Top 5 Sports worth the gamble in India

Betting on sports is one of the most favorite pass-times of Indians, and it has been so for decades now. But if you look at the recent trends, betting has now moved online and has become quite a sensation. Many online betting sites have embraced Indian bettors with open arms and have also given them attractive welcome bonuses, whether they are first-time subscribers or regular users.

Globally, betting takes place in sports like Formula 1 racing, horse riding, and many more sports because of the thrilling and exciting vibe. Let’s now have a look at the sports Indians love betting on:


Cricket is not just a sport but a religion in India. It indeed does have a special place in the heart of each Indian. To make things better for Indians, there are many online betting sites and mobile apps that encourage online cricket betting and help Indians place a safe bet on their favorites. 


Football has gained immense popularity in India in recent years. Although global tournaments like the English Premier League, Champions League, and FIFA World Cup are immensely popular, Indians have now started enjoying and placing bets on Indian Super League, a famous football event in India.

Goa, Kerala, West Bengal, and the North-Eastern states enjoy football betting the most. The statistics followed to bet in football are simple. Bettors consider the past performances of players and teams and their previous performances during standoffs against each other.


Hockey, although not as popular as cricket, is a famous and loved sport in India. It is the national sport of India and hence sees quite some interest from the Indian bettors. Betting on hockey is a potential risk because of the low-scoring nature of the sport.

Horse Racing

If there is any sport that has clear laws of betting around it, it is horse racing. Luckily, Indians can legally bet on horse racing without any fear of going against the law. Currently, India has nine race courses where 6 TURF authorities organize regular horse racing events. 

Wondering why horse racing gets the special treatment? Because as per Indian law, betting on “games of skill” is considered legal, and betting on “games of luck” is left on the individual state governments to decide. Luckily, horse racing is a “Game of Skill” apparently and hence, legal in India. The best part about betting on horse racing is that you can even do it online.


Kabaddi is one of India’s most ancient and popular sports, which has lost its importance over the years. However, with the commencement of the Pro Kabaddi League, betting on Kabbadi is back with a bang! 

Having known these interesting facts, we are sure that you must be excited too about how online betting on these sports happens. Online betting portals are many, but how will you know which one you should opt for? One site makes it easier for bettors to know portfolios of all the online betting sites. Betninjas is a portal that gives you all the information that you need to start betting online. It has various betting sites listed and a detailed description of each of the sites.

So, if you are looking to start betting on different sports, Betninjas is your calling!

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