4 Ways to Keep Active While Studying at Home

We are going through extremely harsh times these days. Due to covid, everything was slowed down and we all try to stay sane and positive. Because of the pandemic, remote education is gaining momentum and a lot of universities have switched to online classrooms. 

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On the one hand, students are provided with a chance to take additional courses they are interested in along with studying the university program. Besides, learners can choose whatever subject they are willing to learn and obtain as much information as they can.

On the other hand, it can become really hard to focus on studying, because they are stuck at home. As a result, lack of motivation or different distractions at home become the reason why students put off doing homework. Some of them can’t stand writing essays and literally be like, “I wish I could write my essay with EssayPro writers” because of being overloaded and stressed out. Their wish can become true as qualified specialists will gladly help in dealing with any assignment.

When we are already in a situation where there is no motivation to study, it’s ironic, but the way out is staying active. Doing sports is the best way to remain in motion. Physical activity also has a positive impact on our lives. This article is dedicated to specific ways to keep going and be productive while studying at home.

Taking Up Indoor Cycling

Cycling is one of the best sports in general, as it activates muscle groups all around our bodies. It’s a perfect way to burn calories and increase your muscle strength. The process itself is very entertaining too.

Of course, outdoor cycling is amazing because you both become one flowing unit with nature (if you like going to mountains or forests for example) and to keep in good shape. But indoor cycling is convenient and time-efficient as you can do it right at home and whenever you want.

The only thing you need is to buy all the necessary equipment.  Before purchasing, you need to decide what kind of cycle you need, depending on the goal you have set. There are 4 types:

  1. Smart trainer. This is the most advanced version of an attachable trainer. A smart system completely replaces the back wheel and the cassette. It provides you with tons of opportunities, starting with tons of statistical data about your performance, to applications that let you roam the virtual world on a bike.
  2. Turbo trainer. Unlike the previous option, the turbo trainer isn’t attached to the bike frame directly. It’s a simple roller-like system that puts your bike onto a static frame and places a roller behind the rear wheel. While it’s good to simulate the grippy road, it can wear soft-compound tires rapidly, so be aware of that.
  3. Rollers. The most traditional and old indoor cycling system there is. It consists of a set of 3 rollers, 2 of which are placed under the rear wheel, and 1 under the front wheel. It’s the best option if you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to ride your bike at home. Keep in mind though, that rollers may take some time to get used to.
  4. Indoor Bike. You may have seen some basic variations of these machines in gyms. However, those are only the most trivial ones, as there are plenty of different indoor bike models. Choose the one that fits your cycling style, and start riding. Also, just like smart trainers, most indoor bikes support different useful applications. 

Try Virtual Running

Missing morning runs, when you woke up early just to enjoy the atmosphere of a new day and the first rays of sunshine? Don’t worry, thanks to the latest technological advancements, you are provided with an opportunity to run in a virtual world using different apps. Through immersive worlds, you can head out alone or meet new friends and try group workouts. 

To finally start your exciting journey you need to buy a treadmill. You have 3 options on how to run on virtual roads. First, you can put the device connected to specific apps on the equipment. Another way is to place the treadmill in front of the TV and watch it while running. And the last one and, probably the best, is to wear a VR headset so that you can fully dive into the virtual run.

Interactive Gym Classes

Even though some countries’ gyms are still closed for visitors, we need to keep fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s especially important for those who have sports scholarships. Luckily, there are plenty of streams, online courses, and videos on the internet that can help you out. 

The first thing you need to do is determine a goal. It actually applies to every activity. Because without a concrete aim, you will lose motivation and give up easily. In case you want to get in shape, you can search for fitness programs. Open YouTube and find some useful videos for free and be ready to sweat a lot. 

If you want to just do some 5-minutes training just to stay active, you are also provided with a wide range of information and courses on the internet. You can choose one after you decide what muscles you want to improve or the whole body in general.

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Practicing Yoga

Studying is very stressful. We need to put in endless efforts and work really hard to succeed in studying. But in covid times, students are more stressed out because of the conditions they have to live in. 

Because of it, it became quite hard to focus on studying and avoid irritation. They can be represented by stress, anxiety, lack of communication, or poor self-discipline. That’s why we need to take care of our body and psyche as both these aspects are of utmost importance. 

Yoga is believed to be the best way to work on your body and learn how to understand it as well as improve your mental health. When you practice yoga you learn how to control the mind and soul. If you are extremely overwhelmed and anxious, practicing yoga will help you to manage stress, panic attacks, and even depression. You know that our physical and mental health is connected so by relaxing your body you will also find inner peace.

Many people think that yoga is just some stretching and nothing more. But the truth is that while practicing it, you increase body tone and flexibility. There are some other benefits of taking up yoga:

  • Improves sleep by healing insomnia.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Increases blood flow.
  • Strengthens muscles and bones.
  • Boosts your mood and immunity.

Summing Up

Staying active while studying for sure has a huge impact on our productivity. That’s why you need to realize that in order to keep the lights on you have to put all your efforts in. Have a look through the article, decide what activity you liked the most, and take all the information about it into account.

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