Comparing Sports Betting to Casino Gambling

Novices when it comes to gambling like to learn a lot about it before they commit to the practice. So, if you too are new to the games of chance, perhaps you’re wondering what the difference between sports betting and casino gambling is. If that is the case, the guide below will help you decide […]

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Cricket Betting Is Moving Online in Asia And That Is A Good Thing

Betting has always been a subject of taboo and illegality ever since it was first practiced. What probably started as a means of fun activity has gradually evolved into a full-fledged commercial business, with scores of people relying solely on betting to make a living. Sports betting has been popular for centuries, right from the […]

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What Do Sports and Online Games Have in Common?

Pexels – CC0 Licence On the face of it, there are a lot of differences between real sports and online games. Sports, for example, are physical and involve movement and activity, whereas the most you’ll sweat when playing a game is using a Nintendo Wii! Still, gaming, like sports, isn’t a waste of time. Although […]

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How do Professional Tennis Players Relax after a Tough Match?

A tennis match involves an intensive session and to make progress physical recovery is important. There are various things that you can do to refresh yourself and recover. These different techniques will help the tennis player with optimum recovery. Stretch a Little After the hard game, you should do some stretching. This helps in releasing […]

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How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning From Betting on Jockeys 

Typically, horse racing can be one of the most popular sports to bet on in the U.S. and other countries worldwide. People who watch a jockey riding a horse racing usually place a wager on it. However, not all of them win. Some only bet a smaller amount as a form of entertainment, so they […]

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Are Social Casino Games The Future?

  Even though social casino games have been around for a while, not too many people are aware of their existence. This is even though millions of gamers play these games daily. Online gambling has been evolving over the years, introducing new aspects and features to entice as many players as possible. Today, many gamers […]

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Understanding and playing some of the best loved fantasy sports

  For a long time, professional sport was something you either only ever watched and dreamed about doing, or a dream you pursued until one day you made it into the big leagues. One of the earliest precursors for fantasy sport came about in the 1950s with the invention of the board game American Professional […]

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How to Pick a Winning Bet in the NFL for Beginners

Image Source NFL football is one of the most popular sporting events in the US. It is also one of the most popular and crowded betting events, and it’s easy to know why. Teams only play once per weekend, and bettors can spend the weekdays studying trends, analyzing gameplays, and assessing performance to the point […]

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4 Tips for Exercising Safely in the Summer Heat

Exercise is really important to keep up, but if you’re not well prepared, you could end up injuring yourself or making yourself ill. Here are the 4 most important things to remember when exercising in the summer heat to make sure you stay safe and healthy. Stay Hydrated When it’s hot outside, your body needs […]

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The Best of Football Players of 2020  

  Ever since football was invented, there has been a lot of debate about the best football player. Every year, different sports companies are rounding up a list of the top football players. This year is no different. While the pandemic Covid-19 halt almost all football tournament, it is not going to stop us to […]

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Five Keys to Cultivating a Work-Life Balance from Home

When you’re an avid sports lover, it can be easy to get distracted with all things related to sports. However, when you’ve decided to work from home, you have to keep your distractions to a minimum if you’d like to remain employed. In order to develop a sense of self-mastery and work/life balance, consider the […]

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Staying Fit While Your Gym is Closed

Being taken aback by the new reality, we often forget that there are ways for us to take care of ourselves and do sports even at home. As a result, we’re making up excuses to laze away. Yet, exercising is indispensable for keeping your mind young, making your body stronger, as well as to sustain […]

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How do I Place a Sports Bet With Bitcoin?

  Bitcoin betting on the sports world is getting exciting. When you bet with bitcoin on a sporting event you save on fees, speed up withdrawals of your winnings, and generally have a better experience.  The prerequisite, of course, is that you’ve picked one of these bitcoin betting sites.  After you’ve picked a site that […]

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Reasons Why Sportsbook Companies Sponsor Football Teams in England

In the United Kingdom, football is a world-wide multi-billion-pound business and online betting companies have heavily invested in football clubs, especially in the last 5 years. Most of the teams of the two main English football cups, the Premier League and the Championship are sponsored by reputable and trustworthy online sportsbook operators. Their logos and […]

