Crowdfunding Tips for Success

You may be new to online fundraising but we are not!   We have helped 10,000′s of people on PledgeSports in 47 countries around the world raise millions, so it’s fair to say at this stage that we are experts in this field. There is nothing worse for us to see than a campaign sitting at […]

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The Greatest Comebacks in Sport

Just when you thought they were done, written off by the critics and fans alike, no place for them now but the archives..  Then out of nowhere, defying all reality they are back and on top of the world again.  We are looking at some of these great comeback moments from sporting history. Tiger Woods […]

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The Greatest Sports Underdog Stories

Everybody loves a good underdog story, especially ourselves.  Some of the below moments have been made immortal by TV, others forgotten about but all are great. Leicester City – Premier League The Premier League is an annual event where some of the richest teams in the world battle it out for that all important title. […]

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Why Crowdfund with PledgeSports

Launched in 2014 we have now helped people in 45 countries around the world raise millions, and are experts at what we do.  But with increasing competition out there, we thought we’d throw out a reminder about why we are the best crowdfunding platform in the world for sports! Dedicated to sport Unlike some of […]

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Best Sports Crowdfunding Campaigns

At PledgeSports, we are counting down the top crowdfunding campaigns involved with sport over the past few years. Crowdfunding in sport began with reward based platforms like PledgeSports and had more recently progressed to equity crowdfunding where platforms such as Seedrs host campaigns by companies who want to raise equity by selling their shares to […]

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Fundraising For Sports Teams

We are global leaders with years of experience in fundraising for sports teams from all sports around the world, and because of that, we’ve become the perfect platform to help you generate the money your team needs. Crowdfunding is a powerful platform which can grow the reach of fundraising for sports teams by tenfold. In […]

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Sports Crowdfunding Campaign of the Week: Sweden Touch

PledgeSports have the pleasure of working with some phenomenal athletes and teams. Each week we choose one of them as the PledgeSports “Sports Crowdfunding Campaign of the Week”. This week’s winners are Sweden’s U15 Touch Rugby team. Within just one week the team had smashed their crowdfunding target and the fantastic support is still coming in […]

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Who Are PledgeSports?

PledgeSports is a global crowdfunding and sponsorship platform for sport! Spreading across 41 countries around the world (and counting), we have helped men, women, kids, teams, clubs, and even the odd OAP raise money in every sport known to man (and there are some pretty crazy sports out there!) Outside of humans, we have help sports […]

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Athlete of the Week: Scarlett Mew Jensen

PledgeSports have the pleasure of working with some phenomenal athletes and teams. Every Friday we will choose one of them as the PledgeSports “Athlete of the Week”.  This week’s winner is 15-year-old British diver, Scarlett Mew Jensen. After seven years of diving, Scarlett has been selected to represent Team GB at hir first ever senior Grand Prix […]

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Barefoot Aleks Completes Incredible 6189km Ultra Run

On the 16th of February 2017, Aleks Kashefi went where no man ever has before and completed an unsupported ultra run through the entire length of Europe. Over the course of 196 days, Aleks (or Barefoot as we’ve come to know him) ran 6189km from Nordkap in Norway’s most northerly point, to Tarifa in Spain, […]

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Pledge Sports Celebrates 3rd Birthday In Style

No Cake Or Candles, Just A Brand New Blog Believe it or not we have been so busy we forgot it was our birthday today… We can’t believe it’s been 3 years.  In that 3 years we have raised nearly 1 million for sports in 32 different countries around the world. To add to this success we […]

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This woman changed her life around by getting active

After heavy smoking from her teens to her 40’s, Trish Train turned her life around for the better and set herself on a healthy new path by starting to run. We hope that Trish’s story will inspire many other women out there to change their lives and get active and healthy. Fast-forward to today and […]

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Examples Of Successful Crowdfunding

We’ve helped 10,000’s on athletes raise millions for sport across 46 countries and counting and we’re the best at what we do. One of the reasons for this is that we are experts in this industry and give people the advice and training they need to be successful (Not that everyone listens!). So, we thought […]

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Pardon Ndhlovu – One Milestone At A Time

Pardon Ndhlovu is a Zimbabwean Olympian and former PledgeSports athlete who has lived an incredible and unique life to date. In our first edition of guest blogs, the 29 year-old tells of his remarkable, inspiring story and the milestones he has achieved along the way. Enjoy! Zimbabwe: The Early Years If I was to sum […]

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Who Can Crowdfund On PledgeSports?

