Tips to keep motivated in your training

We recently wrote a blog post focus on how to take up a workout routine to be ready for summer 2021. This could be an amazing starting point to stay motivated for a lot of people, but today we want to share some tips for those who have trouble sticking to a fitness routine, who get bored easily, or who regularly do sports and have moments of weakness.

Sometimes results come too slowly, you do not enjoy what you are doing, you find hard to introduce sport into your daily life, or simply you are not a big fan of sports so you quit easily. No worries! We have some tips to help you stay motivated in your training!

Set realistic goals

In sports, as in life, if you do not know where you are going, it’s difficult to follow a routine. You need to know why you are exercising. Of course, you should think about your health more than anything, but also think deeper. What do you want to achieve? Whatever it is, we have some advice. It needs to be realistic and achievable so you do not fail. When your goals are too ambitious it is easy to get frustrated and give up.

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Write them down

Also, it can be good for you to have your goal written down. Do you want to run that race, fit that bikini, or increase your physical endurance? Write it down and read it every day! It is a good way to remind you why you are exercising for.

Have fun

To train does not mean to suffer. You have to find a routine you enjoy. If you are not enjoying or you are getting bored, you can try something different! There are many different workouts you can do: martial arts, team sports, online videos, gym, dance classes… When you are having fun you are more likely to stick with a fitness program.

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Join forces

So don’t you like to train alone? Find a friend, a co-worker, or a neighbour to join you. Another way is to take up a team sport. By doing so you will always go to train with people. Seeing people motivated will keep you motivated. And also you will meet new people!

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Track your progress

Let’s start to track your progress! Sometimes we lose sight of our goals so it is good for you to see what you have achieved already. How many squats/pushups/crunches are you able to do now and how many you did when you started? How long did you last running before and how long do you last now? Are you now stronger? Do you feel better about yourself? Check your progress will allow you to remember what you are capable to do and get, and why you are doing so.

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Set a daily routine

Schedule workouts as you would with any other important meeting, deadline, or activity that will help you. Sometimes it is hard to find the time for exercise. You will always find another thing to do, or an excuse to do not to do it. However, if you give your workout a specific time into your daily routine you will take it seriously.

Hear yourself

It’s ok if you have a bad day or do not feel like exercising. It is ok if you do not push hard yourself some days. You can use those days to do softer exercises, rest, or whatever you feel you need. Go easy on yourself and get back on track when you feel ready!

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Reward yourself

Although it is important to take a break when you need to. It is also important to keep inspired. You can think of some ideas or reward yourself when you do not feel like exercising. Some of these ideas could be: remind how good you will feel after your workout (try to remember that feeling that exercising gives you), remember all the energy you will have after that, congratulate yourself with some time for you reading, watching a movie, shopping or with tasty food…

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It is not always easy to keep motivated in your training, so we hope these tips help you to get moving! And remember: whatever your goal is, keep in mind how good to practice sport is for your health!

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