How To Choose The Best Men’s Golf Gear

What do you need in order to enjoy 18 holes of golf? Of course, you need the right equipment: clubs, a golf bag, golf balls, a glove, and a few tees. But what about gear? Even if you’re just getting started with the game, you want to look like a professional. What type of men’s golf gear do you need? How should you select your men’s golf gear?

We can help you navigate and make the correct choices on your next trip to the golf superstore or online shopping adventure. You want to balance fashion with function. You want to look nice and perform well. Believe it or not, choosing the correct men’s golf gear can lower your scores and improve your next golf course experience.

Golf Gear For Men

If you want to amp up your edge in one of the most popular sports, it’s best to start with men’s golf gear. If you really wanted to complicate this topic, you could probably come up with 10 different types of men’s golf gear, but let’s keep it simple. From our perspective, there are four key categories that you need to consider:

1. Men’s Golf Apparel 

We all know the saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” This applies to the golf course as well. Dress as the golfer you want to be, not the one you currently are. This category includes your socks, shorts/pants, shirts, pullovers, and weather gear. There are numerous brands of men’s golf apparel, so it can get overwhelming at times. What to wear golfing can be tricky, but just remember the number one priority is that you’re comfortable and feel good about how you look.

2. Men’s Golf Shoes 

There are more categories of men’s golf shoes than ever before. No one wears “hard spikes” anymore, but you can still go with a classic golf shoe design that’s formal. More and more golf manufacturers are coming out with golf shoes that look like something you might use to run or play basketball in. Regardless if you select formal or athletic, you will also need to decide if you want soft spikes or no spikes (just nubs) to help you grip the turf.

3. Men’s Golf Hats  

The third category of men’s golf gear is hats. Ultimately, you’re going to select from three different styles: baseball cap, golf visor, or bucket hat. There are pros and cons for each style. Golf Hats are also a great way to add flair to your outfit or highlight your favorite golf brand or favorite golf course. Most golfers have more than one golf hat and end up with a bit of a collection.

4. Men’s Golf Sunglasses 

Golfers used to think playing golf in sunglasses was a bad idea, that they could negatively impact your game. But more and more, they’ve become an accepted piece of men’s golf gear. More so than other categories, this choice comes down to your personal style.

How To Choose The Best Men’s Golf Gear

You know what men’s golf gear you need to buy, but how can you make the right choices for your game? What factors do you need to consider before swiping your credit card at your favorite golf superstore or website?

The first thing to remember is that you don’t have to buy all of your men’s golf gear at once — you can build out your inventory over time. It’s always a good idea to have a budget and prioritize the order of your purchases based on what you want and what you need.

Below, we’ve reviewed the different men’s golf gear categories and provided the factors you should consider while shopping.


Men’s golf apparel is the broadest category and where you’ll end up spending the most money on your golf habit.


We’re talking about clothes, so the first factor that comes to mind is style. Do you prefer soft tones or bright/loud colors? You can find pants, shorts, and shirts in almost every style and color, so stick with your personal style. Make sure you’re comfortable wearing the golf clothes you select.


The days of thick, cotton golf shirts are in the past. Look for breathable, lightweight, and preferably antimicrobial men’s golf gear. The golf swing is an athletic movement and you want your golf apparel to enable you to swing without restriction.

Weather Options 

You’ll need options for all conditions. 

Shorts for warm days and pants when it’s chilly. A nice pullover to protect you from the wind and a rainsuit will allow you to enjoy a round if a shower blows in during your back 9. Golf is not played in a dome, so make sure you have the apparel to support everything Mother Nature has to offer.

Golf Shoes

You can play golf in regular tennis or running shoes, but as you start to enjoy the game, you’ll want to own a pair of shoes that are designed to help you keep your balance during your swing.

Formal Or Athletic 

As you start shopping for shoes, you’ll notice plenty of style options, but they can be separated into two categories. Do you want a more “old school” formal golf shoe or a golf shoe that looks like something you could use to jog or play basketball in? If you enjoy walking when you play, we recommend going with the Athletic option.

Spikes Or Spikeless 

If you’re over 40 years old, you’ll remember the days of metal spikes, but they’ve long been extinct with the rise of millennial golfers

Your options now come down to true soft spikes or spikeless shoes that have nubs or grooves to help you grip the ground. Both types work well: spikeless shoes might be slightly more comfortable if you are a walker, but you’ll be happy with either option.

Comfort Is Key 

The most important thing about your golf shoes is comfort. Make sure they fit you properly and support your feet. Your feet shouldn’t be blistered and throbbing after 18 holes.


Always check to confirm your golf shoes are waterproof. Regardless if you get caught in a rain shower or are just dealing with morning dew, no one enjoys playing golf with wet socks and feet. 

Golf Hats

Limitless options for you in the golf hat category. We recommend you start a nice collection!


The most important factor related to the golf hat men’s golf wear category is your preference on color, brand, logo, etc. Pick a golf hat that you enjoy wearing and fits your head well. Favorite course, favorite brand, or favorite player — this choice is all about you.

Source: Sunday Golf

Type Of Golf Hat 

You may find different options, but all golf hats fall into 3 primary categories. “Baseball” hat, bucket hat, or visor. Not everyone can pull off a bucket hat or visor, so the traditional baseball hat style is the most popular.

Sun Protection 

The most dangerous hazard on the golf course isn’t marked with red stakes — it‘s the sun and potentially a painful burn. The right golf hat can protect you, but you need to pick the right one. For example, if you happen to be missing a little hair on the top of your head, avoid the visor. If you want maximum protection, you may want to consider a large-brim bucket hat.


It can get bright on a summer afternoon, especially if you spend a lot of time in the bunkers. Sunglasses are the final category of men’s golf gear.

Source: Callaway


You want to look good in your golfing shades, so it’s important you pick a style that matches the shape of your face. The best way to validate your decision is to take a golf buddy shopping with you and ask for their feedback. Be prepared for brutal honesty, but you’ll be more likely to leave with the right pair for you.


The golf swing can be a violent action, so you need to make sure your sunglasses are comfortable and won’t fall off your face during your swing. You don’t want them to be too tight, but you also want to avoid them being too loose. Shoot for somewhere in the middle!

UV Protection 

Pay attention to the UV protection rating for the shades you select. You want to look good, but also protect your eyes. 

Look Good – Play Well

Very few of us will ever play on the PGA tour, but with the right men’s golf gear, we can look like a PGA tour professional. At the end of the day, you’ll play better if you’re comfortable and confident on the course. Confidence is critical in the game of golf, and your men’s golf gear can help you feel unbeatable. 

Regardless, if you want to copy the look of Brooks Koepka or Bryson DeChambeau or if you want to create your own style, be thoughtful about the men’s golf gear you select. Impress your golfing buddies on the first tee. Post a low score and talk some trash in the 19th hole. Enjoy your day and look & feel great in your men’s golf gear.

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