Creating a Survival Kit for Traveling or Camping

If you are traveling in unfamiliar territory or hiking out in the wilderness, you should always have on hand a few essential items in case you get lost or are injured and can’t make your way back to a more populated area. Creating a survival kit will give you the bare essentials you will need to be somewhat comfortable until rescue teams can find you.

Food and Water

Food and water are essentials. Water can be stored in any type of container, but an insulated water bottle is best. When it comes to food, it’s best to carry non-perishable items that won’t spoil if they aren’t refrigerated. Granola bars, trail mix, small cans of tuna or other meat, and crackers are lightweight and won’t take up an excessive amount of room in your backpack or rucksack.

Lighter and Matches

Carrying a lighter and matches will allow you to start a fire if you need one for warmth or cooking. Having both ensures that you have one to fall back on if the first one fails. Firestarters (small molds made of wax and sawdust or wood chips) are also an option if you have room. They make starting a campfire much easier.

Compass or GPS Watch

A compass or GPS watch will help you keep your bearings so that you can hopefully find your way back to a major path or highway. A digital GPS watch may be able to give you the coordinates to your exact location. If you can text or make phone calls, you may be able to pass this information on to searchers who are trying to pinpoint your location.

Flashlight and Batteries

flashlight and batteries are also essential. You will be able to signal rescuers after dark and will be able to light up your surroundings while you wait. While it’s important to use them when you need them, try to use them sparingly so you will have them for a longer period of time.

Space Blanket

Space blankets are lined with a thermal material that will hold your body heat. You can use the blanket to build a make-shift tent or to cover up when you lay down. Before packing it up, you will need to let it layout for a short amount of time to make sure it’s dry.

Cell Phone and Fully Charged Dock

Even though you may not have service to make a phone call, texts may be able to be sent. Carry a fully charged battery dock to ensure that you have backup power for your phone for as long as you need it. While it is important to keep your phone on so it can be tracked, avoid using it needlessly so that you can save as much of your battery as possible.

At Least One Knife

Above all, you will need at least one knife. Not only is it a must for protection, but you will also need it to prepare your food and cut items you will need to make a shelter. Having two knives in your backpack will ensure that you always have a backup if one goes dull or breaks.

Preparing for a trip is easy if you shop at a store that has everything you need. Hinterland Outfitters offers everything you will need to create a survival kit that will help you make it through even the most treacherous adventure. Visit their website to learn more about creating an effective survival kit for almost any type of situation.

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