The Greatest Football Matches Of All Time

Football, also known as soccer, is the most popular sport in the world which attracts a lot of attention of people watching at each international league, from the rich to the poor. The football history has witnessed so many classic matches between well-known soccer teams. However, the football matches mentioned below are among the greatest […]

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Interview with sailor Timothy Long

Timothy Long is a 14 year old sailor who is aiming to be the youngest person to ever sail around Britain solo. He’ll set off on this voyage in the summer of 2020, in a 19ft British Hunter 19, departing from Southampton and circumnavigating Britain anti-clockwise.  The total distance is about 1800 nautical miles, and […]

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Three Sporting Comeback Stories That Could Define the Summer 

Three Sporting Comeback Stories That Could Define the Summer When we look back on the 2019 year in sport, there is a fair chance that Tiger Woods’ Masters triumph will figure pretty prominently in the end-of-year highlight reels. The extraordinary scenes at the end of the tournament will live long in the memory, with the […]

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Rugby World Cup 2019 and previous winners

With lot’s of new nations rising through the ranks of rugby, the Rugby World Cup 2019 is set to be the biggest rugby event in the history of the game. There are now 30 rugby playing countries around the world with 20 of these qualifying for this years World Cup. The Rugby World Cup is […]

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The Benefits of Running

We have a big focus on health and fitness on PledgeSports at the moment and when it comes to getting active, running is the go to sport for many fitness newbies out there. Running is possibly the most accessible sport in the world, all you need is a pair of runners and you’re off and […]

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The Worst Sporting Fouls of Last Year

The Worst Sporting Fouls of Last Year Fouls can be funny. Sometimes, we watch players take insane dives to draw a foul against the opposing team, giving their team an advantage. And then there are the other times when a foul can be hard to watch or even cause serious injury to a player. Here, […]

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Swimming As An Exercise

“30 minutes in a pool is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land” Ok let’s talk pool time. As a form of exercise, it does get much better than swimming. It’s a sport that gives you a true all over body work out and it’s low impact which means that everyone from young […]

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Health benefits of playing soccer indoors

Health benefits of playing soccer indoors Soccer or football as it is known in other countries is the most popular sport in the world. Whenever the cup is held every one hopes and prays that their country qualifies and eventually take the world cup. It is a sport that involves the tactics of foot movement […]

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My experience of Climbing Everest – Anish Luitel

  Anish Luitel is mountaineer and scout leader and volunteer, he has summited Everest twice and once unsuccessfully.  Anish is currently fundraising on PledgeSports to complete the 7 Summits Challenge – Climbing the 7 highest mountain in 7 continents. Below is his experience of climbing Mount Everest: 2015 Earthquake My first attempt at climbing Everest was […]

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Five Strange Cycling Sports To Try

Five strange cycling sports to try Cycling is growing in popularity because it is something that is good for the environment and for keeping you fit. Whether it is everyday cycling to and from work or taking part in competitive races, there has never been a better time to get on your bike. Despite the […]

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5 Simple Tips To Get Fit For Beginners

We have written lot’s on fitness in the past from which sport has the fittest athlete to the best sports and exercises to get fit.  In this post we are going to focus on the basics from getting started to making it work, this is all about fitness for beginners.  There is so much info […]

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Top 10 Best Football Players of All Time

Top 10 Best Football Players of All Time – Big Names You Cannot Miss Who are the best football players of all time? This article shall compile a list of best football players in the history of football. Let’s figure out who they are! “Who are the best football players of all time?” Perhaps this […]

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The World Padel Tour

Padel or Padel Tennis as it’s known in some countries is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  It has always been very popular sport in Spain where it’s estimated that padel is played by between six to 10 million Spaniards, compared to around 200,000 who actively play tennis The World Padel Tour (WPT) is […]

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Sleeping Giant – Rugby in America

America has long been viewed as rugby’s sleeping giant – a country with the facilities, no shortage of great athletes and massive audience, all of which could be a great receipt for success.  America’s dominant sports – American Football, basketball, baseball and hockey has left rugby as a minority sport for years, however the last Rugby […]

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Crowdfunding Tips for Success

You may be new to online fundraising but we are not!   We have helped 10,000′s of people on PledgeSports in 47 countries around the world raise millions, so it’s fair to say at this stage that we are experts in this field. There is nothing worse for us to see than a campaign sitting at […]

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The Fastest Athletes in Sport

There are many different ways to judge speed in sport, we are looking at running speed in here but even that can be conflicting.  For example over very short distances 0-10 meters there is a good chance that pro racket sports players and most likely tennis players are the fastest, they must have lightening quick […]

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Can we call Poker a real sport?

