How To Choose Your First Wakeboard


Having the right piece of equipment is important in every sport, wakeboarding included. If you are new to the sport, then it is time for you to choose your first wakeboard. Since there are so many different types out there, you should not just pick up one randomly and hope for the best. Instead, you will need to look for the perfect wakeboard to meet your needs.

After some research, this is what we have learned about finding your first wakeboard.

Research first

We have compiled research here for you, but it might be a good idea to do your own research as well. You can look for assistant through wakeboard gurus, like Wakeboard Buddy, and find out what the best wakeboard on the market is. Do remember that what is best for one rider is not going to be the best for another rider.

Board level

There are a lot of characteristics to choose from in a board, but the first thing to watch for is the board level. They can easily be divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced, with each category having its own features. Beginning boards are normally a little bit slower, but they are also more forgiving as a result. You need to have that as a new boarder in order to help make the learning curve easier. If you look at advanced boards, you will see that they are harsher and more aggressive. They are built for speed and are impossible to control if you do not have the foundation to do so. Intermediate boards are somewhere in between, allowing you some forgiveness in movement, but better speed as well.

Look at the sizes

Wakeboards are not a one-size-fits-all kind of tool. They need to be purchased based on how well they will work with your own height and body size. If your board is too small for you, especially if it is your first board, you will be more likely to sink. The boat will pull you faster, but you will be out of control. If your board is too big, the board will be hard to manoeuvre and impossible to use for tricks. There should be a sizing chart with each type of wakeboard out there to help you determine with is the perfect size for your needs. It is better to opt for a longer board if you are on the fence between two sizes.


There are a few different materials used in the manufacturing of wakeboards that you will want to look for. Normally, wakeboards have a fiberglass outside and a foam core that will help make the boards more buoyant. The boards with foam are less expensive and they also are lighter and manage to last longer. There are wood core boards that are pricier and don’t last as long, but they have more inner flex and allow you to accomplish more movements that some of the foam boards do. As a beginner you should be find with the foam core as it will help keep you afloat should you fall in the water and it is easier to learn with.

Do you know how you ride

If this is your first wakeboard, you might not know how you ride yet. But if you do, you need a board that will match your style of riding. Athletes who switch to wakeboarding from skiing will want to opt for a singletip board, because it has a narrower front that will allow you to ride with the same foot forward, like you would do when you are skiing. If you are a skateboarder or a snowboarder, however, you will be happier with a twin-tip board that is round on both ends.


You might not know what a rocker is yet. It is the amount of bend that a wakeboard has in its profile. Continuous rockers have a smooth curve from tip to tail and will give you a consistent feel of the wake. This is a great option for a first wakeboard. Meanwhile the three-stage board has two bends that will give you a harsher lift from the wake. Higher rockers are easier to land jumps on, but lower rockers will give you more control. As a new rider, you will want to opt for a lower continuous rocker to perfect your coordination before trying the next step.


The last factor that we are going to look at is fins. The first will help your board stay the course in the direction that you are aiming for. Beginning boards have deeper fins to help you with balance and control. You might also want a removable fin that you can take off as your skills progress.

There are so many options for wakeboards out there. Take the time to research and find the right one for you.

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