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The countdown to the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games has begun.

My Plan for 2016 is to raise enough money to support my expensive triathlon career for this next year. Unfortunately, my wonderful parents, who have funded my love for triathlon, cannot support me and it is at to the point where I need to start taking responsibility for my sport.

Every penny I raise will go towards funding for travel and accommodation for those really important qualification races in the UK, which I have to attend. In addition to this, I will also need to purchase equipment, as triathlon is not forgiving on the clothing.

Over the course of 2016 the Commonwealth Games Association of Jersey has set me a schedule of races races which I must attend. Below is a breakdown of how much it costs to get to race day.

  • Flights from Jersey to UK £100
  • Accommodation £50
  • Bike box Hire £35
  • Food £30

All together it equates to £215 per trip. I have only been able to make these trips, because my parents have supported me fantastically for the last couple of years. However these prices tend to vary, I have been able to travel to the UK 5 times a year.

To travel that much still costs a lot, but I hope to double the amount of times I race in the UK. This is to give myself the best chance, at doing the best I can in those all important qualification races.

I also need to purchase the best equipment to give me the best chance. This means Carbon wheels for my bike, Triathlon specific clothing for better transitions and bike maintenance parts. As with the travel, the gear also comes at a hefty price.

That’s enough of me talking about what I need, below is my story on how I got into triathlon.

My Story in Triathlon

It began two and a half years ago when my interests in sport where very different. Before Triathlon was even a thought in my head, I was very much in love with the rugby; it was in my life for seven years, it is safe to say it was my first love.

However, the year 2011 came, I was aged 15 and the game suddenly decide to hurt a lot more than usual. After taking a step back looking at the other lads, I realized that size was becoming a big factor in the game and at  growth rate, I just couldn’t keep up. It was then my love for the sport died.

After my break up with rugby, I was feeling very lost and wasn’t interested in anything; I tried getting out there but nothing appealed to me. Fortunately, a light shined on me and I was introduced to lifesaving – specifically speed lifesaving.

I represented Jersey twice at Nationals and my relationship with lifesaving continued for two years. The 2013 Speed Nationals came about and I achieved top twelve in two of my events, however I felt I could still do better. I wanted more, which was when swimming; lifesaving’s older sibling was introduced into my life.

I kept up lifesaving only to find that swimming was much more to my liking than I anticipated. I carried on with both sports for a while, until one day my friend said I should give triathlon a go!

With no serious amount of thought, I signed up for my first event two days before it was due to begin; the Jersey Triathlon super sprint.

I signed up with confidence, my swimming was already at a good standard so I was up for a good start. My bike skills were good as I regularly cycled and I developed some run endurance from rugby.

Come race day I was a big ball of nerves, yet what happened on race day was something I never would have expected. I came fourth out of the swim, in my borrowed shorty surfers wetsuit, surprise no.2 for me was when I over took my friend (who suggested I give Triathlon a go and was a triathlete himself) which meant I was third off the bike.

Finally after holding good pace in the run, I ended up finishing third in my first ever triathlon. Needless to say since that race, I have been hooked ever since. From that point on, there was no other sport for me I had found what I was looking for.

Making the 2018 Commonwealth Games team

A couple of months passed by and I assigned myself training sessions; I ran twice a week, swam 6 times a week and cycled absolutely everywhere (I never used my car). I did a few other races, which went really, well and as a result of that I managed to get noticed by a triathlete coach called Nick Saunders.

Nick approached me asking if I wanted to be put onto a professional program; the aim was for me to compete, representing Jersey, in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

How could I refuse? Since then, I have been swim, biked and run ragged.  I have raced all over the UK and been training non-stop, somewhere between 15-25 hours a week – I have loved every second of it.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my profile.

Please help me reach my Goal, as this life is too short for regrets!

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Island Games Triathlon

Team Gold Men, 9th Individual Men

Jersey Super Sprint Triathlon

1st overall

London Triathlon 2014

6th Junior Elite

Big Cow European Age group Qualifiers.

Qualified for Geneva 2015, but couldn't go due to clashing of events.

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