To this day people argue about the status of Poker. Without a doubt, I consider it to be a real sport. When played on the professional level, it is a highly skill-based game that requires a great deal of stamina to participate in a tournament. Just look at the top players like Sofia Lövgren, Dan […]

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Physical Requirements to Become an NFL Player

There are certain attributes that separate NFL players from other sports people. For an NFL player in college to become a professional athlete he must be very strong and fast.  Moreover, the player must have a refined experience of the game as a whole. On the field, instinct is something that cannot be overlooked for […]

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The 5 Most Successful Female Athletes of All-Time

The 5 Most Successful Female Athletes of All-Time While many sports remain male-dominated, women have continued to make inroads, standing out as some of the best athletes in the world. Sometimes it takes one crystallizing moment for women to burst onto the stage, like the US Women’s World Cup victory that energized a nation. In […]

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The best exercises for building a six pack

There seems to be a global craze with the six pack at the moment, and nowhere more so than in China where the six pack stomach pack has become the the new accessory of fashion for women! Social media in China has become obsessed and they even have a hashtag for it, #MajiaXian – Because the […]

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5 Water Sports For Toning The Body

There is no better feeling than being out on the water (apart from very cold day!).  The nature of water means a lot of resistance, hence the body uses a lot of energy moving through it, this resistance means you use a plethora of different muscles, all of which makes most water sports a great work […]

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A Beginners Guide to MMA

Mixed Martial Arts, often referred to as MMA, has become one of the worlds most watched sports and continues to grow in popularity year after year. What was once seen as a brutish game of cage fighting, MMA has grown and evolved into a sport in and of itself, with a dedicated fan base all […]

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Top 5 Trends in Online Sports Betting for 2018

In 2018, sports betting is as popular as it can get. In the beginning of the summer, we had the opportunity to enjoy the world’s biggest football tournament – the FIFA World Cup 2018, which made France a world champion for the second time. But football is not all we have been enjoying. According to […]

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2019 Super Bowl Preview – Rams V Patriots

  What an amazing NFL season it’s been, and to finish it up the LA Ram will battle it out with the New England Patriots at Super Bowl LIII at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on the 3rd February.  It’ll be the first Super Bowl hosted at the stadium which opened in 2017 and is home of the Falcons, […]

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5 simple tips for losing weight

Beating the Bulge! There is lots of noise out there on weight loss tips and diets, some of it good and some of it a waste a time and money.  Before you look at doing some unproven diet fad or paying for some weight loss plan, look back to the basics – the simple things […]

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History of the UFC part 3 – 2010 – 2019

If the previous chapter of UFC History 2001 – 2010 was remembered as the golden years then the next chapter in the history of the UFC will be mainly remembered for a few things, Conor McGregor, money, trash talking and Woman’s UFC. Woman’s UFC – 2012 In November 2012,  Dana White announced that the UFC would […]

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The Huge Cost of Competing in Winter Sports

As we all know sport is fantastic and accessible to most, and for the most-part, getting started or involved in sport can be done for quite a small price.  However, when it comes to competing professionally in sport the cost metric changes dramatically.  And depending on what sport you compete in, costs can really rocket. […]

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How Are Sports Clubs Funded?

At the start of every sporting season, be it for soccer, NFL, Superbowl, or International Rugby series, you hear of clubs and tournament organisers talking of incredibly bigger amounts of money that tournament cost or even the allowances awarded to players. Perhaps your big question has been how such purely sporting entities are able to […]

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A Comparison of E-sports and Real Sports

Though started in the mid-2000s, e-sports have exponentially grown in popularity to a point where a dichotomy of comparison can be drawn relative to real sports on physical fields. In fact, going by the current trends real and e-sports may converge on a number of aspects including but not limited to viewership and the sponsorship […]

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Fun and Easy Ways to Raise Money for Your School’s Athletic Program

