself

Customers often ask chat agents about the most apparent matters and await immediate information on how to solve them. Even though you might find the issue dull, when they connect the chat support, it means that the problem is of greater importance for them. One of the best live chat practices is to show your deep interest in the customers. You can check the customer base while they contact an agent to be prepared for the potential questions and understand their pain in the neck.

And when you talk to new people on Tinder or Twitter – ask follow-up and open questions. Try to keep the ball rolling and let them know that you’re engaged in what they’re talking about.

Be Personal

On the live chat, we often seem to be colder and more strict than in reality. If you want your messages to sound more natural, it’s essential to show empathy and interest. When customers encounter a problem, they don’t want to talk to a robot – if you’re a live chat agent, try to be as personal as possible. Explain the benefits of each potential solution patiently.

Remember that smiling emoji has never killed anybody. People understand emojis and automatically receive your message in a more friendly way. Customers would feel more relaxed when they see your positive attitude, and this experience might make them come back to the company. This rule also applies to regular digital conversations. It’s essential to show your human side and show that it’s a real person sitting in front of the screen, providing a great conversational company.


Digital conversations don’t have to terrify you. Be confident and act as if it were a regular conversation in the real world. Think about all the benefits that chatting can bring your company and implement it to your customer service for the best results.

Using live chat is one of the most popular ways to address complaints. Being a live chat agent is not only about solving problems – it’s about empathy and understanding the feelings of those who contact you. So if you’re a chat agent, make sure that the digital conversations you lead with your customers are of the best possible quality.

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