We often receive emails asking, “Who Can Crowdfund”, “Can I be on PledgeSports?”, “What age do I have to be?”, “Can I set up a campaign for someone else?”, and “What country must I be from?” The answer to all of the above questions is that any athlete or team, of any age, from any […]

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Where are they now? – Emma Cahill

Our “Where Are They Now” blogs take a look at former PledgeSports athletes and their lives since. This week we catch up with “Athlete of the Year” in 2015! – Para Dressage Rider and all-round inspirational figure, Emma Cahill.  Six years ago, Dubliner Emma Cahill was involved in a serious accident where a horse flipped […]

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Athlete of the Week: Fenton Harrison Seabright

PledgeSports have the pleasure of working with some phenomenal athletes and teams. Each week we will choose one of them as the PledgeSports “Athlete of the Week” award. This week’s winner is motorbike racing’s star of the future, 14 year-old Fenton Harrison Seabright. Fenton has been in love with bikes since the tender age of two. […]

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Where Are They Now? – James Cluskey

Our “Where Are They Now” blogs take a look at former PledgeSports athletes and their lives since. This week is former Irish professional tennis player, James Cluskey. Born and raised in Dublin, James Cluskey focused much of his playing career as a doubles player and was Ireland’s highest ranked doubles player at the time of […]

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Who will be the top PledgeSports people of 2017?

The clock is already ticking on 2017, but what will the coming year have in store for PledgeSports’ athletes? In 12 months time, who will stand out as our athlete/team of the year? We already have one person on the list for 17 and that’s Barefoot Aleks.  He is set to be the first person to […]

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Athlete of the Week: Sofia Segui Edmundson

PledgeSports have the pleasure of working with some phenomenal athletes and teams. Each week we will choose one of them as the PledgeSports “Athlete of the Week” award. This week we are picking a junior! Our winner is 9 year-old rising star of the tennis world, Sofia Segui Edmundson. A dual citizen hailing from Mallorca in […]

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PledgeSports “Athlete of the Year”

2016 has been a great year for us, but that has been made so purely through the great people we have the fortune of working with on a daily basis.  To honour the fantastic times our athletes have given us over the last 12 months, we wanted to give something back to them. One of […]

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PledgeSports Top 5 Moments of 2016

“We had a massive year in 2015 – we expanded into more than 14 countries, had a successful round of investment, and even managed to pick up a Global Summit award along the way!  “To match that in 2016 was never going to be easy but I think we pulled it off. Better than that, […]

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Top 5 Blogs Of 2016

We’ve had a look at our site analytics and come up with our Most Popular Blogs of 2016 among readers. To make life easy for you we’ve put them all into one page for you to enjoy! No.1 – Athletes Running On Empty: Hitting The Wall In this piece we get to grips with the […]

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Al-Aire Films Reflect On Crowdfunding For “Para-Riders”

 “At PledgeSports we love movies! So, being involved in helping to finance one was a great experience, especially when it revolved around para-cycling and the Paralympic athletes at Rio 2016. From a crowdfunding perspective, it’s always great to see what the money is being used for and the end result. So, seeing the short film […]

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Athlete Of The Week: Kasete Skeen – The Tongan Skier

PledgeSports have the pleasure of working with some phenomenal athletes and teams. Each week we will choose one of them as the PledgeSports “Athlete of the Week” award. This week’s winner is Kasete Skeen (The Tongan Skier). Potentially the coolest man on the planet, Kasete upped and left his job in London to pursue his ambition – […]

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Q&A: Sophie Rooney Writes Name Into History Books

