Important Criteria for Rating Online Casinos

Seeing five stars attached to an online casino doesn’t automatically make it the best choice for you and neither is the alluring interface of an online casino one of the basic criteria for its rating. The rating has to do with reviewing the operation and performance of online casinos. 

There are indeed several online casino review sites that rate online sites by listing for instance, “the best 10 casino sites”. While this helps you in making the choice of the best casino sites effortlessly, it is also important you personally know the essential criteria underneath the review given and those you should watch out for. You should not fall for this, there are several online casinos out there with superficial ratings just to lure players. 

Therefore, to specifically help you evade their snares, we’ve brought you the list of the essential criteria you should watch out for when rating or going through the ratings of an online casino by other players.  Thus, here we go:

  • Safety and Reliability

Always remember the mantra “safety first”. In rating an online site, the first criteria you should always look out for is how safe the casino is. You want to ensure your personal data and money are in safe hands and you shouldn’t compromise your standard on this. Therefore, to ascertain the safety of most online casinos, you simply have to go to the terms and conditions section of the site and verify the standard of the security system used in protecting your data. Reliable sites use security systems like the 128 Bit SSL Encryption and are even issued certificates in countries like Colombia. 

  • Legality 

It is important to ensure the site you are betting with is properly regulated. The most trusted offshore online sites are regulated by authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the Government of Curacao, the United Kingdom betting Commission. Certain countries also regulate their betting industries by issuing licenses to operators and take serious steps to shut down and sanction unlicensed ones in order to ensure safety of players in the betting market. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that an online betting site is licensed, recognized and regulated. The evidence of the licence is displayed at the footnote of most online sites or any other conspicuous section on the site, hence, making it is not so hard to verify this important factor.

  • Customer Support Offered

Getting a swift response from the customer service system of an online site is most times the saving grace when faced with difficulties, or losing huge winnings and other situations players can experience while playing. Therefore, the responsiveness, effectiveness, professionalism and diverse modes of the customer service an online casino provides is another important factor which is considered when rating an operator. 

  • User-Friendliness and Bonuses Offered

The first question here is how easy was it while navigating the interface of the online betting site? If you can answer the question in the positive, then you can rate the online casino to be user friendly. A lot of complications are averted when an online casino site is easy and straightforward thereby user friendly to both rookies and experienced players. 

Furthermore, another important criteria you should watch closely is how generous the bonus offers are. Some online casinos may not offer bonuses on some games for reasons best known to them while others offer bonuses such as free spin, no deposit, and deposit drawback amongst others. However, the bonuses offered still differ and you should note that some casinos are fond of displaying seemingly enticing bonuses but with unachievable bonus wagering requirements; hence this makes it quite difficult to claim the bonuses. 

The two factors are quite commonly seen together; that is that most user-friendly sites offer mouth-watering bonuses.

  • Gaming Portfolio and Software

You really do not want to be caught up in the web of replaying a limited set of games day in day out, therefore, an essential criterion you must consider while rating an online casino is how wide and rich its game catalogue is. There are diverse casino games out there spanning from online slots to card games like poker to exciting table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette to live dealer games and many more. It can be safely concluded that your betting experience is proportionate to how rich and wide the casino’s game catalogue is, amongst other factors. Therefore, your access to varieties of games is a germane criterion while rating your choice online casino.  

  • Payment Systems, Transaction Speed, Commission Rates

Playing at online casinos requires players to frequently make transactions either by making deposits or withdrawing their winnings; thus, it is very important you consider the payment system allowed at the casino, the speed at which transactions are sorted and possible commission rates. Not all online casinos operate similar payment systems nor do they all accept payment methods. However, many online casinos today operate popular payment methods like credit and debit cards, e-wallets like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and many others. Therefore, during your rating of the casino, you must consider the permitted means of payment and the best fit for you. 

The recent trend in the betting industry is the introduction of several cryptocurrencies to enable crypto enthusiasts to also fund their accounts using their preferred modes of payment. This increases the safety of betting due to the anonymity of crypto transactions.  

 So, you must consider whether the casino has enough transaction methods, whether your preferred method is amongst the provided methods and how fast such payment method is.

Final Thoughts

Taking the factors listed above into consideration as the essential criteria in rating online casinos will be helpful in ensuring only the top casinos are truly rated as the best. Also, taking them into account will help you properly decide on whether a casino is worth playing at. 

Finally, ratings are important and not only help fellow gamblers like you but also ensure online casinos are kept on their toes.

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