Sportmen and stress management: MYTH OR REALITY?


Both vaping and smoking are common habits which people practice for relaxation. It’s not unusual to hear that someone had a puff after a stressful event. However, many people don’t approve of this tendency. They think that because nicotine is a harmful substance, it is impractical to relax using it. We’ll explore this issue later in the article.

Likely, the statement that vaping can help eliminate stress comes from the fact that vaping cravings can happen more often if you are under stress. If a person gets on the hook and vapes, it is obvious that the level of stress decreases in this situation. However, psychology experts claim that if a person’s tendency to use disposable e-cigs to overcome stress should carry on for a while, it would not have a positive outcome for the vapers’ physical and mental health.

This question is also extremely important for those in sports. Being a sportsperson means constant stress. Firstly, you train a lot, which makes your body absolutely exhausted. Secondly, you often worry about the results of future competition. Sports is the activity where you can’t lose. Once you lose, people forget you and you can hardly get popular again. All of us, probably know the sad story of Michael Schumacher. He used to be legend but decided to come back and lost. This caused much stress to him. 

What’s important, being a sportsman is not only about physical traumas, it is also about you psychological stance.

Stress: what is it?

Stress is a regular part of our everyday life, we all feel stressed from time to time. Only a small percentage of people can boast with perfect time management and carefree life. Housework, job, family, friends, and global events equally come with some bitter grains and dark clouds. If we do not find a way to comfort ourselves, we can become chronically anxious.

The point is not to make stress a constant counterpart of your everyday activities. Some stress is ok for a human being, but too much can be overwhelming and badly affect your mood and social life. Resolving to vape whenever one feels stressed is a sign of abuse. Therefore, controlling our vaping triggers prevents a simple pastime from becoming an escape from our problems.

Numerous stress relief techniques can help us relax more effectively than a disposable e cig. Psychologists recommend finding the one that fits you best. You can also adjust an existing technique to your individual needs if there’s no default solution. Knowing how to get rid of stress without a disposable vape pen can become a vital step to getting rid of addiction. Moreover, it prevents addiction from ever occurring in the first place.

In case you rarely experience stress and anxiety, you should consider yourself lucky. However, giving up vaping can be accompanied by increased levels of stress. Our nervous system becomes sensitive due to nicotine withdrawal. People act cranky, experience sudden bursts of negativity and other forms of impulsive behavior when quitting their vaping device. It is essential to submit all your strength to avoid any form of breakdown here.

However, being a sportsman and going through stress must not be a positive sign of your life. Being stressed out is always bad for your performance.

Stress Management Techniques

Breathing affects more than just our body’s oxygen levels. If we control our lungs we can keep ourselves calm during an emergency. When feeling stressed, just stop whatever you were doing and breathe deeply. 

Exercising is more than a lifestyle choice. It is an actual method to keep you healthy and in good shape. Some people can’t live without running; some love other types of physical activities. For some people, swimming is a must. In case you prefer to lay back and enjoy your disposable vape, there are still ways to get some workout done. Just get stretched when you stand up, do some yoga, or take a walk to the next bus stop rather than waiting on yours. Whatever you can do to activate the muscles in your body and make O2 course through your bloodstream.

A balanced diet is another important matter in stress relief. Taking care of your body through planned food intake is one of the most enjoyable activities. Firstly, you enjoy the exquisite taste of your dish. Then you enjoy your perfect skin, charming smile, and lovely mood. Healthy snacks and a strict diet are critical factors for healthy living.

Eliminating procrastination is another challenging task that one must fulfill. It is better to plan your activities and take the initiative or simply go to sleep and forget about work for the day than to postpone tasks indefinitely or until the deadline finds you all stressed up because you can’t finish all of your assignments on time. In case you get stuck with a task, just have a good nap or do some sports, and things will fall into place when you’re calm.

Communication is also vital in our lives. Whether we are introverts, ambiverts, or extroverts, each of us needs a shoulder to cry on. A human being needs to be able to share both positive and negative emotions. If you bury your feelings within yourself, it could even lead to somatic diseases. Not even the best disposable vape can fill the gap of absent human interaction. Therefore, never forget to go out with friends and spend some time out of your house to blow off some steam through socialization.

For sure, these techniques are not the most exquisite, but they are easy to take on. It would be best to utilize techniques that require no special equipment so you would build a mindset that stress-free life is also possible without disposable vapes or any other gadget.

Stress and Vaping: Conclusions

Consulting your doctor is the best piece of advice when it comes to finding a way to combat stress. Therefore, no decision about your health can be made based on this article only.

Vaping and stress are interconnected, but there’s no evidence vaping helps getting rid of the stress. It works quite the opposite way, in most cases. Once a person stops vaping and the nicotine level drops, she or he feels a bit stressed. Add everyday stress to the equation, and a person can reach an anxiety level that boosts vaping cravings.

Vaping is not recognized as a clinically effective stress management technique, and it shouldn’t be recommended to avoid stress.

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