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Absolutely delighted to have come away from the world championships with a silver medal. Not only was this an awesome experience and a first podium, it allowed me to pre qualify for the 2019 competitions. This has freed up my race calendar a bit giving me hard decisions on where to hit in the next few seasons. Draft legal? Iron man? North East grand prix? Hard choices!
Huge thanks to those who have been around me and encouraged me to race. Looking forward to what is next.

The what is this campaign all about bit?
At the start of 2017 I decided to enter Stockton standard duathlon taking place in April. I knew I liked running, I knew I liked cycling and had been dabbling in triathlon at university. What the heck I thought, it will be a laugh and I can visit some friends up north.  I would later realise that this was a qualifying event for the 2018 age group (AG) European championships and  I finished only 52 seconds outside of a qualifying time!  I lacked a competitive element in my life, so I set my sights on making the 2019 AG Europeans. I decided to  train properly rather than just going as and when I pleased and sure enough my times tumbled, transitions became slicker and my approach more disciplined. Which is where I find myself now, one year on, having hired a coach and needing to re-asses my goals having already qualified for the 2018 AG Worlds and the 2018 & 2019 AG Europeans.

The business bit.
Only problem is that I am operating on a students budget and its pretty expensive sport with race fees,intent fees,  kit repair/upgrade, travel and accommodation all to consider before you can look into going abroad and racing championships with entry fees over £200.  Which is why I am on here, looking to secure funding to enable me to compete abroad  in exchange for business advertisement opportunities. This isn’t elite racing which is open age and consists of a very different format. I have heard AG referred to as the top end of Amateur and bottom end of elite rolled into one. But I don’t think this means its not viable for business.
For a start AG championships take place at the same festivals as the elite races, so the brand exposure on articles such as kit is still high. There is still championship titles & podium positions up for grabs plus spectators who you will pass multiple times in an event. Then consider that AG athletes tend not to have specific kit sponsors, thus wear what they feel suits them best to train and race in. This means other athletes at the competitions are probably more likely to be a future customer than an elite athlete. Surprise surprise,  I am friends with other athletes and interact with them as such on social media. So word of mouth and online promotions through an account of mine still puts business names in athletes heads. The added bonus here is that athlete profiles tend to only be followed by people into that sport. But most of the brands we use still have products used by those who say only cycle to and from work. I don’t have an athlete profile and therefore any photos I post and any thank you’s I make, reach an audience that is so much wider than the community who already knows exactly what products Ribble brought out last year and that On have released a new sparkly trail shoe.

Feel like there is something else I could do for you that is not listed or want something tweaking? Please let me know! I think its vital that any support a business offers me is as beneficial to them in return as it can be. Thus I will be looking to work closely with you to ensure that you feel you are getting as much out of it as you can.

Where it all goes
As mentioned above it can be a sport that is burdensome on your finances. Domestic race entry fees are in the region of £40 with between three and six qualifiers a year plus nationals. Each race needs transport and for most I need accommodation. Then you have the races which are not qualifiers but important practice, particularly for trying out new strategies. Add on then registration fee, insurance and cost of kit and equipment and you soon find what you have managed to budget is dwindling. So I am looking to minimise the cost of the two international championships I have qualified for in 2018. The specific costs for these are broken down below.
-Compulsory race uniform: £135
-World championship entry fee: £240
-European championship entry fee: £146
-Accommodation cost Europeans: Covered kindly by family who have decided to attend.
-Accommodation cost Worlds: TBC but I am  hoping for somewhere in the region of £200
-Flights cost Europeans: £110
-Flights cost Worlds: TBC looking at region of £190
-Additional cost to flights incurred by bike: £60 x 4 = £240

TOTAL : £1261

The personal bit
Who am I? Well I am a 20 year old computer science student at Newcastle university, having completed my first year at Loughborough. I referee, volunteer within football and will be joining the army once I graduate. If you combine that with duathlon  you have a pretty good summary of my entire person!
I enjoy my music, however you shouldn’t trust my friends on the quality of my taste. There is nothing wrong with some James, Marsicans and Tin Pigeons! I am a person who really needs to make sure I start leaving some weekends free to just chill as I often fail to appreciate how having nothing to do is bliss. I am also clearly very bad about writing about myself so may have to re-visit this part!

Where next?
 As it stands I am working to achieve the following:
-Achieve an AG Gold medal.
-Top 10 open men Army duathlon championships
-Top 15 open men Army triathlon championships
-Complete an Iron man distance triathlon

The important bit
Thank you so much for any donation or support you can give. No matter what it may be, you assisting me with getting out there and doing my absolute best to finish as fast as possible under the GBR AG team is so massively appreciated.

Europeans – October 2018 and July 2019
Worlds – July 2018 and April 2019

NB – In the event a tier is taken out by an organisation whom it is felt, for any reason, would not be appropriate to associate with, then these funds will be returned and rewards not honoured.

With thanks to my support
I know its cliche but those get behind you genuinely are such a driving force. So a special those making attending these championships possible.

So special thanks to:
David & Caroline Lewis not just for their continued support but for providing accommodation at the Europeans.
Newcastle & Northumbria university family who jumped on this campaign before it even launched! -In particular Matthew Rodrick

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2nd Place at the World championships

First ever podium! At the worlds! AG 2nd place at Fyn 2018 world standard distance duathlon championships.

Qualified for GBR AG squad going to World duathlon championships 2018

I earned my spot in the age group team, for standard distance, after finishing 4th AG at Anglian water standard duathlon 2018.

Qualified for GBR AG squad going to European duathlon championships 2018

I earned my spot in the age group team, for standard distance, after finishing 1st AG at Bedford autodrome standard duathlon 2017.

Qualified for GBR AG squad going to European duathlon championships 2019

I earned my spot in the age group team, for standard distance, after finishing 4th AG at Anglian water standard duathlon 2018.

Ladybower ultraseries

My family often call me mad for the random sporting events I sign up to. Without a doubt however the one I always get asked about is the 51 miles of Ladybower ultra-marathon that I completed in August 2017. I cant say it didn't hurt a little!

Qualified using a Callum Beattie badge as a stopper !

Okay okay, so this one is a bit of fun! But it was a bit of quick thinking at the start line that still makes me smile! The day I qualified for the 2018 Euopeans I was at the race venue and realised one of my bar stoppers had fallen off making my bike illegal! I couldn't find it anywhere but had recently been to a Callum Beattie gig and been given a badge. With a bit of toilet paper and sellotape a makeshift bar stopper was born. It has remained on my clip on bars ever since, meaning it has been used as part of my race equipment for every qualifying time I posted! check him out :

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