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Credit: The humble bicycle is universally recognised as an extremely versatile piece of equipment, but what we think we can do with a bike doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface! This list of bike sports is sure to open your eyes to the possibilities. What better year than 2020 to hone in on […]

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The Best Summer Sports to Get You In Shape

Summer has been here for a long time now, and it is often the season that would get people to worry about the increasing heat wave and sweat breaking on the forehead even with the slightest movement. But, that is not what summer is all about. There are so many things that you can do […]

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Online Sports Betting: How Does It Work

  Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the world of online sports betting. The sports betting market has grown a lot in recent years. It is almost impossible not to find advertisements during any sporting event on the TV that relates to sports betting online nowadays. The international football association FIFA has […]

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5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Sports Management

If you have an interest in the sports industry, establishing a career in it is going to be an exciting decision in your life. A career in the sports world means good income and an active lifestyle. However, as they say, all the glitters are not gold, stepping foot in the sports world entails hard […]

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Choosing A UK Bookmaker For Sports Betting

June will see the return of English professional football and UK racing which will delight sports fans around the world. Although fans will not be able to attend the fixtures due to them taking place behind closed doors, the fact that some of the countries top sporting events have resumed have brought some normality back […]

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They’ll Bet on Anything: Unusual Sports to Bet On

Accounted for 104.31 billion dollars in 2017, the global sports betting market is expected to reach a whopping 155.49 billion dollars by 2024, an impressive 50% rise in less than a decade. And while the lion’s share of the total revenue is extracted from the well-known sports – American football, soccer, tennis, horse racing, basketball, […]

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The Usefulness of Temporary Structures During COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the global economy has experienced severe hardship. In addition to the illness itself, the response strategies put forward by international public health organizations have been a necessary strain. Many business activities have come to a halt, while others crumble under the pressure. Such a big economic downturn is not common […]

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How to Act Like a Professional Gambler

  For many people around the world, gambling is a fun pastime. Whether it is horse racing, weekly football or another sport, this is something that people participate in for fun. Of course, winning would make it even better, but very few gamble at a professional level. Those looking to improve their betting should look […]

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Sports That Are Suitable For The Whole Family

During these hard times, one of the more pleasant outcomes is the fact that you can spend a lot of time with your family. One of the best things to do and improve that family bond is through playing a sport together. Sports tend to bring people closer together and ingratiate teamwork among people. Additionally, […]

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Best bonuses to be found online for sports books and fantasy betting  

  The situation with COVID-19 pandemic is slowly easing up, and it seems that the nasty virus is losing its strength. We can expect to see the end of it soon, same as with the measures which limited our normal functioning. Those measures affected the entire world, among other areas, sports as well. We haven’t […]

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Top 10 Biggest Sports Betting Myths (Don’t Believe the Lies)

  The sports betting market is a pretty big one. Many bet for the love of sport as well as for the profit they gain at the end of the day. Millions of people keep raking in huge amounts of money day in day out for betting on all their favorite sports.  Despite the unrestricted […]

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Evolution of Sports Betting Offers Unlimited Opportunity

This is not your father’s era of sports gambling.  Not by a long shot.  Certainly, today’s era of options was unfathomable just a generation ago.  Participation at USA sportsbooks have never been more fun.  And the action offered has never been greater.  But for those looking for something beyond access to action, choices have increased to […]

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The Time is Now to Prepare for Sports Betting Return

  As summer beckons so too does the return of sports from the COVID-19 shutdown.  Beginning with UFC and NASCAR events in mid-May is that a reality.  Major League Baseball is working on an agreement for its season to start in early July.  While the NFL has flatly stated that the show must go on […]

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The best luxury accessories for water sport fanatics

If you love making a splash, water sports offer an exciting and exhilarating experience. Whether it’s diving, paddling, swimming and surfing, as well as getting the adrenaline rushing around your body, these water sports bring a wealth of benefits. They: Help you to stay in shape Give you a chance to get outdoors Help you […]

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Sports that You Can Still Play During the Coronavirus Quarantine Period

  It’s been a few weeks, and days for some, since people have been staying at home to be safe from the 2019 pandemic called COVID-19. Many countries have announced lockdowns and people can only really go out to get essential items like food and medicine. It seems like the world has paused but it […]

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How To Make The Most Out Of Adventure Sports

