New York FC V’s Atlanta United

A pair of European strikers will take center stage as New York’s two MLS franchises bid to overcome one-goal deficits in Sunday’s conference semi-finals. New York FC finds itself 1-0 down against a superb Atlanta United side and it will turn to legendary forward David Villa to dig it out of trouble. New York Red […]

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How Europe’s Major Leagues are helping to nurture England’s Youth

According to viewership figures and revenue streams, the Premier League is the biggest football league in the world. English clubs are attracting the creme de la creme of global footballing talent now more than ever, with only a handful of European teams able to rival the Premier League’s elite in terms of spending power. During […]

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Post Workout Smoothies

After a decent workout or playing sport it’s very important to refuel with the the right food and drinks for recovery, your body needs to replace the nutrients, protein, and electrolytes lost while exercising.  We have already covered the best post workout foods to eat but the right smoothie can also be a great option.   They […]

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The Weirdest and Wildest Sports

We’ve written lot’s about niche sports and because government funding does’t cover a lot of them, we’ve had have had 100′s of people and teams on PledgeSports fundraising for these minority sports online. Over the past few years we’ve seen everyone from dodgeball, tchoukball, touch & teams to dog sledders, baton twirling, scooters, arm wresters, sport […]

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Who Can Truly Challenge Golden State Warriors in NBA?

Who Can Truly Challenge Golden State Warriors in NBA? An interesting theory about the differences between soccer and basketball was highlighted by celebrated New Yorker writer, podcaster and NBA fan Malcolm Gladwell recently. The theory goes that basketball is a “strong-link” game and soccer is a “weak-link” game, meaning with the former good players are […]

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The Oldest Athletes Still Competing At The Top

  Maybe it’s modern medicine, maybe it’s greater access to information, or maybe they’re just ridiculously talented. Some sports are being bossed by particular athletes for much longer than usual, but why? Take tennis for example. In 1992, the average age of the top 10 men’s players was 23.2 years. In 2002 it was 24.5 […]

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UFC Hall of Fame

The UFC Hall of Fame was officially established in Las Vegas on November 21, 2003 at UFC 45 with the inaugural inductees being UFC legends Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock. It was set up to honour mixed martial artists and MMA personalities, established and maintained by the U.S.-based mixed martial arts promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship.   UFC President Dana White said: “The UFC Hall of Fame […]

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Healthy Treats

Ok we all know that sugar is the enemy but there are ways to get very tasty but healthy treats.  And healthy treats can be the perfect mix for pre or after work outs, deserts or for the kids. As most of us have a sweet tooth, lets have a look at one of the […]

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Highest Paid Rugby Players In 2018

Rugby Union has established itself as one of the world’s leading sports in terms of popularity and participation – naturally, the sport and its most prominent clubs have also grown in wealth. Rapidly increasing viewership, country participation and thus sponsorship has led to huge sums of money being paid for television broadcasting rights. This money […]

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The History of the UFC 1993-2001

We are all familiar with the modern day UFC, the massive paydays, globally promoted fight cards and incessant trash talking..  But let’s take a step back and see there it all started. The Ultimate Fighting Championship – UFC was the brainchild of Rorion Gracie, an expert in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), and Arthur Davie.  Gracie wanted to […]

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Private Jets: How Big Sports Teams Travel to Games in Style

From the Patriots, who were the first NFL team to buy their own private jet, to England’s luxurious 62-seat private jet when travelling to St Petersburg for the FIFA World Cup, some of the biggest sports teams love to travel in style. While teams do take public transport for shorter journeys – like the Manchester […]

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The Richest Sports Teams in America

We have recently cover the biggest TV rights deals as well as the hight paid people in sport and the top 10 is nearly all American.  Now lets focus on the the most valuable teams/franchises in America.  With the NFL and the NBA having the biggest TV rights deals. these sports are sure to make […]

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How T20 Cricket Has Increased the Sports Popularity

Cricket is a quintessentially English sport, yet there are many people who find it to be boring and it has never managed to reach the popularity of sports like football and rugby. This is a shame as cricket is a brilliant sport which can be fantastic fun to play and is a good form of […]

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The Ultimate Adventure Sports Bucket List

It’s good to dream and if you ever want to turn that dream into a reality then were here to help!  We have done a lot of research and put together the ultimate adventure sports bucket list for the categories of Hiking, Trail Running, Mountain climbing and Rafting. Because of the nature of these adventure […]

