What does open spots mean in betting? 

Nowadays the sphere of online sports betting is continually expanding. For this reason, there are quite a few types of bets for either professional or novice punters. One of the most popular and often made punts are accumulators. Such bets have an extensive betting line and offer quite a great possibility to make a huge profit as the odds of all events are multiplied to calculate the total sum of winnings. 

Therefore, this kind of punt is especially liked by the beginning sports bettors who like to win big. However, what is crucial in this form of betting is that all selections must win for the bet to be successful. If at least one prediction turns out to be false, the whole bet will be lost. So, accumulator bets may be quite risky, but the bookmakers have already started offering a simplified procedure of making such punts. They allow bettors to leave open spots in accumulator punts and fill them later on at any time. 

In this article, you will find out what does open spots mean in betting and gain useful knowledge on what the procedure of making such bets looks like. By the way, if you would like to discover some professional picks and tips regarding upcoming tennis matches, then you should visit Takebet UK. There you will be provided with predictions such as us open tennis betting tips, but also accurate picks for other kinds of sports such as football, basketball, ice hockey, etc. that are produced by sports experts and analysts with years of experience. 

How can you use open spots in your betting strategy to your advantage? 

First of all, it is crucial to understand what open spots are in betting. They are part of accumulator bets which are also called parlays, express or multiple bets. These are bets that combine multiple selections into a single punt. Simply speaking, it is a set of individual punts on diverse outcomes of several events at the same time which are combined into one “accumulator” bet. 

The number of those events may vary depending on your preferences. It could be from two to even ten events. However, remember about responsible gambling and do not include too many events into your bet because then the risk of losing increases significantly. Furthermore, events of the same game cannot be added to the same accumulator. 

Open wagers may also be present in the teaser bets which are types of accumulator punts which are based on the point spread. It allows punters to shift the line in their favour in the direction of the total or handicap. Such sports bets also increase the chances of winning as that include an additional handicap which ensures the express punt. 

So, open bets allow punters to make predictions on certain events that compose accumulator or teaser bets at a different time. They will simply remain open until the bettors will be ready to complete them. You need to understand here that the success of open wagers depends on the right strategy, through analysis and calculation, but not on mere luck only. 

Compared to regular singles, even the parlay bets with open spots are really profitable as they give a chance of winning more due to the odds that are multiplied. What is more, such punts allow you to select matches from various sports disciplines into the express bets. So, it may not necessarily be events from one single sports kind. 

Terms to consider when making an open spot bet 

What is really crucial is to check the terms and conditions of open spot betting that are established by the sportsbook. Diverse bookmakers may impose different requirements to this form of wagering and that is why it is recommended to check the information first and only then move on to submitting punts with open spots. 

There are general requirements regarding making open wagers that are worth considering. For example, make sure that you complete the open spot in time because otherwise, your full bet will be cancelled. It is also crucial to keep in mind that fifty percent of spots should be filled in the parlay bet. 

It means that you cannot have an open parlay bet that consists of four spots with only one of them completed and three of them empty. In this case, at least four slots should be filled. What is more, after you submit your bet, it is impossible to make any changes to it. So, check twice whether your selections are right. 

How to place an open spot bet in a sportsbook

If you are unfamiliar with the procedure of making open spot punts at the betting websites, then here is a step-by-step guide on how to do that. 

  • Visit the main website of your bookmaker.
  • Open a section devoted to sports betting and choose the kind of sports you would like to wager on.
  • Select several events that will be combined into a parlay bet.
  • Leave an open sport next to the event that you are not sure about.
  • Confirm your punt. 
  • Open a special page with open wagers.
  • Press the button “Complete open spots” and make your choice.
  • Submit your bet once you are ready by clicking on the button “Place bet.”

Few examples of how open spots parlays work 

For example, you want to make an open 3 team accumulator bet which will allow you to bet 100 USD and win 600 USD. You may predict the results of the first and the second team and leave the open spot when it comes to the third team. Then you will have a specified period of time during which you will be able to complete it. 

Mind you that the overall betting odds of an accumulator bet is the result of multiplying the odds of the events included in it. Let’s say you have 1.50 and 2.00 for two events. Then the final odds of the bet will be equal to 3.00: 1.50 x 2.00.

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