When most of us are out enjoying our favourite adventure sports, we sometimes forget to treasure the moment and make the most of it. The most exciting part about adventure sports is not just the adrenaline rush but also the incredible experience. In today’s society, many of us might forget to take in the views […]

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Bitcoin sport betting sites

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win on a sports bet you made? Do you think you are not making enough money on sports betting? Do you want to start Bitcoin sports betting and want to know the details necessary to be successful? If your answers to these questions are yes, […]

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Sport bets odds on site of 1xBet bookmaker

  Football fans will remember the current season for the tense fight for the champion title in Bundesliga. Sport bets odds on site is a favourable opportunity to make your forecast regarding outcome of these match-ups and to get a generous reward for this. It is paid as quickly as possible. Borussia from Moenchengladbach […]

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The Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World – 2020

  .   Identifying the most popular sports in the world will depend on a lot of things. Their overall popularity, the number of professionals within the field, average viewing figures on TV, etc.   However, when we compare every sport against a comprehensive list of criteria, you start to notice that a handful of sports […]

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An athletes reaction to postponed Olympic Games

Caradh O’Donovan is a former Kickboxer and is also a member of the Irish Karate Team. After a successful career in kickboxing winning multiple World, European and National Titles she recently made the switch to Karate where she has since won numerous National Championships. Caradh is accomplished TEDx speaker she combines her focus on training […]

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Five tips to enjoy the Grand National Experience

Perhaps the world’s most famous race, the Grand National goes to post each April and represents the ultimate test of both horse and jockey as they combine to tackle the fearsome and unique fences of the Aintree racecourse. The Merseyside track will welcome racegoers for three top-class days of jumps racing action with the Aintree […]

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Four best mobile betting apps for niche sports you might not know about!

Sports betting has become a way of life for many people around the world and with each passing week it seems that there is a new player emerging in an already congested online betting market seeking to earn a slice of a very lucrative pie. With such a wide array of options available to savvy […]

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2020 CHELTENHAM FESTIVAL WINNERS AND LOSERS Despite the clear and present danger presented by COVID19 the 2020 Cheltenham Festival went ahead as planned and more than 250,000 racegoers took in another top-class spectacle of horse racing action over jumps as the best of the Irish-trained horses went toe-to-toe with their UK counterparts for the Prestbury […]

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Coronavirus affecting global sporting events – sports betting not affected!

Coronavirus affecting global sporting events – sports betting not affected! As the global crisis relating to Coronavirus continues unabated, sporting events around the world are being subject to massive restrictions as governments attempt to halt the spread of the virus which is reaching further afield with each passing day. Many large sporting events have seen […]

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5 Essential tips to know about your sbobet soccer betting online

Online betting is gaining a huge popularity these days and with more and more people expertising in this field, this is supposed to be the next greatest industry. Among so many betting games available on the web, soccer betting is getting a good fame. This kind of betting is gaining all the attention of people […]

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All-time Gorgeous Female Cricketers Around the World 

Cricket is indeed a difficult sport to play. The duration of the game is quite lengthy which makes it a bit tiring. That’s why people have grown a fond appreciation for cricket players who do their best on their matches. This is one of the reasons as to why cricket became the world’s second-most popular […]

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For Rafael Nadal, COVID-19 Cancellations Threaten a Legacy

Like so many other people, it’s a difficult time for sportswriters. Any attempt to preview an event in the upcoming weeks or months could be met with the news that said event has been postponed, and that any attempt to write about it has proved to be worthless.  As tennis fans will be aware, the […]

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How To Create An Effective Sports Crowdfunding Channel 

Image source   Crowdfunding is a process of creating a project to raise funds using leading platforms like social media and its common networks. Some organizations that create this type of fundraising activity are creating a concept that can highly influence an individual to donate funds. The money being raised is used to donate to […]

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How sports impact the development of online casino games

Casino game developers are constantly looking for new titles and themes for their upcoming slot game projects. If you were involved in creative work and one of your responsibilities was to come up with new ideas, you’d eventually need to develop a different approach for brainstorming and inspiration. This is particularly difficult since the competition […]

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Is There Anything Illegal About Betting At Offshore Sites?