It seems as though every year, budgets get tighter and tighter. Where once athletic programs were the highlight of most school systems, budgets have been cut back so far that even basic equipment is difficult to fund.  Whether you are an interested parent on the PTA or a coach looking for ways to bring money into […]

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The 5 Most Costly Rule Penalties In Golf

Having recently covered the 2019 new rule changes in golf, we decided to look back at some of the most unfair rule penalties in professional golf where players got penalised costing them a match or even disqualification. Dustin Johnson – 2010 PGA Championship Johnson looked was heading for a three-man playoff with Martin Kaymer and […]

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Most Common Sports Injuries

Our clever pictorial guide to the  most common sports injuries and some remedies to get you back in action. Most Common Sports Injuries by Canva Presentations

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History of the UFC 2001 – 2010

We have previous covered the history of the UFC – the early years of the UFC 1993 – 2001 , through it inception, UFC 1 and right up to UFC 30 in 2001.  Now let’s look at the next chapter as see how the UFC under new ownership went global. Pictured above : UFC 74 Under the […]

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New golf rules explained

In the biggest revision in more than 60 years, officials from the USGA and R&A (The Royal & Ancient Golf Club), golf’s governing bodies, have reorganised the rules to make them easier to understand and apply. The number of rules has been cut to 24 from 34, and are aimed at speeding up the game and […]

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The best Hiking trails in Ireland

Know as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is a small island which offers some amazing hiking trails set around stunning scenery.  All are easily accessible and well mapped out.   Below are some of the best hiking trails in Ireland, enjoy! Glendalough – Wicklow This is easily one of the most beautiful settings in Ireland and because […]

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Hiking For Beginners

We’ve seen all the amazing pictures on social media, the stunning scenery and heard all the great adventure stories, so why not take the plunge and get involved in hiking! Exercise Hiking offers so much more than walking on the flat, it’s a great way to get outside, digital detox and destress while burning some calories.  Then […]

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The Most Successful Women in Sports 2018

For the sake of reaching the top of championships, athletes give a lot of time and effort. The world of sport generously thanks them with phenomenally big capitals and financial stability. However, not every athlete can achieve it. We present the top 5 most successful women who could reach the stars in sports. But first, […]

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The Richest Horse Races in the World

It’s called the sport of kings and when you see the sums of money involved it’s easy to see why! We have previously covered sporting events with the biggest prize pots and racing is always on the list and like most top tier sporting events, prize money is only going up up and the rich […]

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Interview with the man who ran across America

If you don’t already know the story, Eric Keeler has recently finished a 4,000 + mile run across America which took 7 months!  We caught up with Eric for no holes barred interview on his adventure. What gave you the crazy idea to run across America?    It was part boredom with my current life […]

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Adventure Runner – Life On the Road

In Feb 2016 Eric decided to challenge himself to something a little out of the ordinary and run 4,200 miles across America, it took nearly 2 years of logistics, planning and training and in December he finished the run. It’s been a fascinating journey for us and anyone else who has been following it. We are […]

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The Most Famous Sports Families

A superstar athlete is a rare and hard thing to achieve and perhaps this is why they make obscene amounts of money.  Every so often people from the same family get gifted with similar superhuman genetics and so it’s even rarer to have a family of superstar athletes.  But it does happen and these are […]

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7 Famous Player And Manager Fallouts

Player and manager fallout will always happen particularly when 2 big egos clash, but these are 7 which made global football headlines and some which will never be forgotten. Jose Mourinho and Pol Pogba Currently being played out in Manchester United is the on going sage between Paul Pogba and manager Jose Mourinho, and every […]

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The Most Successful Football Managers in Europe

You could weight it on win ratio, all league titles or even by the legacy they leaves behind.  There are some great coaches out there such as Jock Stein who has won 25 titles in the Scottish Leagues but little outside of Scotland, but we are only focusing on major league titles won (Premier League, […]

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World Records – Rugby

Next on our sport in records is the great game of Rugby Union. Originated in England in the first half of the 19th century, by 2014 there were more than 6 million people playing worldwide, of whom 2.36 million were registered players.  The sport was made professional in 1995 after the World Cup. Now let’s look at […]

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The Worst Comebacks in Sport

There is nothing better than seeing an underdog succeed, or seeing a sporting great take a break, retire and then making a glorious comeback, returning to the top of their sport. Equally there is nothing worse than seeing a sporting great make a comeback and fail miserably!  Some do it for ego, some because they still […]

