The World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams

According to Betway, the Dallas Cowboys was the world’s most valuable professional team, with a $5.5 billion market value. According to their market value, here are the top-performing sports teams based on Forbes annual rankings in the National Football League, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, Nascar, Formula One, and Soccer. 

Dallas Cowboys

Regardless of the team not having won an NFL championship in more than 20 years, the Cowboys are the world’s most valuable sports team in 2020, holding an incredible market value of 5.5 billion dollars. Their 1.2 billion dollar home stadium was constructed in 2005, which is a major factor for this position.

New York Yankees

For the fifth consecutive year, the New York Yankees is the only Major League Baseball team to maintain their standards being in the top. They held tight to their number two spot in the rankings for the second consecutive year with an estimated worth of five billion dollars.

New York Knicks

The National Basketball Association holds a valuable team for the third consecutive year, New York Knicks. With a value of 4.6 billion dollars, the Knicks took the reputation of the most valuable NBA franchise in 2016. The Knicks are currently doing well in the Eastern Conference, and Betway sports betting fans can wager to perform even better this year. 

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers come in as the second most valuable team in the NBA. Their worth estimation came to 4.4 billion dollars as of 2020. The team has achieved incredible success, winning an impressive 17 championships, tying up with Boston Celtics for the most titles in history.

Golden State Warriors

With a market value of 4.3 billion dollars comes a team where the highest-paid player, Stephen Curry, called home, the Golden State Warriors—achieving success winning championships from 2015 to 2018. The team currently plays in their new stadium worth 1.5 billion dollars as of 2019.

Real Madrid

With a steady market value of 4.24 billion dollars, Real Madrid holds its reputation as the most valuable soccer team.

The New England Patriots

Jumping right into the National Football League comes the team with the second-highest market value, New England Patriots. With a value of 4.1 billion dollars, the team gained its reputation from its loyal fan base and achieved massive revenue opportunities as a result.

FC Barcelona

Residing in Spain, below their rivals Real Madrid, Barcelona has a stable market value of 4.02 billion dollars. The team, led by the world’s second-highest-paid player, Lionel Messi, signed a 175 million dollars per year deal with Nike Inc., which would take effect from 2027 to 2028 season.

New York Giants

Along with the Dallas Cowboys, their counterparts, the New York Giants ranked as the most valuable National Football Conference team in 2020. With a worth of 3.9 billion dollars, these giants have won a staggering four super bowls in five appearances.

Manchester United

Manchester United is the only EPL sports franchise on the list that’s publicly traded as a business. The team had a stable market value of 3.81 billion dollars last year, which looks quite impressive for its fans.

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