‘Dare Mighty Things’ “When I first talked to Sophie, she inspired us all here, particularly me, with her motto – “Dare Mighty Things”.  I think we all have a dream deep down to do something out of the ordinary, a real challenge to test our limits or do something completely extraordinary. Sophie has accomplished this. […]

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PledgeSports Athlete Of The Week: Sophie Rooney

PledgeSports have the pleasure of working with some phenomenal athletes and teams. Each week we will choose one of them as the PledgeSports “Athlete of the Week”. This week’s winner is Sophie Rooney (Rundinavia). Sophie, who swears by the motto, “Dare Mighty Things”, left England for Norway in August. Last week, after three months of running, […]

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Crowdfunding Success: Golden Moment For Para-Riders Film

Millions of spectators around the world watched the Rio 2016 Paralympics last summer, but nobody was afforded the chance to watch this great event through the eyes of a Paralympic athlete. That is, until now. Karen Darke is a British paralympic cyclist, paratriathlete, adventurer, author, and most recently, a crowdfunding success. Last year, Karen came to […]

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PledgeSports Athlete Of The Week: Jim Gump

PledgeSports have the pleasure of working with some phenomenal athletes and teams. Each week we will choose one of them as the PledgeSports “Athlete of the Week” award. This week’s winner is Jim Plunkett-Cole (Jim Gump), the inspirational man running 20,000 miles, the longest continuous run in history, in an attempt to change the lives of […]

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Running Man: Jim Gump – 11,000 down, 19,000 Miles To Go

Setting your mind to something is a part of life, it is how we achieve the goals that take us to the next step, whatever that step may be. For some, it could be walking to work rather than getting the bus. For others, it could be a Saturday morning cycle, or swim in the […]

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Life In The Fast Lane: Kim Murray Talks Winter Sports

Founder & CEO of PledgeSports, Richard Pearson, recently caught up with British skeleton athlete and PledgeSports success story, Kim Murray.  In this light-hearted chat the topics range from winter sports and favourite colours to spending lotto winnings, and everything in between. Here is what happened when Richard met Kim. Enjoy!   What’s your favourite colour?! […]

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Irish Hockey thank fans for Rio 2016 Support

Irish Hockey goalkeeper David Fitzgerald met with PledgeSports CEO & Founder Richard Pearson to discuss the team’s hugely successful crowdfunding campaign and how important a role the Irish hockey community and wider public played in turning the team’s Olympic hopes into reality.   RP: We’re here with David Fitzgerald from the Irish Hockey team, who were […]

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JimGump has started world’s longest run

On October 1st, Jim Plunkett-Cole (JimGump) set off on what is the longest run ever attempted. 20,000 miles and 3 years of running stand between Jim and the history books.   Jim is recreating the infamous cross-country trek from the 1994 Oscar-winning film, Forrest Gump, hence his apt nickname, JimGump. Over the 1,172 day run, […]

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Tongan quits his job to become first Winter Olympic skier

Tongan skier, Kasete Naufahu Skeen, has dropped his job and city life in London in an attempt to be Tonga’s first skier to compete in the Winter Olympics. It may sound like a reality-meets-Cool Runnings scenario, but rest assured, Skeen is treating his campaign with the utmost seriousness. He is very aware of the fact […]

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Festival Premiere for Emma Cahill Story

  CONGRATULATIONS to director Jessica Lamb and Pledge Sports crowdfunded Emma Cahill. Their short documentary film about Emma, titled Recycled Equestrian, has been selected to premiere at the Dublin International Short Film & Music Festival on October 6. The project was made as part of a documentary film-making course, and is the second Film […]

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Good luck to our crowdfunded Paralympians!

IT’S day one of the Rio 2016 Paralympics and we are looking forward to seeing our crowdfunded Paralympians in action! Of course, they aren’t just our crowdfunded Paralympians, they are also yours; it was your support that helped them get to Rio 2016 and it is your support that will continue to fire them through […]

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12 PledgeSports Crowdfunders selected for Rio 2016!