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History of the Ryder Cup

In case you weren’t aware, there’s a major competition in golf called the Ryder Cup that happens every 2 years!  And the 42nd Ryder Cup Matches will be held in France from 28–30 September 2018 on the Albatros Course of Le Golf National in Guyancour. History The first ever Ryder cup was held at the  Worcester […]

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How sport helps with mental health problems

We’ve covered this subject in the past and have had loads of stories on PledgeSports of how sport can help people with mental problems. And there are lots of studies which have also proven that exercise can play a deeply therapeutic role in addressing psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, stress and sleeping problems. […]

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How To Bypass NFL Content Blackouts

There’s nothing quite as frustrating for football fans to deal with as the NFL blackouts. That’s especially so after waiting yearlong for the 32 teams to clash in a 17-week match-up. According to one of the NFL blackout policies, matches are not broadcast locally if home games are not sold out 72 hours prior. More […]

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Mental Benefits of Playing Sport

It’s well proven that sport is beneficial to our physical well being and we’ve written lots about it.  Studies have also proven that exercise can play a deeply therapeutic role in addressing psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, stress and sleeping problems. Let’s break this down to explain how sport / exercise is so […]

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Online Sports Betting Tips

Today, you don’t need to call a bookie or go to a casino to bet on sports. Online betting platforms are safe, and like other forms of betting, you can win a lot of money if you know what you are doing. Luckily, for sports fans that are not afraid to take a chance, it […]

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Injury recovery and crowdfunding

Injury is every athletes worst nightmare, you can’t train, you can compete and if you are on your countries high performance funding programme, you run the risk of being cut. As unfair as it sounds, this actually happens!  We have worked with many athletes who have has funding cut due to longer term injuries. For […]

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Premiership 2018/19 Preview

As another season in the premiership kicks off we look at what’s on offer for 2018/19 championships from new managers, previous winners, promoted teams and bookmaker odds.  Let’s first look at this season title contenders, starting off with last years title winners. Manchester City They’re Premier League winners twice in the past 5 seasons and are well […]

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When the Underdog Won Big

Underdogs are the inspiring unexpected winners that give everyone that sense of possibility. Against the most fantastic of odds, underdogs come seemingly from nowhere to cinch unexpected wins in history-making events. The palpable excitement during an underdog win is the thing of silver screen stories and oft-repeated inspirational tales. For the right gamblers, these wins […]

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Calcio Storico – The world’s most violent sport

We love covering niche sports and have written lots of articles on minor sports that some people have most likely never heard of.  The Calcio Storico is once such sport but it also holds the crazy title of most brutal or violent sport in the world. The Calcio Storico – ‘historic football’ – is an ancient […]

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What you need to know, if you start Sport Fishing

Fishing is a very diverse activity. It has always been a profitable business, and people make good money by catching and selling fish. Nowadays, fishing is a rather popular hobby, too. A lot of men and women of all ages enjoy spending time with their fishing rods by the water. But fishing is not only a […]

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Must-Watch Games of the 2018 NFL Season

The start of the NFL is just around the corner, and football fans can’t wait to see how their favourite teams fare after some time off. Some interesting changes have been made throughout the league, and plenty of old rivalries will be revisited – guaranteeing plenty of thrills on the field. There are plenty of […]

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Female Bodybuilders and Breast Implants

The world of female bodybuilding, like men’s bodybuilding, is governed by strict rules of diet, exercise, and physique. What is unique in women’s bodybuilding is the expectation to maintain a including a curvaceous figure and a generous chest size in addition to gaining muscle mass. Because of this pressure, an increasing number of female bodybuilders […]

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Playing Tennis on Different Surfaces

If you play or even just watch tennis then you probably know that there are a few different surfaces.  We want to give you an idea of what it’s like to play on the 4 main ones and the differences in speed, bounce etc. There are four main types of tennis court surface: clay courts, […]

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The World’s Most Dangerous Mountains

We all know that mountain climbing can be dangerous and every year we hear about tragic losses on Mount Everest or K2 but there are many other less familiar mountain which are far more dangerous.  Based on death-to-summit ratio Everest is actually quite safe compared to most mountains on the list below. 6 of the most […]

