How Many Levels in Microsoft Solitaire?

Since 1990 every version of Microsoft Windows has included Solitaire. The inclusion of the simple, single-player card game increased its popularity in the United States. Microsoft estimates that Windows users played over one hundred million digital Solitaire games in the last thirty years. While several versions of Solitaire are currently available, the variation initially included with Microsoft Windows was Klondike.

How Many Levels of Solitaire Are There?

Versions of Windows released after 2012 include the Microsoft Classic Solitaire Collection, which introduced new versions, features, and levels. The game’s inclusion was a nice distraction that eased users intimidated by the Windows operating system and was the brainchild of Microsoft intern Wes Cherry. It’s believed that Solitaire currently ranks above Word in Microsoft’s most-used software applications. The Collection also includes Solitaire Events, which allows users to compete against one another.

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Klondike Solitaire Levels

The original version of Solitaire included with Microsoft Windows was Klondike, the standard variation where the player builds a king pile for each suit. This version boasts over one thousand levels of gameplay at increasing levels of difficulty.

After completing level nine, a player gains the title of Recruit. After each successive five levels, the player earns a new title. Players who complete level 99 receive the Legend award.

After completing one hundred levels of Klondike Solitaire on Microsoft Windows, players are deemed Grandmasters and can achieve Pyramid Bronze, Pyramid Silver, and Pyramid Gold Grandmaster status. Dedicated players can continue to challenge themselves with over 1,000 Grandmaster levels included in the game. Top players can complete the game in the least amount of time, earning large point bonuses. 

Spider Solitaire Levels

Spider Solitaire, named for the eight foundations used in gameplay, is the more challenging variation of Klondike. Using two decks of 52 cards, Spider is more time-intensive and requires higher skill than the original version of Klondike. It has become the more popular version in Microsoft’s Solitaire package, surpassing Klondike in 2005 as the most played game on Window’s PCs.

Spider Solitaire includes three difficulty levels, each increasing the number of suits in play. It is similar to the Klondike variation in that players can earn titles with each level they complete, beginning with the title of Ace after surpassing level 85. Those who beat level 100 are given the title of Grandmaster and can continue to play numerous other Grandmaster levels.

Microsoft Solitaire Events

In 2012, Microsoft introduced an Events feature to its Classic Solitaire Game Collection. Events allow users to compete against other players, viewing and comparing their progress on a global leaderboard. Microsoft also introduced Daily Challenges, enabling players to compete against one another once each day. The inclusion of a worldwide leaderboard increased Solitaire’s popularity by encouraging communities of players to compete against one another.

Over 300,000 global users participate in Microsoft’s Solitaire Events, which take place three to five times each week. The games included in the Events are Klondike, Spider, Free Cell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks. Events are a mixture of difficulty levels and can range from five to thirty games per event. Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, and Tripeaks are Solitaire games included in Microsoft software and are the most popular Event games.

Microsoft Solitaire Champions

Casual Solitaire players can compete in thousands of levels included in the game, but only one has broken the world record. In 2012, German player Tscherni set the world record for the fastest round of Solitaire, at five seconds. Almost a decade later, Tscherni still holds the title of the quickest game of Solitaire ever played on Microsoft software. The average player only wins 43% of games played on average. 

Plenty of Game For Those Seeking Acclaim

As we have seen here, Microsoft’s Solitaire offers plenty of depth if you’re looking for more than a quick diversion to pass the time. So whether you’re looking to break records, or challenge your friends, give the game a shot. You’ll be surprised at just how deep the experience goes.

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