2018 World & Europeans Women’s Motocross Championship

Natalie Kane

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Help me to get back on top form!

Who am I?

Motocross fans maybe know me but you who don’t , my name is Natalie Kane and I’m a 26-year-old professional motocross athlete competing in the Women’s European, Swedish and World Women’s Motocross Championship . I am writing this campaign to ask you for help to make it back to racing world level properly and also achieving the results I know I am capable of. I have been Bronze and Silver Medal finisher in the World Championship before and I fully believe I can be this again.

The past few years have been difficult with injuries among other problems with empty promises you can say but that is not needed to be addressed here. This has laid me to not getting the best results or able to make it to all rounds. The budget has been getting tighter and tighter even leading to me getting a full time job this year but if that’s what it takes then ok because I am willing and committed to keep working to get to where I belong which is  why I am now reaching out to everyone in this way to see if it can make things work a little easier for me. I do all of my organisation myself. Being a woman in such a male dominated sport is also incredibly difficult, but I’m very determined and with more support I can be better equipped to be back on the podium at least on world level.


What do I want?

I want to be able to race the world and European Women’s Motocross Championship again but not always having to worry if there is enough money to make to this race coming up never mind the next race. I will also ride the Swedish National Championship as that is where I am based right now and a lot of my sponsors are coming from Sweden .

I was and still am the leading Women in motocross for the UK/Ireland but I don’t just want to be a top 10 rider where I am right now, I want to be back battling at the front again making everyone around me from all over the World who helps me proud and give them something in return for all there effort but also very much to put the UK/Ireland back at the front.

All I ask for is the opportunity to get a real chance to compete at the highest level in Motocross again.


How Can You Help?

Like always the biggest problem is the money side. I have almost sponsors for all I need to ride but I need to get the budget now to make it to all races and rounds all over Europe/World.

I don’t however expect you just to give me your money to do whatever with, I want you to be part of it to get something in return for your money.

I have designed some sponsorship and support packages aimed at different budgets.

Please don’t feel you must stick to the packages as every penny counts and will help to get me back where I belong! £1, £2, £5, everything adds up and will be much appreciated.

Thank you for reading.





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Some Championship Titles I have..

5x Women's Maxxis British Champion 2007-2011 (undefeated) 4x Women's Swedish Champion 2014-Current Multiply Times Irish Boys champion (various classes)

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