Some of the strangest things you can bet in online Sportsbook

The gambling industry has grown at a fast pace in the past years. The sector is expected to grow even further as years go by. In a study of the Business Research Company, they forecasted that the global gambling market will reach a worth of around $565.4 billion. The emergence of online sportsbooks, casinos, and convenient payment systems has greatly impacted this growth.

Right now, players can wager in almost every happenings and event at sportsbook online. Aside from traditional sports, players also bet on other casino games like online slot machines or poker. There are also betting events for eSports, politics, and movie ratings.

You’ll also find virtual sports. Many punters find wagering on computer-generated horses weird back in the days, but it became a norm in sportsbooks and just recently one of the best alternatives when the sports around the world were shut down.

If you are looking for weirdness in the iGaming industry, then check out this list. We gather here some of the most bizarre betting markets that sportsbooks offer.

Bet on Cheese-rolling Sport

Yes, the annual cheese-rolling events on Cooper’s Hill at Brockworth, Gloucester is recognized as a sport. What’s more, you can bet on it. In this sport, a 9-pound wheel of cheese is rolled down the hill with a speed of 70 mph. The players then have to race down and follow it. The player who will finish the race will win the game.

Since the sports are done annually, you will find the betting market of this game at sportsbook every year. You can wager on the player who will win the race. But there are also more fun novelty bets such as the number of players who will be injured during the game.

Betting on Celebrity’s death

If the above-mentioned novelty bet is brutal for you, then we suggest skipping reading the details for this betting market. There is a betting event that still runs today where the players can place a wager on the life expectancy of the star.

In a nutshell, the bookmaker gave odd on which celebrity dies first. The operator includes celebrities that are said to have a drug problem, mental health problem, and are too old which could be the cause of their potential demise. We’re not going to name these celebrities to give respect to them.

Betting on extraterrestrial

This betting market is literally out of this world. In 2017, one sportsbook offered odds on what year will alien life will be discovered. Furthermore, this betting event stretches until this year.

As several stories about UFOs continue to surface online, other sports betting websites also follow along. The recent report about the remark of the former Israeli defense minister that we may find out aliens has convinced some bookmakers to release odds on whether the Intelligent Alien Life will Be Confirmed before the end of 2021. Right now the odds are:

Yes +1400
No -10000

Assassination of former US President Barack Obama

Barrack Obama is one of the most prominent people until today. He is the first black person elected as the President of the United States of America. The same year he was elected, one Irish bookmaker released odds on Obama being assassinated.

The betting market is one of the most controversial issues that year. It created a lot of headlines and forced the bookmaker to take the bet down.

Bets about Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, is also one of the well-known figures today. Bookies are not releasing odds on his death or potential assassination.  However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find a betting market for them.

The most famous bet about Kim Jong-Un is when and how he will cease to be in power. There are also more fun bets in the past like whether the supreme leader will challenge former President Trump to a round of golf.

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