The Best Sports Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Sports podcast shows have conquered the online world to the detriment of the classic radios. Due to their growing numbers, it is pretty hard to find the right podcast to listen to, especially when it comes to health and fitness podcasts.

Since the pandemic began, the world has seen an increase in physical procrastination and thus poor healthy lifestyles. Sports podcasts can be used as a counterbalance for this.

Whether you want to receive the best tips on staying healthy, what exercises to do, or follow up on your favorite team, either for entertainment or betting, here are the best sports podcasts to listen to right now!

TOP 6 Best Sports Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

ESPN Daily

ESPN Daily runs from Monday to Friday morning, presenting all kinds of gossip news from the sports world. Interviews, game analysis, and live streaming sporting matches from any sports are available.

The host is Pablo Torre, a television sportswriter from New York. He engages in various stories at ESPN presented by high-profile reporters and insiders globally. This podcast will keep you entertained for months! Their posting schedule is very consistent.

The Jillian Michaels Show

Fitness and wellness are made easy with the Jillian Michaels Show, which occurs weekly. Jillian Michael is a businesswoman, personal trainer, TV personality, and writer from Los Angeles. She invites various experts and talks about fitness, medicine, nutrition, money, relationships, and parenting. If you like a show where top-notch athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, or doctors share their opinions on various aspects then this podcast is for you! Jillian talks in such a way that any complicated subject is easily understandable.

Ramsey Dewey Podcast

Ramsey Dewey is a former professional MMA fighter and works as a coach in Shanghai, China. He was bullied as a kid and pursued a fighting career, which then transpired into a whole philosophy of life. 

If you enjoy fighting analysis of various martial arts or like to hear sport tips, this channel is for you! You can enjoy heart-to-heart conversations between various martial masters. Learn more about boxing, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or other fighting styles! Give the Ramsey Dewey Podcast a shot, and you will know why he is on this list. Note that he isn’t talking just about fighting but self-growth and real-life situations.

Optimal Health Daily

One of the top health & fitness podcasts on Spotify is Optimal Health Daily, hosted by Dr. Neal Malik. He is from California, specializing in disease prevention and nutrition. Learn some tips and stay healthy with this excellent podcast that can be treated even as an audio blog or blogcast!

The Rich Roll Podcast

Finding some good motivation to do anything is hard these days; yet, things may change for you with the Rich Roll Podcast. It is hosted by Rich, an ultra-endurance athlete and plant & wellness-based nutrition advocate. Coming from a substance abuse background and unhealthy living, Rich turned his life the other way around. He changed his ways and finished at the top of the Ultraman World Championships. This man’s story, advice, and talks with his guests might just well help you to unlock your best self!

Pardon my Take

Focusing on football and basketball and doing a combination of sports and comedy, the PTM show will entertain you for hours on end. Hosted by Big Cat and PFT Commenter, the show focuses on the latest sports news. They invite various celebrities, sports personalities, or athletes and take the conversation in any direction. The podcast occurs three times per week, and the episodes range from one to two hours. The PTM podcast shows the other side of various people that you don’t typically hear, and it might be best not to listen to it with family or children.


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We hope that the sports podcasts on our list will keep you entertained for a long time. More importantly, we hope they might help you learn some valuable tips that you can put into your lifestyle.

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