Why sponsoring young boxers creates champions

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Sponsorship in boxing is paramount to success and that applies to every level of the sport. From the budding amateurs training hard for a debut on a local club show to the professionals at the very top of their game, fighting for world championship belts and a place in history. Without the backing of sponsors, the dreams and futures of these fighters just wouldn’t be possible. It would be over before it had even started.

Visit an amateur boxing show in a town hall close to you and you’ll see the early forms of sponsorship and the benefits of it. Visit the big shows that are shown live on television across the globe, covered by the most famous sports betting sites with celebrities in attendance and you’ll see the opposite end of the sponsorship scale. The difference in cash between the two is huge but the levels of importance remain the same to those involved, the modern day gladiators putting their bodies on the line for a shot at glory and, of course, for our entertainment.

In this article, we gain the inside information on the difference sponsorship in boxing can make to a kid’s future, the benefits of sponsoring a professional fighter and the best ways to go about gaining financial support if you are a young professional just starting out, trying to make your way in the fight game.

Google Images Creative Commons Licenses

Sponsorship at amateur level

Boxing has always been and will always be predominantly a working class sport. It’s not like football where the days of Manchester City being supported by diehard locals who scoffed at the riches of Manchester United’s millions before selling their club’s identity to investors in the hope of buying success. Boxing is working class from the grassroots level through to professional standard. 

Local amateur boxing gyms are giving young boys and girls a chance to fight their way out of the slums towards a better life. Only a small percentage of these boxers will make any real money out of the game but they will learn other skills, like dedication, hard-working and time-keeping that will stand them in good stead for life. The rates a small boxing gym can charge a young fighter are tiny and nowhere near enough to cover the spiralling costs of a gym, equipment, travel and bills. That’s without factoring in the thankless task of being a coach that most do free of charge. 

When sponsoring a local amateur fighter you can pay for their equipment and that removes a financial burden from the fighter but also the gym. Most businesses or individuals who sponsor amateur boxing do it to the club, helping with bills, rent or even equipment. Paying for club tracksuits with a firm’s logo emblazoned on the back will see that name toured all over the country and, on occasion, internationally.

Sponsorship at professional level

There are two levels of sponsorship for a professional boxer. One for a new professional – prospect – who is coming through and finding out they are a long way from the riches of the sport. That type of sponsorship would be a monthly cash transfer to help with travelling costs, equipment, annual medials and even treatment for injuries. There’s a lot more bang for your buck there and your cash will make a big difference.

The second tier is sponsorship of a champion with the aim of having little or no connection with the fighter but knowing the deal will see your brand shown live on TV, usually in the form of a logo on fight shorts and corner jackets. It’s far less personal but much more effective in terms of advertising.

How to sponsor a fighter

Boxers at all levels will be genuinely grateful for the sponsorship deal and removal of some of the financial burden. In an ideal world for a fighter they would worry just about training and fighting, knowing their finances are sorted. 

To sponsor a fighter or club at amateur level it’s best to contact them, either directly or through an associate. Your help will be more than welcome. If you are an aspiring boxer looking for sponsorship you can’t wait for it landing in your lap. You must go out there and make yourself known, either by hiring someone to do the work for you and letting them take a percentage or by contacting big business yourself.

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