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Avoiding Heat Exhaustion

Getting out and exercising is always so much easier in the sun, but depending on the temperature and the level of exercise you’re doing, there are hidden dangers.   Heavy exercise in hot and humid conditions is going to leave you prone to heat exhaustion and other heat illness, such as heat stroke, heat cramps, and dehydration. We all know how hard it […]

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All you need to know about Standup Paddleboarding

Most people will heard of Standup Paddleboarding or SUP by now and if not you mustn’t live too close to water!   Standup Paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and the most versatile of all board sports.  SUP’s can be used in flat water, rivers and rapids, touring, racing and surfing.  […]

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Greatest Meltdowns in Sport

They say you need to experience failure before you can experience success.. Many of the greats in all sports have suffered melt downs, of course us amateur sports people experience it all the time., but imagine what it’s like to be on the world stage, millions, maybe 100′s of millions of people watching, cheering you on. […]

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Tour De France – History of Winners

The Tour de France is the major, the grand slam or holy grail of cycling. It’s an annual multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in France, while also occasionally making passes through nearby countries. Like the other Grand Tours - the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España, it consists of 21 stages over a little more than 3 weeks.  Held every July, there are […]

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Open Championship winners since 1970

The Open Championship or known as the British Open by Americans—has been played since the year 1860, when Willie Park Sr. won the inaugural event.  Little did he, or the other seven golfers who competed, know that the tournament that year at Prestwick would grow to become golf’s oldest and arguably most prestigious major championship.   6 […]

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Crowdfunding a tennis event

We look at the importance of ITF Junior events and how crowdfunding can be used to help bring in the money and sponsorship needed to host them. ITF Junior tournaments are a vital stepping stone for you super talented tennis players, it gives them their first taste of tour life and offers them a chance […]

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Motivational Quotes from our Fictional Heroes!

Our heroes say it best and we will always be inspired by them, but those heroes don’t have to be real do they?! When it comes to sport, movies really have produced some gems.   Some of them will live on forever in movie and indeed sports culture.   They are also famous for their hilarious and […]

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Previous World Cup winners

The FIFA World cup, more simply know as the World Cup is the biggest sporting spectacle in the world.  It’s been held every 4 years since it’s since the inaugural tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of the Second World War.   The World Cup is the most prestigious […]

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Diving in Football

Is diving in football getting worse?  Are refs not meant to be penalising players for their fake dives?   It happens in nearly every match, a players gets a tap on the shoulder or any body part then dive on the ground wriggling around in agony..  And it’s ruining the game of football. And it’s ruining […]

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List of Wimbledon Winners – Ladies

The grass court season maybe the shortest and least abundant when it comes to tournaments, but it does hold the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament of them all – Wimbledon. Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the others being the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open. Since the Australian Open shifted to hardcourt in 1988, Wimbledon […]

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List of Wimbledon Winners – Men

The grass court season maybe the shortest and least abundant when it comes to tournaments, but it does hold the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament of them all – Wimbledon. Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the others being the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open. Since the Australian Open shifted to hardcourt in 1988, Wimbledon […]

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The rise of Padel tennis

If you’ve ever been to Spain and you play sport then you’ve probably heard of Padel tennis.  It’s actually one of the fastest growing sports in the world and in Spain it’s massive! It’s estimated that padel is played by between six to 10 million Spaniards, compared to around 200,000 who actively play tennis. What a […]

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Top World Cup Goalscorers

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup upon us, everyone across the globe is in full football festive spirits. The most watched sporting event will be broadcasted on our screens for the next month. Many of the world’s biggest footballing stars are on show on what promises to be an exciting World Cup in Russia. Throughout […]

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What is Obstacle Course Racing?

