8 Best American Football Podcasts

8 Best American Football Podcasts

With every American football season coming up, the fans get more and more excited about the events. Everything is just filled with football news: social media, TV, radio, Internet. People want to choose the most convenient way to stay informed of the events related to a new football season. One of the most common media forms is podcasts. Podcasts are launched by famous sportsmen, organizations, leagues, or even fans, each of them giving their own perspective on the events. But in common all these people are crazy about sports and dedicated to what they do. Some of them have experience in the field, some back themselves up with formulas and prognoses, and some are just there to cheer other people up. 

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But how to choose the right podcast to listen to? First, you need to rely on your preferences. We offer you a list of the most popular NFL podcasts that are definitely worth your attention. 

1. Around the NFL

From our point of view, this is the best podcast about NFL events. The crew includes Gregg Rosenthal, Dan Hanzus, and Marc Sessler. The guys are well-informed about the latest events and know the ropes of the football league. Their thoughts are interesting and sometimes even surprising. Overall, we can describe this football podcast as an excellent football analysis with occasional laughs, great segments, and pop culture references. It gives you a feeling that you are sitting with a group of old friends and discussing the most recent football events. 

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2. The Bill Barnwell Show

Bill Barnwell is one of the most outstanding NFL writers. He also has his own weekly podcast where he invites different guests. The highlight of his podcast is that Bill focuses on analytics and statistical data around the NFL. This podcast is also educational and it will fit perfectly for those who want to know more about the specifics of this game. Bill Barnell also pays much attention to the playing style and playing strategy. Using speech-to-text technology will help turn this podcast into excellent educational material for those who have only started diving into football. 

3. NFL Talking Heads

This podcast definitely stands out from other conventional podcasts. They give a different perspective and approach to planning their podcast. Before the beginning of every NFL season, they offer an analysis of an early-season schedule and have a close look at all the players who take part in each season. Although the podcast may seem long if you listen to all the participants, but all of them give a unique perspective and it is definitely worth your time. From our point of view, this podcast is one of the most insightful ones on this list.

4. Pro Football Doc Podcast

This podcast is more specific, which makes it different from all other podcasts on this list. An orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Chao gives comments on players’ injuries and assumes how soon they will be able to return to the field. He has a huge background in athletics, including Olympic Games, X Games, and other events. His sources are anonymous, but he is especially at analyzing videos and making assumptions. If you want to try gambling, we recommend considering the opinion of this specialist.

5. The PFF NFL Podcast

This is a podcast made by Pro Football Focus. There is only one host, Ian Haritz. It can seem too boring with one person speaking, but still, this podcast is a unique combination of informative and a bit entertaining. It may not be so fun to listen to a podcast with not so many jokes, but the authors clearly state that they aim to educate the audience and give them more insight into the NFL. They use very interesting statistics and give valuable insights. The podcast lasts 30 minutes and it is filled with essential and the most relevant information. 

6. Pardon My Take

This is an ideal option for those who want to relax and laugh. The hosts create a unique and light vibe together. NFL is their main topic but they also cover NBA and college football a bit. This is a great way to spend your free time. Pardon My Take is not going to be an ideal podcast for you if you are looking for in-depth and detailed takes or expert breakdowns of film.

7. Locked On Podcasts

This is a must-have among NFL podcasts to be subscribed to. Locked On is a wide range of podcasts where each fan finds something suitable. Mostly they focus on in-depth analysis of their teams.  There are special podcasts dedicated to the performance of a certain team. Apart from this, they also have a podcast that covers the most recent events more generally. 

Besides, they have fantasy football podcasts that can help you in winning your league.

Most of the Locked On podcasts are 20-40 minutes long, which is a perfect option for listening. You can enjoy them while driving or while you work out in the gym.

8. Fantasy Focus Football Show

Owned by ESPN, the Fantasy Focus Football Show is among the must-listen for all football fans. This can be considered a one-stop-shop for fantasy football players and without any doubt, the best NFL podcasts. This show looks very well-thought and professional. The hosts are great and in every show, they find a perfect balance between humor and deep analysis of the events. This show can help you become a winner of your league from the very first week of the championship. They also have their ESPN show on Sundays before the games begin. The podcasts include weekly ratings, rankings, and waiver wire segments.

Great NFL Podcasts

These have been our favorite NFL podcasts that are definitely worth your attention. All of them are very professional and based on credible sources of information. 

Podcasts are not only a great way to spend your time and entertain, but they can also be reused for other purposes. They can be great sources of information for your own blog or social media accounts. Audio transcription services help convert them into text with maximum accuracy and minimum time spent. They provide affordable transcripts of any volume using special automated tools. 

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