  In 1992, Congress passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) to ban sports wagering, but within the last two years, the Supreme Court struck down the federal law and opened a flood of possibilities for legalized sports betting. While the law was in effect, thousands of U.S. citizens found offshore bookmakers and […]

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Top 5 Tips for Baseball Beginners

Baseball is a fantastic sport, and an important part of American history and culture; it is the nation’s pastime. With our top five tips for baseball beginners, anyone of any age can start playing the greatest sport known to man! Get the Basics Right The most important thing you are going to need to do […]

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How to Stream NFL in 2020 from Overseas

Image from   It’s gearing up to be a firecracker of a year for the NFL.  The Kansas City Cheifs recently won their first Super Bowl in 50 years, can they become the first consecutive winners since the Patriots showed their mettle in ‘03 and ‘04? We’ve got veteran wide receiver Travis Benjamin on […]

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Why Is Golf Such A Popular Sport?

Golf has been a popular sport for many years; nearly everyone will know someone who loves to play or, if not play, then certainly watch. Over the last few decades, golf has grown in popularity, and now it is one of the best-loved sports in the world. Why is this? What makes golf such a […]

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The World’s Most Inspirational Football Players

  The world of football has no shortage of inspirational players. Here is a round-up of some of the most fascinating figures that have competed in the sport over the years… David Beckham “The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them.”  David Beckham is a household name in his […]

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March Madness – How to Pick a Team to Follow

March Madness can be a pretty intense and challenging thing to try to get involved in and it should come as no surprise that people endeavour to enjoy it while still having a good time. However, what you might not have known is that picking a team is not as easy a task as you […]

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Why are Gamblers Choosing to Gamble with Bitcoin?

Gambling with bitcoin has become very popular nowadays. Most online casinos like it when they give their customers a range of choices when it comes to game selection and methods of paying the players. Bitcoin are a digital currency; hence it is neither visible nor tangible. Many gambling centers are upgrading to this new virtual […]

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A History of legendary Heavyweight Boxers

There is no other weight division in boxing that has produced the plethora of legends that the heavyweight has.  Over the years the heavyweight titles fights were always the biggest draw in boxing and still are. But first lets look and the 17 weight divisions which range from Minimumweight (105lbs) all the way up to […]

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Is Boston the best value bet to win the NBA championship?

Having overcome a rough start to 2020, the Boston Celtics are now one of the hottest teams in the NBA again, winning 13 of their last 16 games –  a run which included statement victories over the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Clippers. The Lakers, along with the Clippers and […]

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March Madness and What We Can Expect This Year

  That time of the year is here! March Madness is just around the corner and we will get you ready for this exciting event by sharing our expectations for it and some projections based on For those of you who don’t know, Ken Pomeroy created that website, which has in-depth ranking and statistics. […]

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How to Handle All the Tasks While a Student: The Best Tips

Current students even give no thought to how to handle all the tasks during education. They consider a studying process to be fully illogical. Most people think that almost all universities and colleges are not able to provide students with the necessary practice skills because the education program is focused on the great amount of […]

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Who Are Some Of The Best Top-Tier Football Players In The World?

For many years now, football has been a popular sport followed by many dedicated fans. The sport has not only gained a global audience but has also led to fans not just watching the sport but playing it as well. Many football supporters have started their own teams at work, helped coach children’s leagues at […]

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What Students Should Know about Environmental Problems

The world we live in today is full of problems, for example, we could just mention poverty, poor working conditions and global hunger. However, lately, we have been hearing on the news and reading online about environmental problems. This is a topic nobody should underestimate and, in this article, I’m going to go through a […]

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Toast A Glass of Wine On Super Bowl Championships

Image Source Whenever you think of a promotion, a birthday, a victory, you always think of how to celebrate such events. You may be thinking of going out to drink, or stay inside your homes and eat the best dinner you can think of. And dinner meals are best paired with the best wine. Aside […]

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Top 3 Best Places to Ski in the US

We covered the best ski locations in Europe, but skiing in the US also affords you plenty of options. You can climb the immense Rocky Mountains or bring the family to smaller ranges in New England. There are ski lifts on active volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest and world-class skiing within a few hours of […]