NO turning back now. Olympic selections have been made for Rio 2016 and we’re thrilled to announce that we have helped 12 athletes and teams make it on to their Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic rosters. And we’re already working on fundraising campaigns to help the future generation of stars get to Tokyo 2020! Are […]

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Women’s Rugby Support Rises With Olympic 7s Debut

WOMEN’S Rugby will be played at the Olympic Games for the first time this August as the new Rugby 7s tournaments for men and women are introduced at Rio 2016. In the build-up to that, we have seen an influx in brand new Women’s Rugby teams, and expanding established teams, coming to us with renewed […]

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“Marcus Willis took control, he believed, now he’s at Wimbledon” – Richard Pearson

MARCUS WILLIS, who plays Roger Federer in the Wimbledon men’s main draw today, believed. You didn’t know who he was last week, but founder Richard Pearson did – that’s his job. The past few days have been as emotional and exciting for Pearson as it has for Marcus Willis; when Willis came to PledgeSports two […]

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When Barefoot Met Gump At Parkrun

IT has been a phenomenal fews weeks following our THREE crowdfunding ultra-marathon runners as they prepare to take on runs later this year that will total more than 26,000 miles – and then this happened. It blew our socks off really: JimGump, out to bring Forrest Gump’s US-wide run to life, jogging side-by-side with Barefoot […]

16th June 2016 read full article

Five Things You Don’t Know About Shannon McCurley

SHANNON McCURLEY is an Australian-born Irish woman with a need for speed and an insatiable appetite for competition. She’s joined to fund her continued preparations for the Rio 2016 Olympics, after unexpectedly becoming the first ever Irish female track cyclist to qualify for a Games. People in this hemisphere don’t know a lot about […]

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Crowdfunding Helps Athlete Gain Rio 2016 Spot

ABSOLUTELY fantastic news today when a humble, talented, athlete that used crowdfunding to fund his bid to make the Zimbabwe Rio 2016 team did just that! That is what it is all about guys, that’s why we’re online and why you’re reading this story: to help athletes fulfil their dreams – they have the physical […]

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‘I believe in this more than anything in my life that I’ve ever done’ – The Real Forrest Gump

JIM is the modern day Forrest Gump. He’s the real Forrest Gump and he needs your help. He needs your help to make his running journey across America, taking with him the same inspirational, significant messages that Forrest Gump did in his fictional epic. Forrest spread goodwill and helped people by accident – it was […]

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Couch to 3,000km: Diary Of An Ultra Marathon Beginner

Training For Ultra Marathons For Beginners WE’VE so many ultra marathon runners raising adventure funding on right now, we felt sharing their expertise was well overdue. Behold, the latest extract from running newcomer Sophie Rooney’s Diary of An Ultra Marathon Beginner It’s The Rooney’s (almost) Couch to 3,000km: Training for Ultra Marathons For Beginners: […]

16th May 2016 read full article

Marathoner To Sing For His Adventure Funding

WATCH these hilarious #OperaticLandscapes videos and support Aleks Kashefi’s Adventure Funding campaign to get yourself in the next episode. HAVE you met our barefoot, bearded runner Aleks Kashefi? He’s planning to run from the top to the bottom of Europe, that’s 4,750miles from Norway to Sicily – and he’s going to do it barefoot. Yep, […]

11th May 2016 read full article

Crowdfunding Roland-Garros Hope Gains Season Sponsor

  WHAT starts small, doesn’t have to end small. Small donations on our sports crowdfunding campaigns can grow into full-on commercial sponsorship. Lucy Shuker is proof. Lucy Shuker is a wheelchair tennis player, who with Jordanne Whiley in the doubles, landed Great Britain its first ever women’s wheelchair tennis medal at London 2012’s Paralympic Games. At […]

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Country Rallies For Olympic Hockey Fundraiser

WHEN we started PledgeSports, we saw it as a sports fundraising model that could outlive any others and put sports people, teams, and clubs more in control of their futures. Now after just two years in we are seeing an entire country get behind it’s Hockey Team for a historic Olympic Hockey Fundraiser. Here is […]