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Crowdfunding – The lifeline of sport

This is a blog extract from Irish Skeleton athlete Brendan Doyle After a challenging Olympic season, battling with injury and doing what I could to try to make the games, I took a month to decompress. I had a choice, walk away from the sport and pursue my professional aspirations or use what I went through […]

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Sports Where Men And Women Compete Equally

Unfortunately there are only a small number of sports where men and women compete against each other equally regardless of sex.  In these sports, the physical differences between men and women are deemed not to have any effect on the outcome of any competition. Who are PledgeSports? True Mixed Sex Sports Horse Racing:  On the […]

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World Records – Tennis

In our latest series we’re looking at world records set in different sports.  Some were made to be broken, others may never passed, but all are equally impressive records. Most Singles Titles This one goes to Jimmy Connors with a ATP World Tour-era leading tallies of 1,256 match wins and 109 titles.  Rodger Federer is close behind […]

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The Greatest Comebacks in Sport

Just when you thought they were done, written off by the critics and fans alike, no place for them now but the archives..  Then out of nowhere, defying all reality they are back and on top of the world again.  We are looking at some of these great comeback moments from sporting history. Tiger Woods […]

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The Greatest Sports Underdog Stories

Everybody loves a good underdog story, especially ourselves.  Some of the below moments have been made immortal by TV, others forgotten about but all are great. Leicester City – Premier League The Premier League is an annual event where some of the richest teams in the world battle it out for that all important title. […]

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Tips on getting sports sponsorship

Every athletes dream is to get sponsorship and while we have covered this in the past it’s no harm refreshing it for those out there looking for advice.  So you are a budding amateur or professional athlete, a team or club and need to cover some costs, well you are not alone, as there millions […]

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Why Switzerland Is The Perfect Skiing Destination

Good news! It’s ski season and we’ve found the perfect destination for your skiing holiday this winter. How would you like to head out to the Swiss Alps and enjoy some of the best slopes in the world? The high-altitude peaks and soft, fresh snow offer one of the best skiing experiences anywhere.  Surrounded by […]

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The 10 Greatest Excuses for Losing a Football Match

While writing a piece on the worst lies told to get out of a football match, we came across a lot of hilarious hair brained excuses for teams loosing matches so we thought we’d share some of the finest examples.   And boy are we glad we did as there are enough to write a book […]

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What Makes Baret Yoshida a Legendary Jiu Jitsu Coach?

Learning Jiu Jitsu can be an opportunity to become physically fit as well as develop your self-discipline. An exciting and complex branch of martial arts, it is a great sport with many opportunities to compete as well as train. In order to do the best you can in Jiu Jitsu, you need a good coach […]

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The Worst Lies told to get out of football

There are a million ways to get out of training or match days, and there are some truly hilarious and stupid ones.  We’re not going to focus on the boring, regular ones like sick days, punctures, road closures etc.   These are real imaginative ones that ended up properly back firing! 7 famous players and manager […]

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Trail Running v Road Running

Running is an easy workout which free and accessible to most people.  It’s also a great way to get outside and clear the head while burning some calories.  Most people run on roads, past the same scenery and traffic, pounding pavement while breathing in pollution and exhaust fumes but still getting that all important exercise.   From […]

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Pt 2 – Sponsorship : Funding an Adventure Run

In Feb 2016 Eric decided to challenge himself to something a little out of the ordinary and run 4,200 miles across America, it took nearly 2 years of logistics, planning and training and as of the 20th of November he has completed 3,445 miles (6,810,285 steps).  It has been a fascinating journey for us and […]

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Temporary Sports Complex Wins Top Marks

A temporary sports complex is the perfect solution for any institution that needs a sports center fast. Though temporary, this sports complex can last for quite a while and provide the space needed for sports activities to be carried out while a permanent structure is us being planned for or put up. An award-winning complex […]

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Endurance Athlete Brennan Townshend

In our new athlete blog series, endurance athlete Brennan Townshend reports back on running, winning and setting a course record for the Mourne Skyline MTR Mountain Trail Race in Northern Ireland – The final race in the UK Skyrunning series. Brennan Townshend My life as an endurance athlete began back in 2008 when I started running […]

