Tanaka Masahiro eligible for Olympic spot

One of the most known names in Japanese baseball is now eligible for Tokyo 2020, after Tanaka Masahiro transferred back to Japan’s domestic league following a seven-year contract with the New York Yankees. 

Major League Baseball players don’t actually compete at the Olympics since they take place during the regular season. However, with the Japanese NPB league having a summer break in order to accommodate the Games, Tanaka, who is 32-year-old could now be in line for a famous return.  

The news of Tanaka’s transfer caused a frenzy on social media, and the announcement of the athlete on Twitter gained over 43 thousand likes and 6 thousand retweets. And There’s no need to be bored at home because you have nothing to do. In fact, living in Japan has an advantage: you can register at an online casino and benefit from a no deposit bonus. This is highly important if you want to try some games at the casino and don’t want to make a deposit. Of course, this is a limited amount of money, so if you want to play more after then you’ll have to make a deposit with your own money. 

In a fond farewell to the Yankees he stated that he felt extremely fortunate for having the chance to take the field as a member of the New York Yankees and play in front of all of all the passionate fans. It was an honor and also a privilege. 

Tanaka didn’t discuss plans about the competition at Tokyo 2020 but his transfer to the Eagles has put him in firm contention for a home Olympic Games, where the sport will make its Olympic return after an absence of 13 years. 

He enjoyed seven years of success in Major League Baseball and was even named an All-Star on 2 occasions. His final stats of 78-46 in 173 starts made him one of the best and consistent pitchers. 


Before joining the New York Yankees, the athlete went 99-35 over seven seasons with the Eagles. Fans hope he can reproduce the type of form that also saw him go 24-0 with a 1.27 earned in 2013. 

Tanaka is the type of player you want to have in your team, since he’s definitely very good at what he does. This player has been praised for a lot of people who are known in the sport’s world and that’s how it’s possible to know that he’s a valuable addition to any team. Of course, he’s a fantastic player that has helped the New York Yankees to get them where they are. But, obviously, it’s also team work. That’s very important. 


Many people will recognize his name, even though they don’t know much about baseball. But he’s so popular that it’s likely that most people know about him. There’s no need to comprehend about baseball, since he’s widely known. He’s one of the best players in the world and that has been proved a long time ago. 

With this new deal he will have a new time to adjust but will be fine. He has plenty of time to get acquainted with everyone and there’s definitely a lot of time for him to actually to learn everything that he needs to learn. Of course, things won’t be easy at first, but he’s very smart and, therefore, he will quickly learn everything new. 


It’s natural for him to feel a little unbalanced at first but with his teammates and also new coach helping, he’ll feel welcome. Everything will be assured so that he can feel at home when entering the new club. Of course, this will be something brand new for him but he will have everything at his disposal so that he can have the best time of his life. 

Tanaka will get even more known within the next years, since his new contract is going to impulse his career, which is excellent. This means that he can now do much more for himself and for his team as well. Obviously, he has now a new path and, by following him, it’s likely that he can achieve something better than what he has achieved before. 

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