There are always new trends and ways to make exercise interesting and fun. One such trend today is obstacle course racing (OCR). The most popular OCR events among novice and intermediate athletes currently are the Tough Mudder, Spartan Sprint, and Warrior Dash. These races seek to push participants’ bodies to the limit while experiencing the […]

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How You Can Raise Money Through Sports

There are few goals in life as noble as trying to raise money for those who need it. While a charity event is an excellent opportunity to help those who need it the most, they are also a chance to have some fun! Fundraising has changed a great deal in recent years, but people have […]

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U.S. Open 2018 Preview

As we head to the second major of the year, it is time to take a in-depth look at the tournament ahead with respects to the course and and some of the red hot tournament favourites.  The U.S. Open 2018 (June 14-17) heads to New York, and back to the infamous Shinnecock Hills Golf Course that […]

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Gambling sponsors often spotted in the Premier League

    Last year the English Premier League saw some changes in the sponsorship game being played out on the shirts and jerseys of the players. The season started off like any other with Emirates Airlines battling it out with King Power, the Thai duty free giant. However, as the League progressed, things started to […]

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The Surprizing Cost of Sports

Playing sports is one of the best ways to do something different from our normal routine and to relax our body and mind. In this world, there are many different types of sports played, some sports are not expensive and some sports are very expensive. There are many sports which requires huge capital to even […]

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Boost Your Sport’s Career

Need a sponsor for your sports career? Try the ones who bet on games. Crowdfunding your sports career is a great idea. For let’s face it, corporate sponsorship deals involving big budgets are pretty tough to come by. It’s not something that is within the capability of most of us who however would still like […]

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Gymnasts meet their star crowdfunding sponsor – Chaz Davies!

  Imola, Thursday 10 May – The Biancoverde Gymnastic team from Imola finally got to thank one of their star crowdfunding sponsors this week when Racing – Ducati Superbike Team rider, Chaz Davies, arrived in town ready for the fifth round of the World Superbike championship. The Welsh rider, who won the 2011 Supersport […]

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Highest Earning eSports Players in the World

Whether you believe it or not, competitive gaming is now one the fastest growing sports in the world.  As video streaming is becoming more and more popular, playing video games professional is too. In 2018, top eSports players are now considered as massive stars. While pro gamers were fighting for minuscule amounts of money and peripherals […]

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Top Champions League Goalscorers of All-Time

Since it’s rebranding from the European Cup in 1992, the Champion League has witnessed some great players and extraordinary goalscorers. At PledgeSports, we’re listing some of the iconic names in world football past and present who lead the way in the top Champions League Goalscorers list. Check it out below – 45 Goals – Robert […]

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Fastest Growing Sports in the World

Sport is very important part of our lives, whether you love sport or hate it, you may just find a new hobby after reviewing some of these fastest growing sports! Some of these “sports” you may have never heard of before.  Here’s some of the oddest and fastest growing sports in the world. The Fastest […]

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The Massive Growth of eSports

To many of you out there, you are probably asking yourself – “What is eSports?” or “How can gaming be a sport?”. To answer, e-Sports is simple a term used to describe competitive gaming. Over the last decade competitive gaming has risen to crazy new heights. They are over 400 million die-hard fans who follow […]

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Summer Health and Fitness with PledgeSports!

SUMMER IS UPON US! Everyones favourite season is here and we want to promote our ethos of health and fitness.  There’s no better time to be active than in warm weather and long days and we have everything covered from sports and food for weight loss to fitness and injury.  Let’s start by giving you […]

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What is Female Athlete Triad?

With females athletes from all over the world in every sport you can think of on PledgeSports, we come across lot’s of health stories and one such is female athlete triad.   It’s a syndrome in which eating disorders (or low energy availability), amenorrhoea, and decreased bone mineral density (osteoporosis and osteopenia) are present. Also known simply as the Triad.  The female athlete triad is […]

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Europe’s Unknown Extreme Sports Destinations

If you’re getting bored with everyday life and want to find something that will fulfil your need for thrill then look no further. There are loads of activities you are probably yet to try and some extraordinary locations which you can do so. This blog will give you a range of ideas of Europe’s unknown […]

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The Best Mountain Climbing Destinations

There will come a point in your life where you should set yourself a goal so high and off the beaten track that it will testify your physical and psychological limit to the extreme.  (While not trying to lill yourself!) Something that might give you a new perspective of the world and prove just what you’re capable of. “Only those who will risk going […]

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Most Popular Sports By Country

Different sports are played all over the world as hobbies, careers or as a part of fitness regimes. Some sports have grown to be more popular than others, attracting billions of fans, so we compiled this list based on participation, TV viewership and rights, prominence in the media, global spread, and salaries at the top […]

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Bucket List – Best Trail Running Locations

Trail Running is not just only about racing, nowadays trail running has become more and more popular amongst athletes of all ages. People who love running enjoy the authentic, off-the-beaten-track travel experiences and learning about new cultures from countries all across the globe. They also seek out the most epic runs, the best sights and the […]

