Outdoor Spots to Have Fun on a Gathering with Friends

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Are you looking for spots to hang out with your friends?

The pandemic changed how we do many things in our lives, including how and where we can meet friends and have a good time. While it is important to be mindful of other people and maintain safe practices, it is also important to have fun with ur friends.

Therefore, we need to find a way to combine the two without putting other people at risk. Here are a few spots to consider the next time you want t have fun in a gathering with friends.

Drive-in Cinema

A drive-in cinema is a great idea if you and your friends are looking to have some fun outdoors. All you have to do is drive to your preferred destination and watch your favorite movies.

A drive-in cinema is great because, in areas where physical contact is still a problem, you can stay outdoors without really having to be in physical contact with each other.

Find out your local authority’s recommendations on going outdoors to places such as drive-in cinemas and if they are fine with it, consider spending some time with your friends.

Nature Walk Trails

Walking achieves 2 things. You get to catch up with your friends and enjoy beautiful sceneries. You also get to work out. It is a great cardiovascular activity that will boost your immunity and keep you and your friends healthier.

You can decide to stick to a trail if you are in a position to and carry picnic items for a fun and adventurous day.

Visit Your Local Beach

If you live near a beach, then you really don’t need any motivation to visit it.

Beach days are usually filled with fun for anyone who knows how to have fun on a beach. You and your friends could decide to go swimming if it is safe or carry your pickleball paddles and play on the beach. Some beaches allow cooking and if yours does, there is no problem carrying some food for a BBQ.

Bike Ride Trails

Biking is like walking but with added fun and more activity. Get yourself on a bike trail and you will be able to go further, have more fun and experience new things.

Unlike walking, biking will require that all your friends know how to ride your bikes. Even if some of your friends don’t know how to ride one, you can take some time and teach them. This will likely increase the level of fun you have as friends and you will have something to bond over.

Your Back Yard

If you have a backyard, then this might be the best time to make use of it. There are many activities that do not really require too much space or preparation that can happen in your backyard. For example,

  • You can have your friends over for some games. Consider playing outdoor games such as giant Jenga, corn hole, and many more.
  • You can also organize a BBQ with your friends
  • You can set up an outdoor cinema using a projector and a large sheet
  • You can set up a picnic

One great benefit of using your backyard is that you will have control of who has access to your home and family. You can decide to only invite a few friends thus reducing the risk of Covid 19.

There are so many that can be done in your backyard as long as it is okay to have visitors and meet in person.

Visit Your Local Park

Your local park is another great spot to have gatherings with your friends. Just make sure that it is allowed first.

Most parks are fun places to be. They have facilities that allow you to have fun, play games such as badminton and exercise. What’s more, you can do most of the things mentioned on this list in a park without having to expend too much energy or make too many preparations.


Meeting as friends is great because you get to share experiences and make memories Most importantly, you need your friends as a productive part of your mental health. The trick here is to find spots that allow you to meet without having to put anyone at risk. By following these guidelines, you have more than enough spots to have fun and share in the joy of friendship.

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