11th May 2016 read full article

Runner On Road To Rio Thanks To Crowdfunding

IT’S always heart-warming to see an athlete’s dreams come true and for the Olympic Runner that’s about to happen thanks to her sports crowdfunding campaign on PledgeSports. Rosie Galligan is Ireland’s fastest ever female 800m runner, having cracked the legendary Sonia O’Sullivan’s 19-year-old National Record. She’s also the reigning 1500m National Championship, the third fastest […]

13th April 2016 read full article

Lacrosse Funding Campaigns Make Championship Cut

FOR two of England lacrosse funding campaigns, this summer’s championship bids just got real. England Lacrosse this week launched three lacrosse funding campaigns on, using the sports crowdfunding platform to open supporters clubs for the Men‘s and Women’s senior squads, and the Men’s U19 team. Each has a major upcoming international goal that the […]

29th March 2016 read full article

National Sports Teams Thriving On Crowdfunding

BEING a country’s national team, however successful, far from guarantees funding from a national governing body – or even having a NGO at all. In Britain alone, national teams performing in 6-Aside Football, Touch Rugby, Curling, Waterpolo and Netball receive moderate to zero funding support from the associations they are representing on a world stage. […]

8th March 2016 read full article

How Pledge Sports Supports Women In Sport

IT’S International Womens Day, and we are international women supporters. We’d like to show you how and catch up with some of the talented sports women we have supported since last year’s International Womens Day. One of our most memorable sports crowdfunding projects was the para-equestrian Emma Cahill from Dublin in Ireland. Emma was a […]

8th March 2016 read full article

Tarplee Crowdfunding leads to Irish National Title!

WE were absolutely delighted to watch distance runner Claire Tarplee land the women’s 1500m title at last weekend’s Irish National Indoor Athletics Championships, just days after the end of her Rio 2016 crowdfunding campaign. Winning at the Indoor Athletics Championships was a huge step towards being selected as part of Athletics Ireland’s Rio 2016 Olympics squad […]

29th February 2016 read full article

Why Is Britain So Good At Skeleton Racing?

WHERE did Skeleton racing come from and why is Britain so good at it? We’ve helped Biathletes, Snowboarders, Curlers and Skiiers get the winter sports funding they need in the build up to the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang in 2018, but the most impressive are our Skeleton racers. Sliding down icy chutes at over 130km/h, […]

1st December 2015 read full article

Winter Sports Taking Off Too Fast

A SURGE in Winter Sports athletes joining PledgeSports has prompted us to worry that Winter Sports are just taking off too fast in Britain and Ireland. Jamaica knows exactly what these mild nations are going through. Back in 1988, the whole country was absorbed by this ridiculous notion that a tropical island was going to take […]

25th November 2015 read full article

PledgeSports among nominees for Sport Industry Awards

IT’S awards season and we’re delighted to announce that, hot on the heels of our World Summit Award, is among the nominees for the Irish Sport Industry Awards. These awards have been set up this year by the Federation of Irish Sport to recognise excellence in the thriving Irish Sport Industry. The 12 award categories […]

29th October 2015 read full article

The Autumn Newsletter: Guess who’s Top Project?!

Autumn Newsletter Big news, has merged with Talent Backer! In an exciting move for us and all our crowdfunders, has joined forces with another crowdfunder, Talent Backer, bringing together invaluable resources – all directed at ensuring YOU achieve YOUR goals. Soon Talent Backer will relaunch as an entertainment crowdfunding operation, continuing the support […]

14th October 2015 read full article

Let’s remind you why you give to sports crowdfunding

IT’S easy to forget why you gave your hard-earned cash to a Pledge Sports crowdfunding project, so every now and again we like to give you a reminder of where that support goes. Earlier this year the Monmouthshire Pony Club Mounted Games Team joined Pledge Sports to try to raise money to cover the costs […]

13th October 2015 read full article

Pledge Sports wins World Summit Award for digital innovation among the 40 winners of UN-based World Summit Award, showcasing the world’s best practices in digital innovation 40 Winners, 24 Runner-ups, selected from 386 nominations. This World Summit Award once more brings you a diameter of innovation from Indonesia to Argentina, from Iceland to New Zealand. After a huge selection process, was one […]