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FIFA World Cup 2018 In Numbers

The 2018 FIFA World Cup was the 21st edition of the tournament. Every four years, the apex football tournament sees 32 national teams coming together to compete. The coveted prize? A 36.8 cm high, 6.1 kg heavy, 18 ct gold trophy. But more importantly, for the pride and prestige that comes with being crowned world […]

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10 Richest Sports Teams In The World 2018

We compiled this list originally in 2017 but increasing revenue through TV rights deals and sponsorship means every single one of them has increased in value.  Earlier this year we also did a salary comparison between the biggest best sporting leagues in the world in terms of their average salary. These include the NBA, MLB, NFL […]

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Your Guide to the ATP World Tour

The annual tennis calendar can get quite confusing so we’re going to break it down the ATP World Tour for you and explain the different levels and tournaments.. This will be followed up with a separate piece on the WTA Tour. The ATP is the governing body of the men’s professional tennis circuits of which […]

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The 8 Slowest Sports You Can Play

After covering the fastest ball sports and the fastest non motorised sports a few months back, we got a comment in asking “which are the slowest sports’? And being the good sports business that we are we decided to research and cover the question. But this drew up a sight problem, do we cover the […]

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New York FC V’s Atlanta United

A pair of European strikers will take center stage as New York’s two MLS franchises bid to overcome one-goal deficits in Sunday’s conference semi-finals. New York FC finds itself 1-0 down against a superb Atlanta United side and it will turn to legendary forward David Villa to dig it out of trouble. New York Red […]

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How Europe’s Major Leagues are helping to nurture England’s Youth

According to viewership figures and revenue streams, the Premier League is the biggest football league in the world. English clubs are attracting the creme de la creme of global footballing talent now more than ever, with only a handful of European teams able to rival the Premier League’s elite in terms of spending power. During […]

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Post Workout Smoothies

After a decent workout or playing sport it’s very important to refuel with the the right food and drinks for recovery, your body needs to replace the nutrients, protein, and electrolytes lost while exercising.  We have already covered the best post workout foods to eat but the right smoothie can also be a great option.   They […]

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The Weirdest and Wildest Sports

We’ve written lot’s about niche sports and because government funding does’t cover a lot of them, we’ve had have had 100’s of people and teams on PledgeSports fundraising for these minority sports online. Over the past few years we’ve seen everyone from dodgeball, tchoukball, touch & teams to dog sledders, baton twirling, scooters, arm wresters, sport […]

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Who Can Truly Challenge Golden State Warriors in NBA?

Who Can Truly Challenge Golden State Warriors in NBA? An interesting theory about the differences between soccer and basketball was highlighted by celebrated New Yorker writer, podcaster and NBA fan Malcolm Gladwell recently. The theory goes that basketball is a “strong-link” game and soccer is a “weak-link” game, meaning with the former good players are […]

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The Oldest Athletes Still Competing At The Top

  Maybe it’s modern medicine, maybe it’s greater access to information, or maybe they’re just ridiculously talented. Some sports are being bossed by particular athletes for much longer than usual, but why? Take tennis for example. In 1992, the average age of the top 10 men’s players was 23.2 years. In 2002 it was 24.5 […]

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UFC Hall of Fame

The UFC Hall of Fame was officially established in Las Vegas on November 21, 2003 at UFC 45 with the inaugural inductees being UFC legends Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock. It was set up to honour mixed martial artists and MMA personalities, established and maintained by the U.S.-based mixed martial arts promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship.   UFC President Dana White said: “The UFC Hall of Fame […]

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Healthy Treats

Ok we all know that sugar is the enemy but there are ways to get very tasty but healthy treats.  And healthy treats can be the perfect mix for pre or after work outs, deserts or for the kids. As most of us have a sweet tooth, lets have a look at one of the […]

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Highest Paid Rugby Players In 2018

Rugby Union has established itself as one of the world’s leading sports in terms of popularity and participation – naturally, the sport and its most prominent clubs have also grown in wealth. Rapidly increasing viewership, country participation and thus sponsorship has led to huge sums of money being paid for television broadcasting rights. This money […]

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The History of the UFC 1993-2001

We are all familiar with the modern day UFC, the massive paydays, globally promoted fight cards and incessant trash talking..  But let’s take a step back and see there it all started. The Ultimate Fighting Championship – UFC was the brainchild of Rorion Gracie, an expert in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), and Arthur Davie.  Gracie wanted to […]

