How Is eSports Betting Different from Regular Sports?

Nowadays, betting on eSports has become popular among bettors. Most modern betting companies accept such bets.

In addition, analytics show that bets on eSports outnumber bets placed on regular sports. Bookmakers see great potential in such bets, as they influence an increase in the lineup, improved spread, and growth in limits. So it’s high time you learned how to bet on eSports. If you start learning about this new generation of sports today, you can make good money from it in the future. Read bookmaker reviews and take advantage of welcome bonuses. 

The difference between betting on regular sports and betting on cyber games

The very essence of betting is identical in both cases. That is, the bettor can choose a specific event, discipline, odds, and bet size. Compared to regular sports, eSports betting is characterized by lower limits. At the same time, the direction is considered new, so not all bookmakers know how to analyze it properly.

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eSports betting: advantages and disadvantages of the new direction

ESports betting  allows earning no worse than on classic sports. Every year eSport is gaining momentum. Bookmakers actively place odds on events from the world of eSports. Computer games fans have the opportunity not only to watch the tournaments but also to earn on them.

Features of eSports

It is difficult for an inexperienced player to understand the intricacies of eSports. To shed some light on this point, it’s worth understanding the specifics:

  • Online and LAN tournaments. There are two types of eSport duels. Online – tournaments held on the internet. LAN tournaments are held at a specific venue. In the second case, opponents are on the same territory and see each other. This is the specificity of a match: more tension, excitement, sometimes uncertainty due to an unfamiliar environment.
  • Match scheduling. In eSports, technical issues can lead to the cancellation or postponement of major tournaments. Bettors often have to check the schedule to see if anything has changed.
  • Scheme. During the group stages, with four teams in each group, the GSL system is used. According to it, only the first round with two games is scheduled in advance. The first match of the second round features the first-round winners. The second match of the second round is for those who are defeated. For this reason, it is not possible to form a tournament lineup in advance.
  • The “home” factor. There is almost no concept of “guests” and “hosts” in eSport” like in football. If it is a LAN game, they will meet on neutral territory. The lack of a dynamic support team is also important. So far, eSport has few fans, so there will not be a surge of emotion like in a stadium.

There is a difference with regular sports games. It has a lot to do with the principles of match analysis and the specifics of betting. If you are getting into computer games, it is worth looking at eSports.

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How the destination attracts bettors

Now let’s discuss the specific arguments in favor of eSports betting:

  • High competition between teams and regular lineup updates. When one discipline enters the realm of eSports, the turnover of competitors begins. The best Hearthstone players from 2017 are far from those who proved themselves in 2021. The project has changed tremendously over such a period, as have its top athletes.
  • Lack of multi-year statistics. There are no clear-cut leaders and outsiders in eSport yet. A newcomer can easily beat a ranked player. The last tournament of The International showed this to us. For this reason, analysts cannot make accurate predictions. But for experienced players, it is easier to find mistakes in the line and make profitable bets.
  • High odds. Bookmakers give higher odds on eSports events. If you know the games, you can earn good money.

There are also some disadvantages. There are extremely high bookmaker margins here, who consider eSport risky. Therefore, you shouldn’t count on “soft conditions”. The downside is that big tournaments don’t come around very often either. Waiting for more good sports tournaments is better if you don’t like to be petty and prefer cash bets.

5 Reasons to Start on eSports Betting

Why start betting on online games?

  • Cyber sports are becoming more and more popular. Not long ago, all betting on eSports was limited to a couple or three disciplines on games like CS:GO or DOTA 2, and bookmakers weren’t looking to add more options. Today, on the contrary, eSports betting is becoming popular. They attract fans of online games and those who used to bet only on football.
  • An opportunity to get to know the sport from the inside. In the case of eSports, you can try out any game and learn its mechanics and strategies. If you try hard enough, you can even build up skills and get into professional leagues. This will give you an even better insight into the analysis of the pro leagues.
  • You will enjoy not only betting but also the matches themselves. If you don’t like classic sports and are attracted to video games, eSports betting is one of the best ways to have a good time. Watching global tournaments like The International in DOTA 2, where there are millions of dollars on the line, and all the teams are competing furiously for the win with great skill and thrilling battles, is especially exciting.
  • Betting on eSports is as easy as on classic sports. If you’ve already bet on football, you won’t have any trouble adapting. The difference is that you are not betting on the number of goals but the number of fractions. Same more/lower totals, same bets on time, total points, and so on. If you have never bet on sports, you will find that there is not much information available. Study the classic sports betting guides. It’s all the same there.

In eSports, you can bet on more than just the outcome. Each bettor approaches the betting individually, as the main thing is to make sure they are profitable. You can bet on losing favorites, high odds, a team that is the underdog in an event, and more. So take your chances and win!

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