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Euro 2020 Preview

  The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship or Euro 2020, will be to be the 16th UEFA European Championship.  The tournament is scheduled to be held in 12 cities in 12 UEFA countries from 12 June to 12 July 2020.  It is one of the three biggest sporting events on the 2020 sporting calendar this […]

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All you need to know about the 2020 Super Bowl LIV

What an amazing NFL season it’s been, full of shocks and surprises all the way through.  The Super Bowl contenders have not been decided yet, but one thing is for sure – two teams will battle it out in Super Bowl LIV at the Hard Rock Cafe Stadium in Miami Garden on 2nd Feb 2020. […]

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Finding The Perfect Pair Of Shoes: What To Look For Based On Your Sport

No doubt finding the right sports shoes for your feet will be of great importance in the long run. It is vital to keep your feet in good health at all times while avoiding injury.   You may feel overwhelmed to enter a large shoe store, see numerous shoe options on the wall, and have […]

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Athletes First – There will never be a safe space to tell the truth

Intro Caradh O’Donovan is a former Kickboxer and is also a member of the Irish Karate Team. After a successful career in kickboxing winning multiple World, European and National Titles she recently made the switch to Karate where she has since won numerous National Championships. Caradh’s lifelong passion for sport motivated her to attain a […]

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The 6 Biggest Football Derbies Across Europe

True football fans know well that most of the fun of watching comes from finding the best games, places and derbies to watch. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the biggest football derbies across Europe where you will be able to join in the fun. FC Barcelona Vs. […]

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How To Make A Living With Live Betting in 2020

There are plenty of sports fanatics out there that are able to make a comfortable living via sports betting and especially using the opportunity to place in-play or in-running bets.  Quitting your job and taking up sports betting for a living is not an easy life choice to make, and it is one that may […]

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The Top 5 Players Strikers Want To Play With This Season

When you’re a striker, in most cases, you need someone supplying the ammunition. That is, unless you are, of course, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Some players make a name for themselves as creators, and we have the low down on the top five assist makers so far in 2019/20. This is not only vital […]

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7 Valuable Things to Reconsider Before Betting In Horse Racing 

Image Source With the year 2019 almost ending, horse racing games gear up for the last time to provide betting opportunities to all sports fans. In fact, there are still horse racing events in line for the holiday season.    Betting in these upcoming horse racing games may come a little tricky, just like what […]

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Clinch a Winning Streak in Super Bowl 54 by Paying Attention to These 5 Factors  

Image Source Clinch a Winning Streak in Super Bowl 54 by Paying Attention to These 5 Factors     On February 2, 2020, the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, will once again be filled with loud roars and cheers. The 100th season of the NFL, the Super Bowl 54, is set to grace in […]

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Benefits of the UShake Sun Hat

  There are multiple persons that have a sensitivity to the sunshine. The only viable way to make the sunshine a friend of your skin is having the best UShake sun hat protection which is going to offer you the confidence to stay underneath the sun for extended periods of time when you are performing […]

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Our Five Big Sports Predictions for 2020

A year is a long time in sport – just ask any Golden State Warriors fan how they feel about their team today compared to this time last year. Because things can change so quickly, anyone making predictions can end up looking a bit foolish. For instance, very few pundits thought that the Washington Nationals […]

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Why Physical Education Is Necessary For Every Student

  As surprising as it may sound, statistics show that most Australian youths between the ages of 5 and 17 are physically inactive. Despite the numerous new policies, campaigns, and promotions for Australians to undertake physical activities in school, not many show interest. As a result, more and more students are prone to becoming obese […]

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Everything You Need to Know About the Variety of Betting Odds

When you decide to engage in online sports betting, you are sure to find out that the notion of odds can be tricky. Firstly, because there are three kinds of those. Let’s get to know more about this classification of common odds among different bookmakers. Decimal Odds Looking at this type of odds, it’s rather […]

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What Can Viewers Expect From The 2020 Tokyo Olympics? 

What Can Viewers Expect From The 2020 Tokyo Olympics?  Every four years the Summer Olympic Games capture the interest and excitement of many fans and viewers all over the world. The last games were held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and had an incredible audience with over 7.5 million tickets sold to watch the […]

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Which Are The Top Football Leagues In The World?