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Private Jets: How Big Sports Teams Travel to Games in Style

From the Patriots, who were the first NFL team to buy their own private jet, to England’s luxurious 62-seat private jet when travelling to St Petersburg for the FIFA World Cup, some of the biggest sports teams love to travel in style. While teams do take public transport for shorter journeys – like the Manchester […]

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The Richest Sports Teams in America

We have recently cover the biggest TV rights deals as well as the hight paid people in sport and the top 10 is nearly all American.  Now lets focus on the the most valuable teams/franchises in America.  With the NFL and the NBA having the biggest TV rights deals. these sports are sure to make […]

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How T20 Cricket Has Increased the Sports Popularity

Cricket is a quintessentially English sport, yet there are many people who find it to be boring and it has never managed to reach the popularity of sports like football and rugby. This is a shame as cricket is a brilliant sport which can be fantastic fun to play and is a good form of […]

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The Ultimate Adventure Sports Bucket List

It’s good to dream and if you ever want to turn that dream into a reality then were here to help!  We have done a lot of research and put together the ultimate adventure sports bucket list for the categories of Hiking, Trail Running, Mountain climbing and Rafting. Because of the nature of these adventure […]

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History of the Ryder Cup

In case you weren’t aware, there’s a major competition in golf called the Ryder Cup that happens every 2 years!  And the 42nd Ryder Cup Matches will be held in France from 28–30 September 2018 on the Albatros Course of Le Golf National in Guyancour. History The first ever Ryder cup was held at the  Worcester […]

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How sport helps with mental health problems

We’ve covered this subject in the past and have had loads of stories on PledgeSports of how sport can help people with mental problems. And there are lots of studies which have also proven that exercise can play a deeply therapeutic role in addressing psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, stress and sleeping problems. […]

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How To Bypass NFL Content Blackouts

There’s nothing quite as frustrating for football fans to deal with as the NFL blackouts. That’s especially so after waiting yearlong for the 32 teams to clash in a 17-week match-up. According to one of the NFL blackout policies, matches are not broadcast locally if home games are not sold out 72 hours prior. More […]

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Mental Benefits of Playing Sport

It’s well proven that sport is beneficial to our physical well being and we’ve written lots about it.  Studies have also proven that exercise can play a deeply therapeutic role in addressing psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, stress and sleeping problems. Let’s break this down to explain how sport / exercise is so […]

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Online Sports Betting Tips

Today, you don’t need to call a bookie or go to a casino to bet on sports. Online betting platforms are safe, and like other forms of betting, you can win a lot of money if you know what you are doing. Luckily, for sports fans that are not afraid to take a chance, it […]

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Injury recovery and crowdfunding

Injury is every athletes worst nightmare, you can’t train, you can compete and if you are on your countries high performance funding programme, you run the risk of being cut. As unfair as it sounds, this actually happens!  We have worked with many athletes who have has funding cut due to longer term injuries. For […]

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Premiership 2018/19 Preview

As another season in the premiership kicks off we look at what’s on offer for 2018/19 championships from new managers, previous winners, promoted teams and bookmaker odds.  Let’s first look at this season title contenders, starting off with last years title winners. Manchester City They’re Premier League winners twice in the past 5 seasons and are well […]

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When the Underdog Won Big

Underdogs are the inspiring unexpected winners that give everyone that sense of possibility. Against the most fantastic of odds, underdogs come seemingly from nowhere to cinch unexpected wins in history-making events. The palpable excitement during an underdog win is the thing of silver screen stories and oft-repeated inspirational tales. For the right gamblers, these wins […]

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Calcio Storico – The world’s most violent sport

We love covering niche sports and have written lots of articles on minor sports that some people have most likely never heard of.  The Calcio Storico is once such sport but it also holds the crazy title of most brutal or violent sport in the world. The Calcio Storico – ‘historic football’ – is an ancient […]

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What you need to know, if you start Sport Fishing

Fishing is a very diverse activity. It has always been a profitable business, and people make good money by catching and selling fish. Nowadays, fishing is a rather popular hobby, too. A lot of men and women of all ages enjoy spending time with their fishing rods by the water. But fishing is not only a […]

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