Basketball Players that Love Playing At The Casino


If you find it hard to believe that some professional basketball players like to play casino games then you just have to consider the bright lights in the courts to those of land-based casinos. There are likely to be a lot of NBA players that enjoy gambling on casino games. 

We are going to focus on 3 famous basketball players here. If you are an NBA fan then these names will all be familiar to you. These 3 basketball stars either went to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to play casino games while others preferred online casinos. Trustly online casinos are particularly popular among basketball players.

Some NBA players like to play live games at online casinos. They prefer this to actually visiting land-based casinos. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a lot of land-based casinos having to close for a while, while online casinos have grown in popularity.

Michael Jordan likes Casino Games

Is there a more famous basketball player than Michael Jordan? Many NBA fans believe that Jordan is the best basketball player ever. Jordan is a very competitive man and this is true on the basketball court and off of it. He likes to be competitive by playing casino games at Atlantic City.

Michael Jordan’s passion for gambling extends beyond the casinos as well. He loves to play golf and is well known for placing large bets with other sports stars and his friends on the outcome of golf games. Jordan allegedly lost $1 million through a bet on a golf game. 

You may have heard that Michael Jordan likes to play poker for high stakes as well. This is true and he is also very fond of playing table games in the casino such as roulette and craps. There is a story that Jordan lost another million dollars in a poker game with some of his team mates.

Casino Games and J R Smith

J R Smith has played for some big teams in the NBA including the Los Angeles Lakers, the New York Knicks the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Denver Nuggets. Smith is a controversial player on the court and not everyone’s favorite. 

There is a famous story about J R Smith and a burglary that happened at his mansion which is worth millions of dollars. The thieves stole a number of items including a briefcase with money in it. This briefcase contained a lot of cash – around $15,000 to be precise.

The police were perplexed as to why he would have a briefcase with this amount of money in it. Although $15,000 is just small change for top NBA players, most people would consider keeping this amount of cash in a briefcase at home.

It was revealed that Smith kept this money on hand for his trips to the casinos. He used to like playing casino games regularly and found it convenient to have a briefcase ready at all times with the cash that he needed for gambling.

Charles Barkley and the Casinos

Charles Barkley is a very famous NBA star that has a great character. He is very tall at 6 foot 5 inches and was a very intimidating figure on the basketball court. A lot of opposing defending players were fearful of Barkley.

Barkley had a gambling habit for some time and it was a shock for NBA fans to learn back in 2006 that he had lost $10 million gambling in casinos. He used to like the casinos in Las Vegas and faced legal action from the Wynn Casino there as he did not pay a debt of around $400,000.

It is reported that despite the heavy losses that he incurred, Charles Barkley still has a passion for casino games. Allegedly he still visits land-based casinos today and is also known to gamble with online casinos. 

The bottom line here is that gambling on casino games can affect people from any walk of life. They find the attraction of the casino games irresistible and find it difficult to stop. For NBA stars that earn a fortune, they tend to place very large bets in casinos.

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