Online Roulette: Top 5 Pieces Of Advice From Successful Gamblers


Online Roulette: Top 5 Tips For The Most Beginner-Friendly Game Of Chance

With the pandemic situation limiting entertainment options, gaming popularity in online casinos has been surging. A new player who has never gambled on the web before may feel daunted by the unknown world of online casinos. If you’re making your first steps in the vast and vibrant realm of online gambling, it’s better to start with something relatively simple and familiar. Online roulette  is an excellent introductory option for beginners!

It’s hard to find someone unfamiliar with its basic gameplay: with your bet, you need to predict where on the spinning wheel with numbered pockets the ball will land. The more specific the prediction – the bigger the payout. Read below to get familiar with five excellent beginner tips that will help you feel comfortable and confident when joining an online roulette parlour for the first time.

1. Finding the right gambling site is the first and crucial step

The online gambling market entered 2021 on a high note, and the abundance of web casinos can easily overwhelm a newcomer, forcing them to pick the first option that comes to hand. But approaching the choice of a gambling website responsibly is the cornerstone of an enjoyable gambling pastime. Aim for casinos that have:

  • Valid licenses for gambling operations;
  • A streamlined and user-friendly website;
  • A large and varied library of games, with many roulette variations from the best gambling software providers;
  • Hefty bonuses issued to both newcomers and regulars;
  • Convenient payment methods for deposits and withdrawals of your funds;
  • Customer support channels that respond and solve issues quickly.

A good place to start your search for the perfect gambling destination is Spin-Paradise, with its comprehensive reviews of the top 2021 casinos.

2. Pick the right roulette game and learn its table layout

There are three significant roulette variants named after the lands where they originated: French, European, and American. When possible, pick the French variation, as it has additional rules that favour the gambler in certain situations.

American roulette is the least desirable if your goal is winning. It has a different, double zero sector that brings the house edge to 5.25% (compared to 2.7% in the European variety).

When you join a table, pay attention to the betting limits. These can vary from micro for players with a modest bankroll to VIP for high-rollers.

3. Employ a betting strategy

Did you join the online roulette table to score a grand win? It might be a good idea to wager on inside numbers with stunning payouts of 35:1. Do you enjoy winning more consistently? The betting options on one colour, evens or odds, or even column bets provide such an opportunity.

In any case, set your gambling budget in advance before joining a roulette table and manage it responsibly. There are several mathematically balanced strategies that you will eventually come out on top, such as Martingale or D’Alembert. Others, such as the James Bond strategy, are better suited for a short gambling session and give you a reasonably high chance of scoring a win in every round.

4. Keep in mind that winning in roulette is largely about blind luck

Roulette is the queen of all games of chance. Once you make your bet, nothing depends on you anymore. You were keeping this in mind, wager sparingly, because blind luck gives and takes with equal ease. Ideally, it would be best if you never risk more than a few percent of your bankroll for the night. And of course, never gamble with the money you’re not fully prepared to lose.

5. Practice makes a gambling strategy perfect

Before you join an online roulette table with real-money bets, try out the strategy you have in mind using free games. Check out whether it’s sparing or wasteful of your bankroll and make adjustments to your bet size. Learn the winning odds on your best bet, along with payouts, so that you can compare risks and the reward on the go. With this knowledge in your pocket, your gambling experience will be a breeze!

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