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Our Mission:

The Mission of the ABC (Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao) Tennis Travel Team is to provide 21 promising tennis players of the islands, between the ages of 10 and 17 an opportunity for high level of competition internationally.

Our campaign goals:

The goals of the ABC Tennis Travel team for the 21 registered tennis players is, through competitions on an international level, to develop skills, confidence, sportsmanship, teamwork, earn USTA, COTECC and/or ITF points and, off course, have fun. The ABC Tennis Travel team is a private initiative from a group of parents which want to offer the children this opportunity.

The objective is to raise USD 15,000 to travel to 3 countries (Aruba, Bahamas and U.S.A.), and play a minimum of 4 Tournaments . We have arranged for a College D-1 Coach & Coordinator to travel along with the 21 kids and help them develop during this amazing trip. All accommodation, transportation and meals are included for the 21 athletes and Coach & Coordinator.

Tournaments to be played:

1. Aruba Tihta (Cotecc U14, ITF U18)

2. Bahamas Junkanoo Bowl (Cotecc U14, ITF U18)

3. Orlando USTA National Campus Summer Jam (U10, U12, U14, U16, U18)

4. Orlando USTA Lake Cane Summer Hummer (U10, U12, U14, U16, U18)

5. Miami / Aventura Nunez Summer Fun Classic Level 7 (U16 & U18)

6. Miami / Deerfield Broward Mid Summer Classic Level (U10 & U12)

Starting March 2018, the children will be training very hard on the following skills, in order to prepare for these international competitions:

– Physical training (condition, core, strength)

– Technique

– Mental preparation

How do we do this?

The ABC Tennis Travel Team will be traveling to Aruba, Bahamas and USA to play ITF, COTECC and USTA tournaments. They will be accompanied by a College D1 Coach to ensure proper preparation for the tournaments. The funds received from contribution will be used for travel, accommodation, tournament registrations and transportation. An Organizing Committee and a Fund-Raising Committee has been installed to prepare together with the parents the actions to achieve the goals set for the ABC Travel Team. Your valuable contribution will help these tennis players to continue with the process of growing in their game and as human beings in our societies.

Why we need your support:

We can’t do this without your help. We want to do what we can to make our kids dreams come true. Feel free to contribute any amount you can to help this team represent their islands as well as have an amazing and sporty summer. These children are working very hard to combine both sports and school, we really believe they deserve this opportunity.

How you can help:

1) Please donate what you can to help fund the project, any amount is very welcome!

2) Share this campaign on your social media, send it to your friends, Share, Share, Share!

Thank you for helping, our kids are very grateful! We will keep you informed of our progress as well as our results once the kids start playing!

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21 Tennis Players from Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao- 2017 Main Achievements

- Athlete of the Year of Curacao awarded by the Olympic Committee of Curacao - Masculine Youth Athlete of Curacao awarded by the Olympic Committee of Curacao - Nomination Female Youth Athlete of the Year by the Olympic Committee of Curacao - Nomination Female Youth Athlete of the Year by Olympic Committee of Aruba - 3 Cotecc U14 Singles Titles (Tihta-Aruba and Jankanoo Bowl – Bahamas) - 6 Cotecc U14 Doubles Titles (Tihta-Aruba, Jankanoo Bowl – Bahamas, Jamaica Open – Jamaica, Copa Merengue – Dominican Republic) - Number 5 Ranked Boy and Number 6 ranked Girl Cotecc Ranking (Caribbean and Central America) - Eddy Ras International Tournament (Singles Champions U10 & U18, Doubles Champions U10 & U18) - U14 World Juniors Qualifying Event in Dom. Republic (Boys 4th place, Girls 8th place) - U12 International Development Tournament (Boys & Girls runner-up) - 5 Number 1 Nationally Ranked Tennis Players - 5 Number 2 Nationally Ranked Tennis Players - 22 Ranking Tournaments won between them all

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