The Best NFL Apps for Keeping Up With the Sport

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With football season well underway and the Super Bowl right around the corner, football fans everywhere are glued to their screens and keeping up with the latest action. If you don’t have the right apps on your phone or other mobile devices to help you stay up to date on what’s happening with your favorite teams and players, we’re here to help. Whether you want to check your favorite players’ stats or stream a game live, these apps do it all, ensuring you won’t miss a minute of the action. Keep reading to learn all about the best NFL apps on the market. 


When it comes to betting on the NFL, OddsChecker is hands down one of the best apps on the market. The intuitive app allows you to keep track of the latest NFL picks, betting odds, and so much more. An enjoyable way to increase your potential payout is by placing a parlay bet. A parlay is one bet where you link together at least two individual wagers. If all the wagers are correct, you win. OddsChecker’s experts conduct a thorough analysis to come up with the best NFL picks, helping you make the best picks possible. 

NFL Mobile

If you love the NFL, you should download the league’s official app. The app includes video clips, live streaming for NFL Network subscribers, and news. You can customize the app by selecting your favorite teams, allowing you to quickly access breaking news and analysis from the NFL now and stories section. If you download the app on your tablet, you can access the NFL RedZone and NFL Network 24 hours a day. A subscription to one of these services would make a great holiday gift for the sports fans in your life.  Even if you don’t subscribe to these services, the app is worth downloading to stay up to date on all the latest news and analysis from around the league. 


If you’re looking for a user-friendly app that delivers all of the latest NFL news to your mobile device, look no further than TheScore. You’ll find stats including scores, standings, and schedules all in the same place, ensuring you’re up to date with everything you need to know from around the league. Most sports fans love chatting about their favorite teams, and you can do so directly from the app. Plus, the app’s favorites section allows you to personalize your news feed. This is a comprehensive app that will meet all of your NFL needs. 


ESPN is the go-to app for sports enthusiasts around the world. When it comes to NFL coverage, the app won’t let you down. You’ll get pre-game predictions and analysis, explore game action in real-time, and post-game breakdowns. Few apps are as detailed as the ESPN app. The app gives you up-to-the-minute game scores, podcasts, live play-by-play for every pass, breaking news, and so much more. You can even watch live videos, highlight reels, and post-game stats if you have an ESPN subscription from a compatible cable company. There’s a lot to love about this app, and it deserves a place on every NFL lover’s phone. 

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Madden NFL Mobile

Playing Madden NFL on your mobile devices is an excellent way for football fans to spend their free time. The mobile version of EA’s Madden series gives PlayStation and Xbox players ways to play and earn coins and XP. You can participate in weekly live challenges (similar to the mini-games featured in Madden 2004), play in single-player season mode, or time-delayed head-to-head matchups where you and your opponent take turns on offense. The app allows you to have several games going simultaneously, so you don’t have to finish a game in a single sitting. There are a lot of in-game purchases available if you want to upgrade your team quickly. The graphics are good, and the control system works well. If you’re a fan of gaming, this app is worth checking out. 

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