12th October 2015 read full article

Hockey Team Funded: Tanzania’s Off To Olympic Qualifying

National women’s hockey team raises money for Rio 2016 dream THREE years ago Tanzania did not have a women’s hockey team now, thanks to the hockey funding they received via their Sports Crowdfunding campaign, they are heading to Africa Olympic Qualifying next month. Italian Valentina Quaranta, charity COPE’s Volunteer of the Year 2015, built the […]

18th September 2015 read full article

PledgeSports Success In Numbers

Here is what PledgeSports success looks like in numbers. 1oo0’s of athletes, teams and clubs 1000’s athletes, teams and clubs have raised money to progress their careers through sports crowdfunding with PledgeSports.  On top of individual athletes and teams we’ve had lot’s sporting bodies, clubs and event a ski resort successfully raise money on PledgeSports. […]

20th August 2015 read full article

The Summer Newsletter: It’s all about Africa

Summer Newsletter Great news, we’re now live in Africa and helping the Tanzanian Women’s Hockey Team get the hockey funding they need to make it to the 2016 Olympics. In this month’s newsletter we’ll also be telling you about Gareth Greene, who hopes to be Ireland’s first wheelchair tennis Paralympian, and the latest members of our100% Club. Anyway, […]

18th August 2015 read full article

Think We’re Not Sports Funding’s Future?

‘What Pledge Sports Gave Me Will Last Long After Funding Runs Out’ IF you think our crowdfunding platform is not sports funding’s future, talk to Paralympic hopeful Emma Cahill. The equestrian joined Pledge Sports at the start of this year, hoping to raise sports funding to help her compete at the European Para-Dressage Championships, with […]

26th July 2015 read full article

Team Fundraising Campaign Hits 127% of target

Team fundraising campaign hits 127% of target SINCE Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, it’s been clear that two heads are better than one. So when a team of heads belonging to the Scottish Womens Open Touch Rugby squad got together to power a team crowdfunding campaign for their Touch Rugby World Cup bid, it was […]

16th April 2015 read full article

Athletes of the Week: Elite Junior Tennis Players

“It’s only a matter of time before we are at Grand Slams regularly, but we need to get these juniors on the road.” TENNIS IRELAND’s performance director Garry Cahill is in the RTE 2fm studio talking shop and someone has just brought up football and the stresses players claim to be under, physically. “I laugh […]

23rd January 2015 read full article

Athlete gains top sports sponsor after PledgeSports campaign

Sports sponsor signs athlete after Pledge Sports sponsorship campaign IRELAND international triathlete Kevin Thornton, who funded most of last season via PledgeSports, has gained a new sports sponsor. The athlete is set to be sponsored by warm-weather training camp Tenerife Top Training this term. Thornton’s 2014 was hampered by injuries, but he finished on a […]

14th January 2015 read full article

10,000 Reasons for PledgeSports

PledgeSports was created to solve a problem. We’re here to help budding and struggling athletes who need funding to achieve greatness. The idea that effort and commitment will get you to the top of your respective sport is not a lie but it doesn’t tell the whole truth either. Becoming an elite athlete costs a […]

18th June 2014 read full article

The Difference Your Contribution Makes

Many people are oblivious to the extent of the struggle athletes face. From the outside it my appear like an easy life, glamorous even. Some may think that going to the gym, travelling the world and competing in events every now and again is a breeze. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many athletes […]

12th June 2014 read full article

Spring Success Stories

 Hello Sports Fans! This Spring has been an exciting few months for PledgeSports. We have gone live and have worked with an amazing bunch of talented athletes. We saw massive success with tennis star James Cluskey. He wowed us all by achieving 130.8% of his funding goal. Cluskey is in fact the first male tennis […]

7th May 2014 read full article

4 Circles of Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

The 4 Circles of Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns  Circle 1: Family and close Friends   This is your core support for your campaign and the first people you need to contact after launching your campaign. They are your parents, your best friends and your relatives and they are the people who will be your strongest supporters […]

2nd April 2014 read full article
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