The most fun winter sports

When winter comes we have the opportunity to try new sports. Some of them are challenging and a bit dangerous, but most winter sports are fun and healthy options to take up. If you do love having fun while doing sport and want to know more about what your options are during winter, you are reading the perfect post. Let’s see some of the most fun winter sports!

For sure you have already heard about skiing and snowboarding because they are the most practiced and known winter sports, and that is why we are going to obviate these sports to show you new ones. But of course, they are fun!

Ice Skating

A smooth ice surface, steel-bladed-skates, and desire to have fun! Ice skating is great for recreation and exercise for children and adults alike. It can be done indoors with artificial ice or outdoor on frozen lakes. Ice skating skills require you to be steady on your feet. If you are not, be sure to practice it with friends you can cling to!

The most dangerous sports you can play

Dog sledding

What could be more exciting than being on a sled or rig pulled by dogs and seeing beautiful landscapes across snow and ice? Dog sledding or mushing have been, traditionally, a transport method of the Nordic countries, but it became a sport and a touristic activity. Our advice: Animal well-being is really important so if you are going to try mushing, do your research on any companies you choose to assure the dogs are being properly cared for.

Ski Biking 

To combine bicycle and snow we have ski biking. It is an awesome sport in which you fuse a bicycle and a pair of skis for hitting the downhill slopes. Sounds fun, does not it? And the best part is that ski biking is really easy, but you can make it harder choosing steeper routes. What are you waiting for?!


If you like running and skiing you are going to love snowshoeing, which is a fast growing winter sport. You have many levels of snowshoeing. Once you strapped the snowshoes to your feet, you can go for a walk in the snow, trek through the backcountry, or participate in a competitive race. It is so fun for any age and ability. And it is inexpensive!


Were you thinking about something more extreme? Here it is! How does skiing and paragliding sound to you? Speedriding is a discipline of paragliding done on skis. You use a small, high-performance paraglider wing to coming down the mountain at incredible speeds. It is an original and fun sport in which you will feel you are flying.


Do you prefer team sports? Curling is a sport played on ice where two teams of four players take it in turns to slide stones made of granite towards a target called ‘the house’. Points are scored for the stones resting closest to the center of the house. The goal is to have a stone of your team’s closest to the center of the house to achieve the highest score. Why is it fun? Try a game and you will understand!

Ice Hockey

Let’s continue with team sports! Ice hockey is one of the most popular winter sports and is played in two teams of six players who wear skates and compete on an ice rink. They drive a small rubber disc, called a puck, with their sticks and the goal is to shoot the puck into their opponent’s net to score goals. It is fast, exciting, and really fun!

The fastest sports

Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is a winter activity the entire family can enjoy and a fun way to downhill a mountain. It consists on ride an inflatable inner tube downhill and have fun while being outdoors, breathing fresh air, and relishing an amazing great landscape.

It depends on where you are that you can have more or fewer options, but there is always a way to have fun in the snow… Which one do you choose?

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