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Bucket List – Best Hiking Trails around The World

Hiking in the great outdoors might just be about the healthiest of things you can do both physically and mentally.  People love hiking (we included!) as it gives you just more than just a breath of fresh air and great exercise, that physical open space can have a peaceful and refreshing effect for any hiker, it […]

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The Best White-Water Rafting Around The World

Rafting is an awesome sport, surrounded by both danger and beauty in some of the planets most stunning locations.  It’s a great idea for a holiday for those who want that x factor!  We’re extremely lucky to have so many options in countries all around the world with exceptionally good whitewater rafting facilities on offer.  […]

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Bucket List – The Best Cycling Destinations

Cycling is one of the most efficient and easiest ways for you to explore the world. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or not, it is easily one of the best forms of travel while on an exploration. From two wheels you can take in the beauty that the Earth has to offer and breathe in […]

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Tiger Woods – The World’s Greatest Golfer

Names like Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi, Roger Federer are among the super-elite of athletic ability and are the kind of athletes that come along very rarely. Tiger Woods is, undoubtedly, a member of this club and is an athlete that changed the sport of golf incredibly. We at PledgeSports feel it necessary to analyze what exactly has […]

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Greatest Athletes of All Time

Let the great debate begin! It is much harder than you think to squeeze every “Great” athlete into a top 10 list. But we think our ten are all most worthy of their places.  To even begin arguing about who makes the list of the greatest athletes of all time, we needed to consider the […]

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Why Crowdfund with PledgeSports

Launched in 2014 we have now helped people in 45 countries around the world raise millions, and are experts at what we do.  But with increasing competition out there, we thought we’d throw out a reminder about why we are the best crowdfunding platform in the world for sports! Dedicated to sport Unlike some of […]

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The Most Popular Sports in Singapore

If you are planning to visit Singapore and you are a lover of sports, then there is a lot in store for you. The country values sports and is known as the best in sports in the region. Their players in different sports are also some of the best not only in the country but […]

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The Different Boxing Title Belts Explained

Are you a little confused by all the different belts in boxing?   Well certainly we were, and so decided to investigate! With lots of different bely names being bandied around for all the different weight classes sometimes can be unclear just what the title a boxer is fighting for.  Is it important? Is it prestigious? […]

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Junk food and sports sponsorship

As all our readers know, we love to promote health and fitness.  So we where shocked to learn just yesterday, that 76% of sport sponsorship in the US is tied to junk food.  The recent study, published in the journal Pediatrics , reveals that 76% of food products shown in ads promoting a sports organisation sponsorship are […]

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Masters Champions Since 1997

The first major of the year is soon to be upon us. The Masters Tournament will be scheduled for the first week of April, 2018. As the Augusta National gets ready for the most anticipated tournament of the year, we at PledgeSports take a trip down “Magnolia” lane and analyse the list of masters champions […]

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2018 Masters Preview

The wait is almost over for the opening men’s major of the year, the 2018 Masters tournament will take place between Apr 5–8 at Augusta National. Unlike any other major in golf, the tournament is always held at at the same golf course of Augusta National. Since 1949, a green jacket has been awarded to the […]

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Most Common Sports Injuries

Unfortunately injuries are a common thing when it comes to playing sports, whether it is at professional level or amateur it is very hard to avoid some kind of injury. More importantly if you have ever tweaked a muscle or fractured a bone you may not know the exact way to treat or prevent it […]

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The Benefits of Compression Clothing

Fitness and healthy living is forever growing in popularity across the globe. Everyone is getting more health conscious on the foods we are putting into our bodies but less and less people are worrying about what we actually put on our bodies. The fitness clothing world is now more important than ever because of the […]

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Most Popular Sports in America

Americans are hugely passionate about playing and watching sports. Whether it’s supporting their local college football team or screaming at the television during the Super Bowl, sport is what brings the American community together. Over the last 20 years, sporting television figures have increased dramatically with the continuous major advancements in modern technology. You can […]

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Are Footballers Overpaid?