Which Are The Top Football Leagues In The World? Many football supporters have been fans of the sport ever since they were children. Some fans have been supporting the same teams for years on end, where some have swapped the team they support depending on the outcome of football seasons. Whether fans are attending matches […]

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What Types of Sport are Better in Winter

  When the cold season arrives, we all feel like lying in front of the fireplace, under a warm blanket, with a hot cup of cocoa in our hands. However, the fact that it is winter does not give you an excuse not to exercise, especially since this is extremely important for your health and […]

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The best way to follow sporting events

The world of television has changed so much over the past 10 years.  It used to be that everything you wanted to watch was on television, but with the dramatic increase of TV rights deals that scene has changed dramatically.  Now it’s all about on demand, PPV or live streaming.  We’re going to run through […]

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The Best Locations To Go Extreme Camping This Year

  Camping can be all about basking in the glory of the great outdoors by spending days wandering about the natural gifts offered by Mother Nature. But, nature isn’t only about butterflies and daisies. Specific camping locations might require you to do more than sit in front of a campfire.    Here are five of […]

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The Must-Have Sports Apps for Your Phone

The Must-Have Sports Apps for Your Phone For sports fans around the world, following up on events, or even their favorite teams and players is important. However, not all events get televised, but thanks to technology, everything could be right at your fingertips. Whether you are into football, rugby, motorsport, athletics, cricket, or any other […]

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How to Maintain Good Grades While Playing a Sport? 

  Sports affecting grades is a common occurrence because it is a time-consuming and energy-demanding activity, sometimes not leaving enough time for study. Many students struggle between the need to keep their grades up and their desire to succeed at competitive sports. Do student athletes get better grades or worse? Statistics show that this depends […]

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Sometimes Not Enough: Cricket Pay and Benefits 

  Like all famous athletes, cricket celebrities earn a lot. In fact, the sheer size of their salary is impressive, and if you add the many perks of the job, it seems they must be perfectly content with their working conditions.  However, this is not always the case. For example, as sporsadda says, Bangladesh’s national […]

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It’s A Surprise That Football Helmets Don’t Actually Protect Against Concussions

We now know about the most protective helmets in football thanks to the best guide by GameDayr. However, the word concussion evokes more fear these days than it ever has. The notion that football helmets can prevent concussions is one of the biggest misconceptions of the sport. They don’t. Image credit: Concussions are caused […]

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CBD Heart Rate: How Can CBD Help Manage An Athlete’s Overall Heart Health

The active lifestyle of athletes increases their chances of developing an athlete’s heart. This is a non-pathological condition that occurs to athletes who regularly undergo prolonged and rigorous exercise.   When athletes participate in high-intensity workouts in longer periods, their hearts are forced to adapt to the situation. Their hearts pump more blood to supply […]

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Guide To Picking The Right Pair Of Soccer Cleats

If you are experiencing any foot pain with your soccer cleats, there is a good chance that you do not have the right pair of soccer cleats. Getting the sizing right on cleats is so important, especially since you need to have a lot of control over the ball and what your feet are doing. […]

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Ineos Team release ‘Britannia’ boat for the 36th America’s Cup

The America’s Cup is one of the most underrated and surprising sporting events in the world, and you could be forgiven for thinking that it heralded in the States. However, this prestigious sailing competition actually started its life in English waters back in 1851, when Commodore John Cox Stevens challenged the Royal Yacht Squadron to […]

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FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar’s state of the art stadiums

  Following the tremendous World Cup 2018 in Russia, all eyes are on Qatar as it prepares to host football’s mega event in 2022. Under its proposal to FIFA, Qatar will build 9 new stadiums and renovate 3, with the 12 venues divided among 7 host cities. The 7 host cities are Al-Daayen, Al-Khor, Al-Rayyan, […]

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Optimizing the Way You Bet on the NFL to Maximize Profits

  There is no doubt that American football is one of the most entertaining sports to watch. But how interesting it is for betting? Well, the NFL is no fun if you lose all the time. The good news is that there are some ways that can help you make a profit off your NFL […]

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5 intense sports rivalries: Heated feuds that last the test of time

  A good sports rivalry isn’t just about the teams, players, and coaches on each side of the field. It is also about the history and fans of the teams involved. Sports fans can witness their favourite rivalries and use the BetMGM bonus to wager on the team they believe will win the big games. […]

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