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What is the best betting exchange?

Sports trading is getting more popular as the day goes by, and as you may already know, you can’t trade with regular bookies. To get the best trading experience, you need to use a good exchange. New traders especially find it difficult to settle for one because many options exist.

Also, several veterans have their opinions on which exchange is the best, and these debates could get confusing. Well, your days of confusion are over because you have us. 

As you are ready, we will show you the list of the best betting exchanges in UK. Our analysis is from a neutral perspective, and you will get a sincere breakdown of each exchange. In the end, you would surely choose for yourself. Are you ready? Let’s go! 


Betfair is arguably the most popular exchange among traders. With over 20 years in the business, Betfair has gained the hearts of several persons, both old and young. People say that people are always trading on this exchange at every hour of the day.

Betfair has relatively high liquidity, and they charge a 5% commission per winning trade. The commission does not apply to losing trades. However, they offer promotions and packages that could discount you and reduce commissions to 2%.

This exchange has a huge fanbase, so you are almost certain your bets will be matched. Betfair is strong in its in-play trading, and if you are a huge fan, you will love it. The brand offers almost any sport you can think of in exchange. Their customer service is also good, but their customers feel they can do more to improve and be more responsive.


Smarkets is an exchange that proves that you don’t need to be old in the business to rise to the top. Established in 2008, Smarkets are now tagged by many as the big boys of exchange. Their services and offers seem flawless, and customers are seemingly satisfied.

Talking about their sports offering, you can never run out of options with Smarkets because it is wide. They provide more than enough depth in their services. As a regular trader, you will not have issues getting your bets matched on this exchange because their liquidity is great. The circulation of money on the platform seems perfect, and you could compare it with the likes of Betfair.

Smarkets offer as low as 2% commission for starters, and under special conditions, you can get as low as 1%. Many traders express their surprise with how low the commissions are because they could make it a bit higher for an established platform, and people will love them.

If you prefer to trade on your mobile device, they also have a mobile app to supplement their website, which has good optimization for small screens. The app is fully loaded with exclusive features like theme variation and many more. Smarkets did a good job of modernizing what exchanges originally looked like.


Betdaq is another exchange that can boast of its years in the business. With up to 20 years of endless commitment to traders, they have won the hearts of many. But, of course, you should expect that their customer base is also fairly wide

 with that long in the game.

Betdaq did a great job with its multi-platform availability for an old platform. Apart from a well-optimized website, they have a decent mobile app with its fair share of features.

Their commission is great, with a flat rate of 2%. Interestingly, you will find that this exchange runs promotions from time to time to discount your commissions, giving you as low as 0%. 

Betdaq also does a great job of giving you market options. However, it seems to have a tell on their liquidity. This exchange offers a lot of sports and leagues that are not mainstream. The issue with such innovation is that not many traders are in those markets, so you may get a bit of a hiccup in getting your bet matched at times. Otherwise, every other thing is great.

They also offer great in-play trading on almost all their sports, but we feel they can do better with their football. In addition, the live statistics update and streaming are quite rusty, and we feel it could use some improvements. 


Matchbook is a platform that strives to greatly modernize the narrative of typical sports betting exchange. You will see it evident in how sleek and glamorous their website looks. Luckily, visuals are not the only thing they are great at because their services are awesome.

They have arguably the most competitive commissions you will find. New signups get 0% commissions for the first 30 days after registering on the platform. The liquidity also seems great, and we can say it is on the medium side because you would barely have issues matching your bets.

Matchbook follows the path of traditional bookies by giving consistent promotions and bonuses. However, aside from the ever-dynamic welcome bonuses, they also offer incentives to regular players from time to time.

They have a mobile presence with their website and a decent mobile app. Navigating the website won’t give you a hard time as it is responsive and pretty straightforward. A new user won’t have a hard time finding the way around it. 

Matchbook seems to catch the eyes of most players with their bonuses. However, it is quite rare to see exchanges that offer bonuses like traditional bookies. 


Trading on a good exchange platform is greatly underrated. You may have the most profitable strategies; however, you won’t enjoy it to the full capacity without a good exchange. Our recommendations are tested and trusted; only the best make our list.

Each exchange comes with its strengths and weaknesses. It is up to you to check it and see which one suits you best. If you are unsure which one to choose, narrow your options to two or three and check out their services. You will see the one you like best.

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