PledgeSports are here to answer the question that’s been much publicised lately, “Are footballers overpaid?” The last 10 years in world football has seen the biggest transfers ever to be made. More and more rich owners are taking over clubs and we are seeing more and more disloyalty among clubs and players. It seems players […]

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Top 10 Most Successful Vegan Athletes

Doubtful that a vegan diet will provide sufficient nutrients, protein and energy to sustain a professional athlete? This list may just make you think again! All these athletes mentioned below are all supporting the vegan lifestyle and in doing so are performing better than ever.  A plant based diet offering such benefits as reduced inflammation, better recovery times […]

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What Are The Most Skilful Sports?

By definition the world “skill” means showing expertise or doing something very well, when it comes to sports there is always a big debate on determining what are the most skilful sports to play.  We take a look at the most brutal and unforgiving sports out there as well as sports that require huge amounts […]

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Philadelphia Eagles Win 1st Super Bowl

  Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. That is what every Eagles Fan experienced. The Eagles have done what had been unexpected. Even the odds at real money online casinos such as  jackpotscasino Australia clearly showed that defeating the New England Patriots was highly unlikely. Betting on the Winning Team […]

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Highest Paid Salaries in Sport

For many, sports careers are the stuff of dreams, with countless kids and adults alike aspiring to a career as a professional athlete. Though the physical demands of professional athleticism are intense, so too are the rewards, with players in many disciplines averaging extremely high salaries. Some may argue that many sporting professionals are incredible over-paid […]

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Betting tips for the Champions League round of 16

The Champions League is the biggest club football competition in the world. For many players only the World Cup is a more prestigious tournament, and even in some cases the Champions League ranks as a higher goal. It is a great way of watching the best sides in Europe come up against each other which […]

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How to deal with a wantaway star, three examples

Sportspeople seem to change when they get more famous and successful. If you look at many of the future stars looking for crowdfunding for their sporting endeavours, they all seem to be humble, they all appear to be driven by a pure and lovely desire to play their sport and they all seem ready to […]

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Breakout Tennis Stars who made a splash at Grand Slams

Breakout Tennis Stars who made a splash at Grand Slams Tennis is a sport which, despite it being quite hard to win a match, has managed to serve up some great surprises over the year. With lower scoring sports, like Soccer, it can be easy to have shock wins as teams only need to score […]

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Our Top Tips To Fitness and Weight Loss

The eternal quest for fitness and weight loss in an ever changing environment can be tough to decipher.  And of course the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand.  However if you are exercising or doing sport with the aim of loosing weight then naturally you are going to increase your fitness. Below is plenty […]

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Sports most likely to cause Concussion

In an ever more health conscious world, injuries like concussion are being talked about and diagnosed a lot more that they were 10 years ago and thankfully so.  We want to look at concussion in sport and which sports are the biggest concussion risk. Lets look at an official definition of Concussion below – Concussion, […]

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The Complete Guide to the Cheltenham Festival 2018

Few events in horse racing can match the drama of the Cheltenham Festival. The four-day event (13th-16th March) features 28 thrilling races, several of which are the most important in their respective discipline. There are always shocks, dominant winners, falls, thrills, spills and some of the greatest jockeys and horses in the world. Here is […]

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Sports Stars That Came Out Of Nowhere

One of the most exciting things about sponsoring a sports person is the moment when they finally succeed. There are a few greater feelings than putting your money into something and then watching it pay off. Much like taking out your iPhone and opening up one of your favourite casino apps from, and watching […]

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Oldest Football Clubs in the World

As the beautiful game is forever growing around the globe you may surprised that the first 10 clubs to be established were all from England. You may even say it’s the home of football! Nowadays, some of these clubs are unheard of as they play majority of their football in lower league tiers. We at […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Crowdfunding

You may be new to crowdfunding and perhaps you’re not sure where to begin.  However we’re not new and have helping 10,000′s of people on PledgeSports we are experts at this stage, and we want to help you in every way possible to have a successful crowdfunding campaign and raise as much money as possible! […]

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Top 5 Golf Courses in Marbella

Your Marbella trip will not be complete unless you visit some of their exquisite golf courses. Whether you’re on a business trip or a short week-end break combining city life with a round of golf is the icing on the cake. We at PledgeSports feel that you deserve to some time to sit back and relax […]

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All-time Winter Olympics Medal Count

With the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang done and dusted, PledgeSports look at the most successful nations to ever compete in the Winter Olympics Games. As the Winter Olympics continues to grow, there seems to be a growing distance between Norway and the rest. And interestingly Austria is